Here’s the List of the Top Internet Memes of 2021

Top Internet Memes - streamtech fiber internet
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Laughter is the best medicine. Despite the challenges, people still find reasons to smile amidst the pandemic. In this day and age when we find solace in the world wide web, internet memes have become a popular form of entertainment.

Memes have become a way to communicate significant news and happenings across the globe. And if you want to be updated on what’s trending and what’s viral, and you don’t want to miss what people are talking about lately, then it is a must to have the ultimate fiber internet by a trusted internet provider in the Philippines. Certainly, you will always be ahead on the newest internet meme online.

If you want to know more about major memes for 2021, read on.

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What is a meme?

Memes are a type of image, video, or text that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users. A meme is a “cultural item” that can be “spread via the Internet”. It was originally coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” He used the term meme to define an idea, habit, or style that swiftly spreads from person to person in society, despite the fact that he had no notion of its future internet-related context.

He compared the transmission of a meme to that of a virus in his book. It is believed that the term meme comes from the Greek word “mimeme,” which means “to imitate.” These serve a variety of goals and functions, but at their core, they are a way for individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings. A meme typically consists of a picture or video with overlaid text. They often have a humorous or ironic theme, but they can also be used to convey serious messages.

What is an internet meme?

what is internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by KS KYUNG on Unsplash

An internet meme is a type of digital media that is typically humorous in nature and spread via the internet. This kind of content is typically humorous in nature and disseminated via the internet, through social media platforms. A meme usually contains pictures, videos, or text which can be copied and pasted onto other websites to promote discussion.

The internet meme is created with the intention of making something popular on the internet. A meme can be anything from a photo or video to an opinion about a certain topic or event.

How do memes work?

The meme has become a significant part of the internet culture. People will share a meme more if it connects with them, and it will spread further and across various media platforms. They are typically funny and amusing, but they’re sometimes accompanied by witty political or social commentary.

These media images are used for shock value or to convey a life lesson on occasion. Occasionally, a single snapshot or brief video will elicit hundreds of amusing responses. A good meme may be enjoyed just by a small number of individuals, or it may be appreciated by a large number of people.

With their ease of circulation and propensity to reach a large audience in minutes and how quickly they become part of the online lexicon in days, the most influential memes may also be used as propaganda techniques to readily instill and reinforce opinions that quickly become popular among the netizens.

What are the top internet memes of 2021?

Although we faced so many challenges last year, let’s offer thanks for what got us through 2021 — the internet meme —as we look forward to 2022. We have compiled a list of the best memes for 2021.

1. The stuck ship

The ship Ever Given became a popular subject for memes in 2021. The container ship became an inspiration for hundreds of these content after being stalled in Egypt’s Suez Canal for over a week. The 220,000-ton cargo ship sank in the artificial sea-level waterway, which is one of the busiest in the world, on March 23 this year. The ship is almost as long as the Empire State Building is tall, to put things in context.

High winds and a dust storm blew the vessel off track, causing it to lodge diagonally, obstructing all traffic on the tiny canal. According to several sources, there was a huge backlog of commerce ships transporting oil and cattle that were unable to pass through. Obviously, because this is such a huge deal, the internet took advantage of the situation by commenting and creating different memes for the entire thing. In fact, it has become a huge meme that went viral all over the world.

stuck ship internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Chaz Hutton’s Official Twitter Account

2. Happy side, sad side bus meme

The image was created by Brazilian cartoonist Genildo Ronchi, according to the website Know Your Meme. He uploaded this image way back in 2013 and re-uploaded it on his Instagram account last year owing to the meme’s popularity. It has been considered a great meme.

Two persons are on a bus, one in a seat facing the harsh, desolate mountaintop, while the other in a seat facing the sunshine, and rolling hills. The way the meme works is that you put both passengers in the same circumstance, but they handle it in different ways — one in a miserable manner, and the other in a way that seems living the best out of life. When you look at some of the memes out there, you’ll see that the concept is basic but entertaining.

3. Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan

Oprah interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on March 7th, 2021, about their choice to quit the Royal Family and the Royal Family’s culture. The conversation was jam-packed with insights that left Oprah and social media in awe. Oprah threw up her hands in disbelief when Markle said how the family was concerned about “how dark” her and Harry’s baby might become.

The image of Oprah throwing her hands up in disbelief began to be utilized with amusing captions as countless jokes about the conversation circulated. As a meme, the photograph was repurposed in a variety of memes over the next several days, with individuals adding various captions to the shot.

oprah internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from BuzzFeed

4. Sea Shanty Tiktok

Nathan Evans, a former postman, uploaded a Tik Tok of himself recording a sequence of iconic Sea Shanties in 2020. After a short time, he became viral and had millions of views, particularly for the footage in which he sang ‘The Wellerman,’ a 19th-century New Zealand whaler ballad.

The EDM remix of the sea shanty — with house rhythms added by producers 220 KID & Billen Ted – is his debut release on Polydor Records. As a Twitter user, Nathan’s rendition of the Sea Shanty takes the original Four Lads meme. They were depicted as four British males standing next to each other, and edited it to make it appear as if they’re singing the renowned Sea Shanty in a music video that began to gain popularity.

shanty internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Nathan Evans’ Official Instagram Account

5. It was Agatha all along

WandaVision, a Disney+ series based on Marvel comics, released episode seven, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” on February 19th, 2021. Character Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn, is reintroduced as Agatha Harkness, a series villain, in the episode, with the song “Agatha

All Along” playing at the conclusion. On popular media such as Twitter and TikTok, the song became viral in the days after the episode’s broadcast, with fans commenting on its catchiness. The song has been used in several dances and comedy videos on TikTok. Several remixes of the song were also shared on Twitter and YouTube by people. Apart from the music meme and remixes that circulated, there were additional memes based on a moment from the series that circulated as well.

6. Anakin and Padme

“For the Better, Right?” is an exploitable picture macro format based on scenes from the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, commonly known as the Anakin (Hayden Christensen) and Padmé (Natalie Portman)  4-Panel and Clueless Padme. The setup, answer, and punchlines are all placed in the following panels of the meme format, which is a four-panel arrangement. The punchline and setup are incorporated in the first panel, unlike other four-panel memes, with the subsequent panels serving as supplementary panels.

Anakin and Padmé are on a romantic picnic in the scene, discussing their pasts and their differing perspectives on the Galactic Republic’s governing structure. The other meme line in the exchange is “I Don’t Think the System Works.” The phrase in the meme captions is never stated in the film, either during the portrayed scene or elsewhere. The subtitles are completely fabricated, despite the fact that they are based on the film’s general subject of Anakin’s transformation into a wicked Sith.

The initial dialogue refers to the fact that Anakin will later become the evil

Darth Vader:

Anakin: “I’m going to change the world.”

Padme: “For the better, right?”

Anakin: (gazes in silence)

Padme: “For the better, right?””

7. Kim Kardashian at Met Gala 2021

Kim Kardashian’s 2021 Met Gala style, which featured a head-to-toe, all-black dress that hid her face, was heavily influenced by Kanye West. As we know, Kim wore a stretch minidress, bodysuit, elbow-length gloves, complete head mask, a cloak with a train, and “Pantaleggings” with built-in high heels for the event, a futuristic design by Balenciaga. Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga’s design director, escorted her to the event, her identity is concealed by a black hoodie and head covering.

Kim’s Kanye-inspired outfit drew a lot of attention on the internet. Netizens took advantage of the opportunity to make fast picture modifications and puns about the contrast between Kim’s clothing and Kendall’s dazzling, sheer dress worn on the same red carpet.

kim kardashian met gala internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Let’s Eat Cake

8. Squid Game

In the year 2021, Squid Game was without a doubt one of the most-watched shows. It not only set Netflix records, but it also sparked a slew of memes in the year 2021. We don’t suggest that you Google for some of those on your own. This is because they may spoil the show for you.

When characters die or lie down after being vanquished, the label “SQUID GAMES” is generally added to the scene. Users added the comment to iconic footage of popular characters dying or lying down after being vanquished to create several viral variations of this internet meme, particularly on Twitter.

Squid game internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Know Your Meme

9. Bernie Sanders wearing Mittens

Unlike other participants who wore more formal attire, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders attended the Joe Biden Inauguration with a coat and gloves. Brendan Smialowski, a Getty photographer, photographed Sanders in his coat and mittens during the inauguration that day.

With the caption “I need this picture to become the new I would prefer not to’ stand in,” Rachel Syme, a writer for The New Yorker, tweeted the image. In less than 24 hours, the post received over 20,000 likes and 4,000 retweets. People on the internet made fun of Bernie’s mittens throughout the day.

10. March 2020/March 2021

The meme March 1st, 2020 vs. March 1st, 2021 juxtaposes two image macros of the same or similar characters, one smiling and the other appearing gloomy. The image, like other March memes, illustrates the emotional sorrow many people faced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the year.

People began thinking about how much time had passed in the form of memes about the upcoming March months before the outbreak’s first anniversary. They spread independently of prior versions in the hours leading up to March 1st, 2021.

11. Bean Dad

Bean Dad refers to podcaster John Roderick who posted a lengthy tweet on January 2nd, 2021. This is about how his 9-year-old daughter requested him to open a can of beans. But he insisted she used a can opener to do it herself. She found out how to operate the can opener and opened it six hours after she originally made the request.

Despite the fact that Roderick posted the story as if it were a joyful parenting moment, many people attacked it for teaching the daughter bad lessons, with some calling it abuse and others making fun of it.

bean dad internet memes - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Know Your Meme

12. Feminine Urge

To jokingly depict feminine behaviors and qualities, the Feminine Urge is a concept and catchphrase used in memes. It gained popularity in 2021 after an April 2021 Tumblr post. This is in spite of the fact that the phrase’s first recorded use was on Twitter in 2009. “The masculine need” and “the non-binary urge” were two offshoot expressions. They sprang up on Twitter and Instagram during the remainder of 2021.

13. Milk Crate Challenge

The Crate Challenge is also famous as the Walking On Milk Crates Challenge. It is a viral video and social challenge. Individuals walk up and down a milk crate-made staircase without collapsing. The task appears to be easy, but individuals frequently fail, resulting in popular fail videos. In August 2021, the first video of the challenge went popular on Facebook.

milk crate challenge - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Know Your Meme

14. Immortal Snail

The Snail Assassin, also known as the Immortal Snail, is a hypothetical scenario. This is where a person is paid millions of dollars and turned immortal. In return, he will be hunted down for the remainder of their life by a snail with a lethal touch. The situation became a popular subject of allusions on iFunny in October 2021. And it afterward spread to TikTok and other platforms.

How do you make an Internet meme?

Memes seem fun to make. And you, too, can possibly make the best memes. You can start searching in Canva by searching for Meme. Then, check the available templates. You can also find a wide range of templates in the said platform for meme themes at your fingertips. Similarly, you can discover features and customize your own meme.

What do you need to create the best memes?

Make sure you have the ultimate fiber internet connection in order to check out the newest memes online. Additionally, you should have it if you would want to create your own memes. Nothing beats an amazing internet provider in the Philippines which can afford you the internet connectivity that you deserve.

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