Ultimate Travel Bucket List You Should Visit this 2022

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Written by: Maine Dela Cruz

New year, new goals. As we welcome 2022, we begin to list down the things we want to achieve for the year, typically a bucket list. From things like shifting to fiber internet, getting an A+ at school, or going on island hopping, people’s bucket lists vary from one person to another.

What is a Bucket List?

As the saying goes, “a bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you die.” At first glance, the concept may seem macabre. A bucket list prompts you to contemplate your own death because of the process of constructing one. Many others, on the other hand, have discovered that developing a bucket list (and checking off the things on it) has enriched their lives. At no point in your life do you want to look back with remorse, knowing there was so much more you could have done but chose not to? Sadly, this is a widespread sentiment.

No regrets

If you have a bucket list, it might help you prevent regrets like these. Many individuals are unable to pursue their dreams in life because they do not spend enough time contemplating the fact that life is finite. However, by making a bucket list, you serve as a potent reminder to yourself that life is short. It’s important to keep it in mind if you want to keep going for your goals.

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Origin of Bucket List

For a while after the term “bucket list” was established, only individuals who were afraid of dying compiled one. Since the word has been more generally used, it simply refers to a “bucket list” of things one would want to do in the future. For many people, a bucket list includes viewing the Northern or Southern Lights, the Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China.

The Bucket List film

Following the 2007 release of the film Bucket List, the phrase became widely used throughout the English-speaking world.

Bucket Sort

In print and online, the term ‘bucket list’ has been used in a different sense before 2006. Bucket Sort is a kind of sorting algorithm. On a computer, this is often done in alphabetical or numerical order. The resulting list is called a bucket list – clearly not the ‘bucket list’ that Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson had in mind.

Complete These Philippine Travel Bucket List in 2022

When we talk about a bucket list, traveling is the first thing that comes to our minds. This is also our chance to indulge in the natural beauty of our environment. Itineraries may include world-class museums, a national park, or famous landmarks from a capital city.

The good news is you can visit a plethora of amazing places locally. While it is a dream come true to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, experience the vibrant and glamorous Las Vegas nights, or witness the rich, awe-inspiring landscapes and seascapes of countries in South America, travel enthusiasts can start their journey by completing the Philippines bucket list.

As mentioned, the country is a popular tourist destination found within Southeast Asia and is well known for its beaches, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. If you are dreaming of visiting a tropical paradise once travel reopens to the world, then look no further than this incredible country. Imagine crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, and endless activities for you to get stuck into.

We’ve compiled a list of travel ideas this 2022 that you don’t want to miss during your trip to this beautiful destination, so keep reading to put together your own ultimate Philippine travel bucket list!

1. Hop on an island hopping tour

If you want to get a true feel for the Philippines, an island-hopping trip is a way to go! The Philippines has over 7,500 islands, so as you may think, there are lots of breathtaking locations to explore.

There are several tour options, and each one will take you to a different location. You may even pay for a personalized tour if you have the funds!

2. Swim with whale sharks

Snorkeling with whale sharks is one of the nicest things to do in the Philippines, but you must exercise caution when choosing a location and tour operator. Due to the popularity of this experience, several businesses capitalize on it.

The Philippines is one of the greatest sites on Earth to observe whale sharks, which explains why the experience is so popular. However, there are sustainable ways to see and snorkel with these amazing critters!

3. Explore a UNESCO world heritage site

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the listed UNESCO world heritage sites found in Palawan and attracts hordes of tourists every year (pre-pandemic of course). The river is found within Puerto Princesa Subterranean River national park, and it emerges from the sea.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the new 7 wonders of nature and is the world’s longest navigable underground river. There are species found here that are endemic to this river system, including snakes, bats, and swallows. If you are lucky enough you might even get to see them!

4. See the Chocolate Hills up close

The Chocolate Hills are located in the province of Bohol and are very spectacular. There are at least 1,268 hills in this area. These distinctive hills are called ‘the chocolate hills’ because the grass on them dries up and becomes a chocolate brown color during the dry season.

Pretty interesting, huh? They are one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist attractions, and it’s easy to understand why.

5. Visit Balabac Islands

One of the finest features of these islands is the abundant wildlife and rich marine life. A kind of mouse deer is found on these islands; it is native to these islands and is colloquially referred to as “pilandok.”

Additionally, the crystal blue seas around these islands are home to sharks, dolphins, rays, and sea turtles! 

6. Admire the Kawasan Falls

If you’ve seen amazing photographs of the Philippines, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Kawasan falls. These falls are located on the Cebu island and are renowned tourist destinations.

There are three waterfalls to witness in all, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. Kawasan Falls is very breathtaking, with crystal clear blue waters and a surrounding forest to explore.

7. Go snorkeling with turtles

Swimming with turtles is a bucket list activity for many people. These creatures have existed for more than 150 million years and are very elegant. Seeing them cruise around under the surface of the water and just enjoying their lives is such a lovely experience.

There are several excellent locations in the Philippines to snorkel with turtles, owing to the abundance of marine life in the surrounding water. Apo Reef, Apo Island, Moalboal, Siquijor Island, and Port Barton are just a few of the greatest locations.

8. Come to Iwahig Prison

Iwahig Prison is found in Puerto Princesa and is one of the world’s largest open-air jails. There are no concrete walls, only a wire fence and a single guard at the entrance. This prison is located over a huge area; 26,000 hectares in fact. If you are looking for size comparison, that is twice the size of Paris!

This prison is very unique and allows tour groups to come in and learn about how the prison works, and what life is like inside.

This prison is very different from your typical prison and works to rehabilitate the inmates by offering vocational activities such as farming, forestry, carpentry, and hospital paramedical work.

9. Check out the hanging coffins in Sagada

While hanging coffins in Sagada may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a vacation to this tropical area, they are a must-see for anybody visiting the Philippines!

The Igorot tribe is located in the northern Philippines, and they have a highly unusual method of interment. When an Igorot tribal member dies, they are buried in hanging coffins fastened to the sides of cliff walls.

10. Go scuba diving at Moalboal

Moalboal is a tiny town on the Cebu island of Cebu that is well-known for its beaches and scuba diving. The ideal time to travel for this experience is during the dry season, which runs from December to June since these are the months with the finest weather and underwater visibility. Sardines often school off Panagsama beach, but if you are unable to locate them, just ask around.

11. Tour a cacao plantation

Did you know that the Philippines was the first Asian country to grow cacao?

Spanish colonists planted cocoa plants in the Philippines in the 1600s, only a few hours north of Manila. Cacao has now become a vital crop for Filipino farmers. In Davao City, the capital of Mindanao’s southern area, you may tour a cocoa farm and drink tablea. This bittersweet drink has been enjoyed on the islands for ages.

12. Reach the Taraw Cliff

If you are looking for an experience to help you conquer your fear of heights, this is the one, because you’ll get a pretty amazing view at the end! Imagine getting to the viewpoint, and then seeing an endless view of the bright blue ocean and the limestone cliffs that El Nido is so famous for.

You definitely don’t want to forget your camera for this one! 

13. Take photos with Banaue rice terraces 

The Banaue rice terraces are found in Ifugao, Luzon. They were carved into the mountains over 2,000 years ago by the Ifugao people and are now a popular tourist attraction. These rice terraces (also known as Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan) were a UNESCO-listed world heritage site in 1995 because of their incredible beauty. Apparently, these rice terraces cover 4,000 square miles and their total length is at an estimate to be around 12,500 miles which are pretty impressive! 

When a large number of the Ifugao people left to move on to more urban areas, the terraces began to deteriorate. In the 2000’s Banaue Rice terraces were added to the UNESCO list of “world heritage in danger” and because of this, major restoration efforts were undertaken. In 2012 the rice terraces were no longer “in danger” list, and now sustainable tourism is being promoted in the area for people to come and enjoy this amazing place.

14. Hike at Mt. Pinatubo

The journey to the peak of Mt. Pinatubo usually consists of an hour-long jeep ride and a hike up to the crater lake. The hike is roughly 5.5km to the top and takes about 2-3 hours depending on your fitness level. You can either visit Mt. Pinatubo as part of a tour, or you visit by yourself. If you are wanting to head there on your own, you’ll need to head up to Santa Juliana Capas Tarlac Tourism Office. From there the tourist office will sort out the rest, and there are a few payments that you will need to make. 

15. Go dolphin and whale watching

You may spot dolphins and whales in many parts of the country.

Bohol Sea

The Bohol Sea is teeming with marine life; and is home to tuna, dolphins, whales, and sea turtles among plenty of other wildlife. If you’re lucky you might even get the chance to see whale sharks and manta rays. Not fancying a boat trip? Bohol sea is one of the most popular dive sites in the Philippines, so why not take a look at diving here instead?

Tannon Strait

The Tannon strait connects the Bohol sea and Visayan sea, with the best time to visit is between March and June. During this time you will be able to spot bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins, pilot whales, and dwarf sperm whales among other wildlife. 

Babuyan Chanel

Babuyan Channel is famous as a favorite spot for many whale and dolphin species. Humpback whales are even famous to pass through this channel between February to April.

Puerto Princesa

Another popular spot is Puerto Princesa Bay. You will see a number of marine mammals here, including Risso’s dolphins, spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and Bryde’s whales. If you love wildlife then whale and dolphin watching here in the Philippines is a must! 

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