What are the New, Upcoming Netflix Series this First Quarter of 2022?

what are the upcoming netflix series - streamtech fiber internet
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Written by: Maine Dela Cruz

Suddenly, another year of Netflix originals has passed from your television schedule. Perhaps you’re still gathering the courage to give the green light to watch Squid Game. Or maybe you’re still reeling from the conclusion to Sex Education Season Three. Thanks to fiber internet, you are able to overcome another year of social isolation and the rollercoaster ride of 2021 by watching comfort films like Schitt’s Creek.

You may have taken an interesting Netflix streaming adventure in 2021. But when we think about the upcoming Netflix series, 2022 appears to be an excellent year to expand your horizons. And who says that fulfilling your New Year’s pledge to “try something new every day” cannot include reading Netflix’s Recently Added library?

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Already Streaming 2022 Series

Indeed, 2022 already kicked off with some of our most anticipated Netflix series. However, there’s still time to catch up and look forward to more Netflix originals. Here are some series that are already streaming on the platform as of this writing:

Archive 81

Do you count yourself as one of the many disturbing podcast junkies, or cult narrative super fans? Then, Archive 81 might be the perfect watch for you. When an archivist is assigned to recover a series of damaged tapes, he soon learns that the recordings document a satanic cult. As he works to uncover the truth, he’ll also need to fight from being pulled in himself.

After Life (Third and Final Season)

after life - upcoming netflix series - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from IMDb

For a show oriented around grieving, fans might have a tough time parting from this dark comedy series. This is after its final season releases this January. Ricky Gervais, who also writes and directs the episodes, stars as Tony. He is a widower who must navigate life after losing his wife. In the third and final season, Tony will be faced with a new journey of grieving. And this is as he processes the loss of his father.

Ozark (Part 1)

Years ago, most of us probably never imagined that the next nail-biting thriller on television would star Jason Bateman. (That’s not all predictions got wrong.) But now, America’s favorite criminal couple is facing the end of their scheming. This is because it’s the fourth and final season of Ozark. We’re unsure what the next episodes will have in store for Marty and Wendy. But, from the looks of the trailer, the family could be finally making their way out of the midwestern lake region.

Upcoming Netflix TV Series

the woman - upcoming netflix series - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Rotten Tomatoes

Indeed, Netflix never runs out of shows. Along with its collection of licensed television episodes and films, the streaming platform is continually releasing new original films, television shows, and documentaries. To help you keep track of what’s coming to Netflix, we’ve compiled a list of highly-anticipated Netflix original series with their premiere dates.

Feria: The Darkest Light – January 28

Are you fond of scary stories? What if you find out your parents participated in a cult ritual that ended up killing 23 people—what do you do? That’s what Eva and Sofía have to navigate, as well as some supernatural elements they were unaware of, in this Spanish fantasy thriller.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness- January 28

If you still want more JVN beyond the latest season of Queer Eye, check out his new reality series (based on his podcast of the same name) in which he asks experts about a wide variety of topics he’s curious about.

In From the Cold- January 28

Do you like your spy dramas with a bit of a sci-fi element? In From the Cold is a series of that nature, about a woman who must put her family at risk and revisit her past as a bio-engineered Russian spy when a former enemy reemerges.

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window – January 28

That sure is a mouthful! As you might’ve guessed from that wordy title, this dark comedy spoofs psychological thrillers like The Woman in the Window and The Girl on the Train. Kristen Bell leads the cast as the cliched, troubled protagonist from media of that pulpy nature. She’s a shut-in and becomes obsessed with her across-the-street neighbor…until she (maybe) witnesses a murder!

Raising Dion (Second Season) – February 1

After two and a half years, the family superhero series returns for the second season of Raising Dion. Set two years after Season 1, Dion is said to be continuing his training while all-new darkness proves to be looming.

Dark Desire (Second Season)– February 2

This Mexican thriller series which unleashed your summer madness in 2020, returns with another twisty, tantalizing season.

Murderville – February 3

murderville - upcoming netflix series - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Netflix

This Will Arnett-starring comedy-crime show borrows its premise from a popular British series, Murder in Successville. Arnett plays homicide detective Terry Seattle and in each episode, he’s joined by a different celebrity guest who’s not given a script and must improvise until they solve whatever murder case they’re on. Annie Murphy, Conan O’Brien, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch, and Sharon Stone are the guests you’ll see in the six-episode first season.

Sweet Magnolias (Season 2) – February 4

It’s time for another margarita night with Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue! The live, laugh, love-core series about three BFFs in a small South Carolina town returns, now with the women finding new loves surfacing and old loves resurfacing.

Catching Killers (Season 2) – February 9

True-crime fans: This one is for you. The docuseries about how investigators caught famous serial killers is back with an iteration on the hunt for the BTK Killer.

Disenchantment (Season 4)- February 9

Huzzah! Matt Groening’s medieval animated series returns! The new episodes about the adventures of Queen Bean pick up where Season 3 left off, as she’s separated from her pals. In the fourth season, they’ll travel across a handful of enchanted lands to reunite in the upcoming 10 installments.

Inventing Anna – February 11

In 2018, the internet went ablaze obsessing over scammer Anna Delvey (born Anna Sorokin) whose exploits were documented in a New York magazine article. Now, her story is getting the TV treatment courtesy of Shonda Rhimes and Netflix, with Julia Garner taking on the fascinating character who managed to con the NYC art world by pretending to be a German heiress.

Love and Leashes- February 11

Were the 50 Shades books and movies a guilty pleasure of yours a few years ago, but wished it was a tad more quirky? You may just want to check out this rom-com K-drama then. It’s based on a webtoon about two coworkers who create a contractual relationship for themselves that explores pleasure and pain.

Love Is Blind (Season 2)- February 11

The popular dating show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey is back with 10 new episodes.

Top Boy (Season 2)- February 11

This Channel 4-created British crime series originally aired between 2011 and 2013. But thanks to Drake, it got the reboot treatment from Netflix. After two and a half years, it’s finally coming back for more moody, underground drug world drama.

Forecasting Love and Weather – February 12

Netflix is coming in hot with multiple, new K-dramas in time for Valentine’s Day binge-watch. This one is set at a national weather service. Two employees couldn’t be more different but find that love has the power to make opposites attract.

Twenty Five Twenty One

A romantic K-drama spanning multiple years. First, in the ’90s when the financial crash effects two teenagers’ dreams from coming to fruition. Then, when they start navigating adulthood and reunite at the ages of 25 and 21.

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire – February 14

New series. An adaptation of Marco Missiroli’s novel about a young married couple at a turning point in their relationship when the husband’s faithfulness is called into question.

Fishbowl Wives- February 14

Based on Kurosawa R’s popular manga, this salacious series examines six women who live in different units of a luxury apartment complex and decide to cast their unhappy marriages aside by exploring the possible satisfaction of having affairs.

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy – February 16

New docuseries. Few docuseries came out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival with as much buzz as this Kanye West story. Featuring rare, early footage from the start of his career, it’s one of the most intimate looks at the rap and fashion icon’s life yet.

Swan Shop (Season 2) – February 16

The reality show about collectors in Tennessee returns with a new season and a new slate of stories about one person’s junk being another person’s treasure.

Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow (Season 2) – February 17

The series about Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell’s character in his younger detective days returns with another season of brooding, edgy Scandinavian mystery.

Space Force (Season 2) – February 18

The Steve Carrell- and Greg Daniels-created workplace comedy about an Air Force man tasked with running a new branch of the armed forces, the Space Force, is coming back. Season 2 has the bunch proving themselves to a new administration.

Cat Burglarpace – February 22

There may not be any more episodes of Black Mirror coming down the pipeline, but if you were really into the interactive quality of the Black Mirror movie BandersnatchCat Burglar could be your next zany, stressful viewing experience. The animated show comes from the creators of Black Mirror and allows you to lead Rowdy the Cat (yes, there are anthropomorphic animals) on a heist to steal some expensive paintings.

Love Is Blind Japan – February 22

You’ve seen the American and Brazilian versions of this experimental dating series, and now you can watch its Japanese rendition.

RACE: Bubba Wallace – February 22

NASCAR champion and the racing group’s only full-time Black driver Bubba Wallace invites you to sit shotgun alongside him for six episodes in this intimate docuseries about his career.

Juvenile Justice – February 25

A K-drama series about a judge who must reckon with her notorious distaste for kids when she is appointed a new judge in a juvenile court.

Vikings Valhalla – February 25

A spinoff of the History Channel hit series Vikings that’s set 100 years after the events of the original, following the adventures of some of the most iconic Vikings, like Leif Erikson.

Worst Roommate Ever – March 1

New docuseries. Many of us have had our fair share of shitty roommates, but the subjects in this five-parter are on a different level than merely never doing the dishes. The Blumhouse Television-produced show examines cases of seemingly innocent roommates who get up to cruel and sometimes even violent plans.

Queer Eye Germany – March 9

Guten tag, German Fab 5! The hit reality show is spinning off with international renditions—this one starring Leni Bolt, David Jakobs, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, Aljosha Muttardi, and Ayan Yuruk and featuring five new fabulous, probably tearjerking stories.

Human Resources – March 18

This is another upcoming Netflix series. One of the funniest parts about the Netflix animated hit Big Mouth is those wild Hormone Monsters who follow around the middle schoolers and antagonize them to indulge in their worst puberty impulses.

Love Like the Falling Petals – March 24

New series. Get the tissue box ready. This Japanese romantic drama is based on a popular 2017 novel about the love story between a young photographer and hairstylist whose picture-perfect romance is disrupted when one develops a rare disorder where they age rapidly.

Bridgerton (Season 2) – March 25

Lady Whistledown has announced that Netflix’s resident Regency-era romance series is back for more melodrama this spring. This time around, the show will focus on the affairs of Kate Sharma, who is played by Sex Education star Simone Ashley.

Anatomy of a Scandal – TBA

Based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan, this anthology series will cover various scandals of the United Kingdom elite. So far, Netflix has announced some of its cast–which includes Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend, and Naomi Scott.

Devil In Ohio – TBA

Based on Daria Polatin’s novel of the same name, which is itself based on a true story, Devil in Ohio will star Emily Deschanel in what promises to be an eerie limited series. The series follows a psychiatrist who takes in the refuge of a satanic cult. This is a decision that soon devolves as her new guests’ arrival leads to sinister happenings.

Lock and Key (Season 3) – TBA

Those Locke siblings just can’t catch a break from the evil supernatural forces that be. The popular spooky series based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s comics is confirmed to return sometime in 2022.

Stranger Things (Season 4) (TBA)

Stranger things 4 - upcoming netflix series - streamtech fiber internet
Screenshot from Stranger Things’ Official Youtube Channel

After three long years, fans can finally head back to the demogorgon-infested Hawkins, Indiana, in summer 2022. It’s always a cultural event when Netflix’s flagship sci-fi series returns. And the pandemic-delayed season just might be the show’s biggest yet. Set over spring break as Eleven and the Byers visit Hawkins after moving away, the AV Club is expected to investigate a dark force that’s been looming around their hometown since the ’50s—and likely bring Hopper home safe from the Ruskies.

The Midnight Club – TBA

The Haunting and Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan is back with his fifth series on Netflix–and, as you might also guess from Flanagan’s track record, it’s a spooky one. Based on the Christopher Pike novel of the same name, The Midnight Club is set at a hospice center where a group of terminally ill teens meets at midnight every night to tell scary stories. The group makes a pact that the first of them to pass away will communicate with them from the grave. A promise is a promise.

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