Meet SAM, Streamtech’s Viber ChatBot and Innovative Customer-Care Solution

Viber support SAM - fiber internet - Streamtech
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Streamtech’s commitment holds not only in providing high quality fiber internet and cable TV services to our subscribers. We are also dedicated to giving them the utmost level of support. This is why we are introducing our Support & Assistance Mateor SAM—our very own Viber SuperBot. From now on, SAM will be assisting you every step of the way with regard to your customer-service needs—your questions, issues, and concerns regarding your account or application with Streamtech.

What are SAM’s specific customer-support features?

SAM is an easy-to-navigate, app-like assistant that can save you the time and effort of going to any Streamtech branch to manage your account or application. In just a few Viber chats, you can independently take charge of everything about your subscription or application, and even requests and more information about Streamtech.

If the Viber number you are using is the same as the one you registered on your account with Streamtech, you will be directed to the following options:

  • My Account
  • Billing Information
  • Concern
  • Inquiry
  • Request
  • FAQs.

My Account

The subscriber will be able do various things about his subscription details. He can view its status, whether it is Active or Disconnected, and proceed to other necessary actions such as paying a bill due, or raising a concern—such as, if he has already paid but was tagged as disconnected due to unpaid bills.

Moreover, a subscriber may also register another account and Viber number. Likewise, he can also update his personal profile and upload proof of identification.

Billing Information

Another most frequent thing that internet subscribers do is directly checking their bills. Streamtech has made it easier by including such option in this Viber chat support. Now, subscribers can view or pay their bills in just a few clicks.


Having technical or non-technical concerns regarding your internet connection is common. For this reason, SAM is ready to help you find the solution you need.

The Non-Technical Concern is sub-categorized into the following: Billing Concern, Account Concern, or Product and Installation Concern. Of course, the subscriber needs to provide his contact details, description of actual concern/s, and attachments as applicable. These will guide our team in assessing and resolving the issue at hand.

However, for a Technical Concern, SAM will need your contact details, the nature of your concern, some specific details of your account such as MAC address and serial number. More so, you need to detail the description of such concern and provide attachments, as applicable.

After submission of all concerns, SAM will automatically forward them to the specific Streamtech team who will handle the issue. Additionally, the subscriber will receive an SMS notification as confirmation of your transaction.


SAM can certainly help you with your requests! You can send us a request regarding billing, technical, and product and installation. Just provide your contact details, category and subcategory of your request, a more detailed description, and attachment, as applicable. SAM will immediately forward your request to our team. And you will also receive an SMS notification to confirm your transaction.


By all means, you can also inquire about our latest amazing promos and the process of upgrading your subscription. For the latest promotions, you redirection will be to our website’s promo page. There, you will get to learn more about the benefits of each applicable promo.

On the other hand, you can also know more about upgrading your fiber-internet -nly, cable-TV-only, or cable-and-internet-bundle subscriptions.


SAM definitely has answers to your most frequently asked questions. Just choose the FAQ option and you will be redirected to our comprehensive customer support page.

What if SAM did not recognize my number?

Viber number not recognized? Don’t worry. SAM will still verify if you are an existing Streamtech subscriber or not. If yes, you can register your Viber number. If no, you will have the option to learn more about Streamtech’s products and services. More so, if you have a pending application with us, you can also view the details thereof. Once installation of such application is successful, you may also register your Viber number.

Why chat with SAM?

You may ask, what will I benefit from using this Viber SuperBot? Surely, customers will enjoy a lot of advantages from using this hassle-free bot.

First, there is no period of delay or waiting time. Since SAM is an artificial-intelligence chatbot programmed to respond to a subscriber’s specific query, the result are often instantaneous. Second, customers will no longer have their calls transferred from one agent to another. Such is a common scenario when calling customer hotlines. And that is understandable because there are specific teams who handle each specific concerns. But with SAM as a chatbot armed with a comprehensive database, the process is more direct and seamless.

This then leads to quicker resolutions. Since customers are the ones who will navigate depending on their concerns, resolution of issues is faster because SAM’s responses are immediate, categorized, and more direct.

And the last one is saving time, effort, and cost on the part of the customer. Instead of physically going to a branch or waiting minutes in queue on hotlines, chatting with SAM is more efficient. You’ll get the answers you need or submit the requests and concerns you have in just a few clicks.

SAM’s got your back!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an existing or prospective Streamtech subscriber, transact easily by getting acquainted with our ever-reliable Support & Assistance Mate, SAM! All you need to do is find and chat with SAM on Viber, join our Streamtech Viber Community or visit our website or Official Facebook Page where you can find it! Next, make sure to register your Viber number with us. Thereafter, SAM will take care of the rest, just for you!

Streamtech’s always got your back so you can #ExceedLimits!

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