See this list of the amazing online Christmas party ideas this 2021

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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

While the number of cases in the country may have been lowering in recent weeks, it is still not recommended to hold in-person events. This 2021, virtual holiday parties will still remain the norm. As long as you have a fiber internet connection, you can hold virtual Christmas parties everyone can enjoy.

Just because parties are a virtual holiday event nowadays doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best virtual Christmas party ideas you can try to make the holidays more enjoyable. You can tailor-fit them according to your budget and have just as much fun as you would at an actual party.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas to Try

It may be crunch time to hold a virtual holiday event, but you can still have a blast. What’s great about virtual holiday party ideas is that you don’t have to spend as much. If you’ve got a great internet provider in the Philippines, your virtual holiday parties can be a total success.

Holiday Care Package

For your next holiday party, you should send over a care package in advance to make the online Christmas party more festive. You can send over props for the actual virtual holiday Christmas party. You can even send over items they can use for the virtual Christmas games.

Just because you’re hosting a virtual party doesn’t mean you can’t treat your remote team with some awesome goodies. Since you don’t have to rent a venue or hire a lot of suppliers, you can send over care packages to everyone. You just have to make sure you’re within your budget.

If your virtual holiday party has a certain theme, you have to make sure the items you send over match the theme. If you have some team members that are out of town, you also have to coordinate early to make sure they get their packages.

What’s great about sending over packages prior to the online holiday parties is that it will get people into the Christmas spirit. There are party suppliers that can help you organize everything and make sure the remote team gets their goodies on or before the day itself.

Online Holiday Party Costume Contest

To make the virtual office Christmas party more festive, you should have a virtual Christmas party costume contest. Dressing up will make people the holiday spirit. At the same time, it’s a great excuse for people to dress up for the virtual party.

Remote employees can dress up wherever they are. You can choose a special theme in advance so people can choose their outfits accordingly. The winning team member will get a prize. The incentive will drive people to bring their A-game for the party.

What’s awesome about having a costume contest is that

Virtual Holiday Bingo

If you’ve got remote employees all over the country, you can still have a memorable virtual party by having a virtual holiday bingo game. It’s one of the favorite holiday party games you can still have even if you’re apart from one another. You can hold the actual game on Zoom and Microsoft teams, whichever works better for your team members.

What’s great about virtual holiday bingo is that everyone can join in on all the fun. You can send over the bingo cards in advance via courier or download some for your virtual holiday party. There are a lot of bingo card templates online so you don’t have to make them yourself.

As for the actual prizes, you can opt to send a gift box or item once the event is over. Another cool option is to give away shopping vouchers instead. This way, you can save on courier fees and the winners can choose the prize of their choice.

Virtual Secret Santa

Just because you’re holding a virtual holiday party doesn’t mean you should forget about the holiday spirit. You and your ream team members can still give each other Christmas gifts while social distancing.

What’s great about having a Virtual Secret Santa is that it’s harder for people to guess who their Secret Santa is. It’s also easy to shop for gifts online. You just have to take note of the estimated delivery date to make sure the present arrives on time. It’s important that the gift arrives before the virtual holiday party. With the surge in deliveries this holiday season, it’s better to be early than late.

For everyone to open a gift on the actual virtual event, it’s important that everyone picks their Virtual Secret Santa in advance. This way, people can shop for their gifts ahead of the holiday party itself. You can opt to send virtual gifts if that’s more economical for your team members. You can also send them on or before the online holiday party date.

Christmas Carol Competition

If you’re looking for virtual Christmas party ideas that will make people bond more, you should consider holding a Christmas Carol competition. Singing Christmas carols will get people in the holiday spirit no matter where they are. This party idea will encourage remote members to virtually meet up with one another before the actual event.

The Christmas carols will make the holiday party much more enjoyable. Having some holiday songs played will get people into the spirit of Christmas. To share the Christmas spirit with others, the winning team’s favorite charity should win a cash prize. The winning team members will also get holiday goodies as well.

The fact there’s competition will make the virtual Christmas party fun. This is a great party idea for people to show off their talents. Some teams might even make a virtual production number to take their performance to the next level. The possibilities are endless.

Virtual Christmas Trivia

To test the holiday knowledge of your party guests, you can hold a Virtual Christmas Trivia game. From Christmas movie titles to holiday songs, there are a lot of Christmas-themed topics to choose from.

Having a virtual holiday trivia game will make the holiday gathering so exciting. You just need to research holiday-related trivia ahead of the online event itself. You can have the actual virtual holiday trivia game on Kahoot and Zoom simultaneously.

You can have this fun game for individual players or teams. This virtual Christmas party activity invites everyone to use their brains and have some fun at the same time.

Virtual Holiday Party Parlor Games

Virtual holiday party games will liven up the party and encourage people to participate more. There are a lot of apps online that you can use for your virtual Christmas party.

From Pictionary to Charades, having some virtual holiday party games at your virtual party will be a total hit. You just need to divide your teams into groups so they can work together.

Having some virtual holiday party games will make people feel like they’re together even if they’re social distancing. Plus, you have technology on your side to help organize the virtual Christmas games for you. You just have to make sure you have a reliable internet service provider in the Philippines. This way, the Christmas-themed games will take place without a hitch.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

One creative way to invite some participation among team members is having a holiday scavenger hunt. You can send over a list of items and encourage people to collect the items accordingly. There are lists online you can take inspiration from. From holiday traditions to novelty items, you can ask people to look for interesting items.

The winning team member gets a cool prize as an incentive. What’s awesome about having a holiday scavenger hunt is that it will get people moving. This way, the team members won’t just be in front of their computer screen for the entire holiday party.

Virtual Photo Booth

Just because you’re on a video call doesn’t mean you can’t take fun photos together. You can still have a virtual photo booth for your team members to take photos together. You can choose whatever props you have at home to make your photos more memorable. You can also ask people to wear Santa hats or other Christmas-related decors as well.

What’s great about having a virtual photo booth is that you don’t even need a third-party supplier to take fun, wacky photos. However, if you want to send over some holiday cheer by sending the photos over after, you should get a supplier to handle the printing for you.

Christmas Decorations contest

Even though you’re not in the office, you can still spread the Christmas cheer with some Christmas decorations. People can show off their Christmas tree at home or you can opt to have a home office decoration contest.

If that’s too complicated, you can have a miniature Christmas tree designing contest instead. People can decorate their own little Christmas trees. The team member with the most beautiful design gets to win a fun prize.

Holiday Happy Hour

Even though you’re on a video call doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy holiday-themed cocktails together. To make the online party more jolly, you can send over drinks to your remote team right before the holiday celebrations begin. You can also send over recipe ideas for everyone to enjoy the same drinks.

Having some cocktails will make the online holiday party much more enjoyable. You can also send over some snacks or food if you’ve got the budget for it. The refreshments will make the virtual holiday party a better experience for everyone in attendance.

If you’ve got team members that don’t drink alcohol, they can still join in on the Holiday happy hour. They can have mocktails or other juice drinks. Having some drinks on hand means can still hold some toasts at the end of the holiday celebrations.

Christmas Movie Showing

To close off the virtual Christmas party, you should have a Christmas movie screening. You can stream the movie via Discord, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Capping off the virtual holiday party with a feel-good movie will make people relax.

Having a movie screening is a great way to remind people what the holiday season is all about. Plus, team members can invite their families to enjoy the movie as well. The holiday season is about spending time with people you love. Having a Christmas movie showing will make the party end on such a sweet note.

Applying Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

What’s great about these virtual Christmas party ideas is that people can join in on the fun wherever they are. If you’re looking to apply these virtual holiday party ideas, it’s important you coordinate with your suppliers as soon as you can. That’s why it’s important for you to have a fiber internet connection.

With a reliable internet service provider in the Philippines such as Streamtech Inc., you can make your virtual Christmas parties more dynamic. Applying these cool virtual holiday party ideas won’t be a problem with the right partners.

This holiday season and beyond, it’s essential that you have a fiber internet connection. With great internet, you can join all the virtual holiday parties without stressing about your internet speed. Plus, you can shop for all the virtual Christmas party needs as well.

One of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines, Streamtech is your best partner to make sure the virtual holiday party you’re organizing will be a total success. With Streamtech, you can search for virtual holiday party ideas that are within your working budget. Plus, you can even watch your favorite television shows through our cable bundles with Planet Cable.

To make sure your virtual Christmas parties will be a hit, you need to exceed your limits with Streamtech. Contact our team today to get started. You may also visit the Streamtech official Facebook page for more details.

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