The Rise of Virtual Run in the Philippines

the rise of virtual run - streamtech fiber internet
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Written by: Maine Dela Cruz

When it comes to running, it appears that there is no shortage of advantages. The potential for it to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase circulation, raise metabolism, or improve overall athletic performance are all things you could read about when researching it.

If you’re a runner now, that’s wonderful!

If not, it is not too late to make a change. Whether you’re a trail running novice or a seasoned expert, now is an excellent moment to experiment with a relatively new phenomenon in the sport: the virtual run. All you need is a fast connection, of course, from a reliable internet provider in the Philippines if you’re here in the country.

Don’t like being crowded by other runners? Or getting left in the dust? Do you find it difficult to fit in organized events? The virtual run may be the answer.

What is a virtual run?

virtual run - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash

Virtual running is exactly the same as any other sort of running. The only difference is that the race can be in any place, at any pace, on a treadmill, outdoors, or in another country! Virtual running is also almost always free! Nothing more than participating in a race and providing documentation that you did so is required.

A virtual run is similar to any traditional running event, including events such as 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and full marathons. You may complete it in as little as 30 minutes. The main difference between a virtual run and a regular run is that you register online and finish the event at your own pace and in your own style.

Once you’ve completed your race, you may share your results with a large number of other competitors over the internet. You will find motivation, encouragement, and friends in this group of people who share your interests.

A virtual run will also result in a finisher medal and a running bib being sent to you for mailing, which you may use during your virtual run if you so want.

Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active all year round, run for a good cause, and get awesome medals for your participation!

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The Rise of Virtual Run in 2020

Runs were commonplace on weekends before Covid-19, from kiddies’ races to full marathons and ultra runs of up to 100 kilometers. Most races were reduced to virtual editions as a result of the epidemic, in which participants run at their own speed on treadmills or in the open air, complete the reported distance, and upload their finishing time to get certificates and medals.

Due to the pandemic, last year’s marathons in New York, Boston, Berlin, and Chicago were canceled, while Tokyo and London conducted races for top racers exclusively.

With the ongoing state of emergency in Tokyo, Japan had to reschedule the Tokyo Marathon from October 17 to March 6, 2022.

Berlin Marathon and the London Marathon were held on September 26 and October 3, respectively. Two major marathons in the United States in October, the Chicago and Boston marathons, and the New York City Marathon took place on November 7.

Virtual Run: Philippines During the Pandemic

The pandemic’s consequences may be felt everywhere, but they’re most noticeable in our workplaces. While public gathering is still prohibited in the country, virtual run events may be the way to go.

Companies and organizations turned to virtual run events to encourage their members and patronage to take part in their programs, raise awareness, and donate a portion of the proceeds to their chosen beneficiaries.

For instance, this month, Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan’s virtual challenge, organized by Green Media Events, caps off with its last leg dubbed, “Earth Run.” This fun run, taking place from November 13 to 21, 2021, is the country’s biggest virtual run event for the environment.

The primary goals of this year’s event are to raise awareness of global warming, teach people about “plogging,” and promote environmental programs such as tree planting and adoption, coastal cleanup, and Save Pawikan.

Visit Green Media Events’ official website to register.

Benefits of a Virtual Run

Along with your regular jogging routines, you may create something and perhaps obtain rewards for your efforts. For those who prefer to run alone, virtual running races are an excellent option!

Check out other benefits of a virtual run below:

1. It is customized for you.

Virtual races have the advantage of allowing you to customize every aspect of your race to your liking. Is there a part of you that craves the fresh air of nature? Go ahead and do it. Do you want to jog 10 times around the park? There’s no harm in giving it a try. It doesn’t matter how you accomplish it as long as you reach the needed distance.

Additionally, it is convenient in that you may run whenever you choose. Even though you’ll be given a date to complete the race, you won’t be limited to simply running when the sun is shining. Runs at night or in the morning may now be built towards completing a virtual run, making it easier for those who want to exercise in the early hours.

2. You can modify your pace.

Some runners find that preparing for a marathon helps them stay motivated because they have a specific goal in mind. The same exercise program might get monotonous and uninspiring after a time. You may reach a mental stalemate if you keep running the same routes over and over.

Focusing on a race day objective of increasing your running endurance can help you develop a more specific training plan.

3. It is more affordable.

It’s also cheaper to register for a virtual race than a real one. In addition to being more inexpensive, the bundle also includes runner entitlements. A bespoke finisher shirt and a finisher medal are the most common virtual running perks. Upon signing up, you’ll receive swag entitlements that you can wear on your runs.

Meanwhile, some virtual runs are free. All you need to do is sign up and run!

Even if you don’t make it into the top three, you could still get something spectacular. In most virtual running competitions, the fastest finishers are rewarded, and the top three finishers are generally the ones that receive the most money. You may compete with runners on the opposite side of the nation, much as in online games. Aren’t you excited?

4. Participation is open to all.

By and large, virtual running events do not have an age restriction. Everyone of any age is invited to join. It may become an entertaining competition amongst distant relatives during the lockdown. By sharing a virtual running event, you may exchange score updates and even compare leaderboard placements after the event’s conclusion. The adaptability of virtual runs enables anybody to participate in this bonding experience.

Virtual racing is also an excellent way to experience a highly sought-after race. Since the race’s inception in 2006, getting into New York City’s NYC Half Marathon has been famously difficult. As a virtual race, it is available to all participants. While your customized path will not take you into Times Square, you will win a substantial medal and the opportunity to run “alongside” other competitors via the fitness software Strava.

5. It can boost your immune system.

While the current epidemic has thrown our normal schedules, for the time being, runners have an advantage in terms of their favorite kind of exercise because it is well known that moderate-intensity physical activity helps improve your immune system.

If you’re concerned about COVID-19, a fast run in your neighborhood is a safe and effective method to maintain your fitness and get some fresh air. Getting outside for a quick run may be one of the best things you can do for your health if you’re not under mandatory quarantine at home, as long as you take proper safety precautions to ensure social distance protocols.

6. You get to meet new people who share the same hobbies as you do!

As part of their transition, the majority of race organizers have included online forums where runners may support one another or track one another’s progress and become competitive, and some have included training programs in their registration fees.

How to Join a Virtual Race

Running a virtual race is simple. Follow this step-by-step guide to participate!

1. Set your goals.

set your goals - virtual run - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by spukkato on iStock

You may jog, run, or walk, depending on your preference. Virtual races may ask you to run a specified distance, such as a 5k (3.1 miles). Finding a virtual race that is a good fit for you begins with determining how far you are willing and capable of running. Set personal goals and work hard to achieve them and create a virtual racing course that meets the race’s conditions.

Also, look for a race that is within your physical capabilities. Even if you don’t have any health issues, we do encourage you to see a doctor before competing.

2. Register for the race.

Find the sponsoring virtual race firm and fill out the registration form online once you’ve decided on the event you wish to run. The race sponsors often need money and an address to deliver you your medals or other goodies. There is no obligation to finish a virtual race, but some events have a registration period, so be sure to check the rules before signing up.

3. Run the race.

Relax and enjoy the race at a speed that is right for you. There are leaderboards in virtual races, but in most situations, there are no time limitations to get a medal or award. If you begin to feel fatigued throughout the race, slow down your pace until you are able to resume your normal pace. Keep a steady jogging speed and avoid overworking yourself in a short amount of time. Push yourself to the limit to ensure that you reach the finish line.

4. Submit your results.

In order to obtain your medal, you may be required to provide your race results to the virtual event organizer. In the majority of cases, this will be a picture of you at the finish line and enjoying your accomplishment. If you want to compete against other virtual racers, you’ll have to participate in social media and post your results online. Once you’ve completed your virtual race, follow the instructions on the screen.

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