Satellite Internet vs Fiber Internet – Which is better?

satellite internet - streamtech fiber internet
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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Written by: Gab Angeles

The internet has started to become a necessity and commodity, rather than being the luxury it once was. Hence, the search for the best internet service providers that give great data allowance, internet access, and overall internet service proves as a key aspect for everyday survival.

Now, users are yearning for fast internet speeds, no data caps, great internet plans, and vast coverage (even making sure to take on most rural areas). Wi-Fi taken into consideration, the argument seems to boil down between two things. Are you going to avail the internet provider with satellite internet service? Or shall you choose the one with fiber internet?

Broadband speeds, area of service, and data allowance for data cap taken into consideration, what is the better option for choosing among internet providers? Let’s find out.

Choosing the perfect internet plans for you

The crucial part in choosing your preferred service to rent when it comes to internet plans is location. You’ll choose among which service providers are able to give the best possible internet service in several locations.

Considerations for Internet Options: Location, Data Allowance, Speeds

Most urban areas usually have no problem since they’re the most up-to-date. But some rural areas may find themselves having trouble with internet providers reaching them for viable and proper internet service.

Of course, what’s the use of getting your household a subpar internet service with prices close to gold? It feels pretty short-sighted, especially if you use the internet data for streaming videos, gaming, and connecting with people.

That’s why it’s vital for you to weigh and measure the benefits and capabilities of internet plans offered by your ISP. Make sure they work well in your area, have nearby ground stations for easier cable routing, and have speeds, data, and plans that fit your needs.

Of course, dial-up internet service is not up for debate. They prove to be quite obsolete and fairly incapable to match up to the speed of the DSL internet that most modern ISP provides. Circling back to internet-fiber and internet-satellite, it’s vital that we know how the technology behind the service works.

How do these types of high-speed internet works?

Even though both deemed as fast connections, there are still differences on how both of these types of connection works.

Fiber internet, the one with unlimited data

First off, fiber internet makes use of fiber optic cables in delivering a proper and high-speed internet connection. These cables are flexible, transparent, and either made of glass or plastic, making them hard to see within line of sight since they need to be protected.

They transfer your data as coded beams of light. This easily turns the slower copper wiring obsolete, and something that should be used as a mineral to enrich the earth instead. Modern internet service providers offer this fiber cable internet option already. Proof of this is the DSL modem that is fiber-ready, given by your ISP.

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The satellite internet system

The satellite internet system, on the other hand, makes use of satellite providers in outer space to connect with satellite internet service providers. They employ out-of-this-earth machinery called satellites.

These send signals from outer space to a satellite dish capable of making use of satellite connections to become internet providers. The satellite dish is then hooked up to a DSL modem that will provide internet to the entire household, thanks to the power of wi-fi.

The downside of satellite internet service and problems of service providers

The only disadvantage of this connection is the large space the satellite dish will take on your roof and backyard. Certainly, this leads to satellite internet providers having a hard time offering cheaper satellite internet plans and satellite service.

Internet signal will prove not to be a problem, as satellite internet access is readily available as long as the satellite is working in outer space and the satellite dish is working from within the household. If the internet signal is poor, then there must be a problem with the satellite internet service. And for sure, satellite internet providers are scurrying to look for a fast solution.

Making sure that there are more satellites than subscribers down the Earth, and ensuring the proper position of the satellite dish can alleviate this problem.

Why does the best satellite internet work still can’t beat conventional ones?

But not for anything, satellite internet is still far from beating DSL technology. Even the best internet service providers out there face the handicap of soaring fees and dues. The higher the speeds and data allowance in a satellite internet plan, the higher the costs.

But costs aside, which of the two is faster?

The battle of internet speed

internet speed - satellite internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Aew on rawpixel

Satellite internet speed

The thing about using satellites as the internet is that there could be a lot of interferences. Since signal travels from outer space and into the dish installed on your home, it may be against the DSL systems. Hence, populated areas easily give satellite internet providers a run for their money.

There is higher latency and lack of speed, making it hard to use for streaming videos, conference calls, and even gaming.

This gives satellite internet providers a competitive edge to put out a satellite internet plan that mostly focuses on giving out more data. This is to compensate for the lack of speed that satellites are unable to provide for a better internet connection.

If anything, satellite internet is perfect for activities that do not require much bandwidth. These include clerical work and casual use. The best satellite internet out there undeniably still can’t stand against the performance of DSL speeds and data transfer.

More so, DSL options still look more tempting to give in to than that of the satellites’.

Fiber internet speed

On the other hand, there’s fiber internet that’s more than capable of providing great internet speed. Fibre internet is perfect for people looking for high bandwidth. The service is more than capable of providing top-notch speeds and data transfer, as needed.

Gaming and streaming simultaneously would be a cinch. The only limiting factor to take into consideration is the type of package and plan that you’re choosing from the internet service provider. If the speed is there, how reliable are they when it comes to functioning?

The case of overall reliability

reliability - satellite internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Aum on rawpixel

With satellite internet, one can easily say that it isn’t the best in delivering strong signals. There is a lot of interference from outer space up to one’s home. The speeds definitely aren’t there compared to fiber and DSL.

Harsh weather conditions and general signal interference within an urban community may prove to be quite nerve-wracking for someone trying to make the most out of their internet connection. Obstructions are also imminent from within the proximity of the receiving satellite internet dish, with trees and buildings affecting the performance, data transfer, and speeds of a satellite internet connection that you may have availed.

However, so long as you’ve kept the satellite dish intact after a disaster, you can still connect through satellite internet.

Contrary, fiber internet, has most of the wiring done underground. This makes sure that speeds and data transfer will never be disturbed by weather or obstructions–only system maintenance!

The performance will always stay top-notch for fiber, with speeds that would easily outperform satellite internet any day of the year.

Reliable as it may seem, how easily available are these technologies against one another?

The availability conundrum

Availability - satellite internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by filmful on rawpixel

The thing about satellite internet is that it can be availed of anywhere. Truly, it does not require any cable or wiring – just a satellite internet dish. As long as there’s a satellite in outer space ready to throw signal your way, you’re good to go!

Satellite internet is mostly apt for places with clear skies – making sure you get the best speeds and data transfer rates possible. You’d even be surprised as some remote areas tend to perform better than an urban location. This is because there is less interference and objects blocking the signal from outer space.

On the contrary, fiber internet proves to be too limiting compared to satellite. Areas that can avail it are usually the ones that the underground wiring can reach in their best effort.

Of course, internet service providers have been trying their best in providing everyone with great internet speeds and reliable connections.

That’s why some internet service providers do manage to reach and branch out to remote areas. This is to help small local businesses and people looking to scale up their lifestyle with a faster internet connection. But how much would it hurt your wallet?

Everything has a cost (apparently)

costs - satellite internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Wan on rawpixel

The biggest downside of satellite internet is the pricing, especially since having a satellite moving around in outer space is expensive. Addedly, there’s also a satellite dish needed to be installed on every place that the service is provided to.

The speeds don’t even fare that well comparatively, not to mention the fact that the service gets more expensive once you try to increase signal strength.

So if you’re looking for an affordable internet option that plays well when it comes to speeds and gives proper ROI, this just might not be it.

For fiber internet, it’s usually the most affordable option considering the speed they can provide vis a vis the price they’re asking for.

The cool thing about fiber internet options is that they’re usually tiered, allowing for people to only subscribe to certain speeds of their liking. Understandably, paying for 20 Mbps worth of speed for a two-person household may not be all that good of an investment.

So, some ISPs tend to offer plans with either faster or slower speeds to make it seem as if it’s bespoke to a given subscriber. It’s a perfect payoff for someone that needs high bandwidth but does not regularly use the service, making it an apt plan to subscribe to as needed.

Satellite internet vs fiber internet: The verdict

Overall, there’s no right or wrong answer when one is asked if satellite internet is better than a fiber one or vice versa. Ultimately, it depends on how you’d use it, what you’d need, where’d you use it for, and where you’d be using it.

Just by looking at the numbers, one can easily say that fiber outperforms satellite internet by a far stretch. But do understand that fiber is not a readily available service unlike that of the breadth and reach of a satellite internet service.

At the end of the day, availability will easily trump performance when push comes to shove. So, at least now you’re well aware of the consequences and trade-offs of one type of internet service from another.

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So if you live in a place where cables could reach your area, fiber internet is your best bet.

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