What is a blog site and how to create one?

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A blog is an online conversation or informational website that consists of discrete, frequently informal diary-style text postings. Typically, bloggers show posts in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first at the top of the web page. And you need a fast internet connection to be successful in creating blogs.

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Short History about Blogs

Jorn Barger, a Robot Wisdom blogger, developed the term “weblog” in 1997. This is to characterize his method of “logging the web” while surfing the internet. In 1999, programmer Peter Merholz simplified the term “weblog” to “blog.”

From then on, blog sites became generally defined as websites with regularly updated information on one or more topics. The phrase is an abbreviation for “web log,” which refers to the act of logging information on a website.

Now, you can use a website builder not just to sell products but also to blog. And when you create a blog, you can also try the free and premium themes available. Also, in creating your own site, you can use a free platform. There are many options on the internet.

difference of blog and website - streamtech fiber internet
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What is the difference between blog and website?

Some people may confuse a blog with a website since they are both platforms containing valuable information. However, they differ from each other.


A blog is like an online journal. Bloggers express their thoughts and feelings, or some valuable information. It is a type of website or page that displays its information in reverse chronological order. Entries or “blog postings” are common terms for blog content.

A single person or a small group of people usually runs a blog to deliver information in a conversational approach. However, there is now a plethora of corporate blogs that publish a wealth of educational and thought-leadership material.


On the other hand, a website is a collection of web pages and related materials that have been published on at least one web server. A shared domain name identifies a website. Wikipedia.org, Google.com, and Amazon.com are all good examples. The World Wide Web is made up of all publicly accessible websites.

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How to create your own blog?

Here are some easy steps you can follow to create your own blog:

Create an account on your chosen blog site.

It is important to choose the blog site that fits your needs, or the one you truly prefer. There are free and paid blog sites that you can choose from. If it is just your own blog site, you may opt to create on free platforms. However, if it is for your company, it will be best to get the premium ones as they offer a lot of features not available on the free options.

Choose the appearance of your blog site.

You may want to refer to other blogs for inspiration. However, even a free version of a blog site has templates where you can choose from. And even an open source blogging platform like WordPress has default looks. That’s why WordPress software is considered one of the best blog sites.

Create as much content as you want.

To create your personal blog, first, you have to log in to your Blogger account. Then, click the Down arrow on the left. Select New Blog from the drag and drop-down menu. Give your blog a title. Next should be selected. Make a decision on a blog address or URL. Save the file, and that is it, that is how you create a blog.

It is hassle-free because it is a self-hosted WordPress. Now, you have your own blog. To start a blog, you also need to consider some factors, even though it is a completely free blog, there are also free revisions for making sure that the article is written properly.

Tips on publishing your blog

You may start blogging by accessing free blogging sites. A WordPress blog is an example of a free blog, as most of us know. But indeed, there are a lot of free blog sites out there. All you need is to follow these tips for the creation of a good blog.

Identify your target audience.

Even if you’re using a popular blogging platform, it is not a warranty that you will get an audience. This is most especially true when you create a new blog. That’s why it’s important to have a target audience so that you will have a directed content strategy.

Choose topics that are valuable to your audience.

After you identified your audience, you also need to understand what matters to them. They will not read your content if they are not interested in the topic. Thus, you need to strategize on getting their attention by choosing relevant topics.

Write in a clear manner.

Another important reminder is to use easily understandable words and ways of writing. Always take note that your readers are not familiar with complex terms. Always take the side of a layman reader so that your audience will easily appreciate what you wanted to say. Similarly, this will help search engines index your content on top ranks.

Make your blog’s title catchy.

Good headlines are what will draw your audience in. And it’s also often what kills their interest. That’s why you need to ensure that you have catchy headlines.

Create an outline.

To organize your ideas better, it is best to create a content outline. You can also implement it in the actual content, with appropriate subheadings for ease of understanding by the readers.

Have reliable resources.

Of course, information will only be truly useful to your audience if they are factual. That is why your references should be coming from credible and authoritative sites. Certainly, you would not want to spread misinformation.

Proofread before publishing.

Check everything before you publish. These include proper capitalization, grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation marks. This will not only make it easier for your readers to understand but also build the credibility of your own blog.

What is a free domain name?

domain name - streamtech fiber internet
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Free domains function in the same way as any other domain name. However, the disadvantage of these is that you cannot create the custom domain name you want because you will have to retain the provider’s name. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including your website, own blog, and email account. You can use URL forwarding, the free Freenom DNS Service, or your own DNS to administer your domain. You may use your own domain name, or you may custom domain.

What is a blogging platform?

Blogging platforms are broadcast-style communications systems that allow authors to publish articles, opinions, or product reviews via stand-alone websites, email, feed syndications systems, and social networks.

What are the benefits?

A platform for blogging enables users to produce, organize, and publish textual and visual content on the internet in the form of a blog. There are also many custom domain platforms where you can publish our self-hosted blogs.

The main difference between a blog and other websites is that the content published on a blog is shown in reverse chronological order, with the most recent additions to the website being displayed first.

What are the best free blogging sites today?

best free blogging sites - streamtech fiber internet
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Finding the correct site is critical for your own blog’s success. Whether you want to establish a blog for fun or want to find the best platform to make money and expand your blog as a company. Nowadays, there are many open-source blogging platforms that you can use.

You may opt to choose a WordPress alternative. The other best or most popular blogging channels aside from WordPress.com and WordPress.org are Medium, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Ghost, Postach, Weebly, and Typepad. These best blogging platforms are known all over the world. You can create free blogs about any topic on these sites.

The best blogging platform for web hosting depends on the topic that you will discuss. You can also create a blog using some self-hosted version or custom domain.

What are business websites?

A business website is typically used to provide basic information about your firm or as a straight e-commerce platform. It can also be a content management system. With this, you can create a new blog in order to promote other businesses like the online stores that you are supporting.

A business website is an important component of a bigger marketing strategy. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the role it must play. The website is typically the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy, serving as the established presence for the company. It’s the equivalent of owning a high-end store or a famous office on the internet. It is sometimes described as the center of a company’s universe, and it is the location where other marketing efforts are aimed at driving traffic. Of course, you just need the basic blogging tools and you’re good to go.

Fast and reliable internet for blogging

Streamtech Fiber Internet

If you want to publish the best blog, choose the right tools, blogging sites, and contents that you will use. Of course, you also need to have a fast and reliable internet connection, so that your blogs and the blogging site that you are using work better.

In terms of speed and reliability, Streamtech Fiber Internet is what you need. Its fiber internet offerings are now the best alternative for users in terms of dependability and speed. Congestion is no longer an issue because data and information are conveyed utilizing fiberglass. In comparison to, say, wired DSL, it is also more robust to natural calamities. Have the best blogging experience using fiber internet.

Streamtech is the newest fiber internet provider in the Philippines. We provide a variety of residential internet options. Have questions or concerns about your current fiber internet plan or a new application? Please let us know by using our online form or our social media platforms to send us a message. You can also contact our customer care hotlines for your concerns.

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