What is Axie Infinity and Why is It so Popular?

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Transition to digital is not only evident on our need of fast internet. Similarly, the emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is beginning to transform several sectors, bringing assets from the physical world into the digital realm. It has even paved the way for blockchain-based gaming to gain popularity. Not surprisingly, we ask what is Axie Infinity – the game that has swiftly established itself as the market leader in blockchain-based play-to-earn games. It has risen rapidly in recent weeks, with the game’s native token AXS increasing 469 percent this month. 

Gaming experts believe that this skyrocketing popularity might be the start of an even bigger trend for the game. With these developments, fast internet speed and reliable connection are crucial for individuals who are playing this game. Through fiber internet, gamers can achieve best experience the way these game creators envisioned them to be. 

What are NFTs?

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Looking back to the beginning of cryptocurrency, fungible currencies have ruled the crypto industry for the last decade. The concept of “fungibility” is a complicated one with a basic assumption. It refers to an asset’s interchangeability, where two objects are fungible if swapping them is pointless. 

A non-fungible asset is one that has distinct characteristics. These distinguishing characteristics contribute or detract from the asset’s value, and all assets are distinct from one another. Diamonds, snowflakes, and artwork are examples of non-fungible assets. 

Therefore, NFTs are tokens having distinct unit characteristics that distinguish them from one another. They have a unique identity linked to the blockchain. Similarly, they have restricted authorization and access, making it difficult to replicate or recreate. 

Background on the Makers of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT game that has been available since 2018, and its gameplay is comparable to those of Pokemon games. The creation of Axie Infinity was by Sky Mavis, but these creators aspire to become a community-owned organization over time. No doubt, the leaders of the 40-person full-time team have backgrounds in gaming and technology. AXS began trading in November 2020, while Axie Infinity’s foundation was in early 2018.

sky mavis - what is axie infinity - fiber internet - streamtech

While Axie Infinity is driven by blockchain technology, the site provides a ‘play-to-earn’ structure rather than mining blocks on the chain. This might be attributed to a major part of the game’s success, since users can earn money by playing games rather than completing hard math problems that create an approved hash. 

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a virtual environment called Lunacia, the Axie homeland. This realm is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as homes and bases of operation for the Axies. In Lunacia, players may combat, grow, and trade imaginary creatures called Axies. A player must have at least three Axies, which may then be utilized in battles and bred up to seven times to give a player a new Axie. 

Overview of the Axie Infinity Gameplay

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game in which players combat Axies to advance through the game. These Axies are non-fungible tokens with distinct characteristics and rarity. To begin playing Axie Infinity, you must first acquire three of these monsters, which may be purchased on the secondary market. 

Introduction to the Axies

As you might expect, Axies are central to the game, as players must trade, breed, and battle with these strange animals. But, exactly, what is an Axie? Axies are digital animals with distinct characteristics. The more powerful your Axie, the more probable it is that you will win battles. Axies are categorized and separated into classes based on their bodily components. According to gaming website leveldash.com, there are nine different Axie classes: Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Beast, Bug, Mech, Aqua, Bird, and Dawn. 

Abilities of the Axies

The game has a total of 132 abilities or cards. The whole list is available on tools such as Axie World. 

The Axie’s powers are determined by the number of horns, mouths, backs, and tails it possesses. Each class has various strengths and limitations, and the Axie’s place in the squad is typically determined by these factors. 

The ability of the Axies can be offensive or defensive, such as dealing harm to opponents. They can also be defensive, such as regaining health points for your Axie or taking energy from the other side. For an Axie to be considered good, it should have a well-rounded set of skills that allow him to fulfill his duties effectively. 

How to Play Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, like other online games, may be downloaded directly from their website. You cannot, however, begin to play immediately. Firstly, you need to ensure you have a stable internet connection.

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Then, to start playing the game, you must first purchase three Axies using Ether and configure your wallet. Online marketing website HUSTLR has enumerated the steps on how to play Axie Infinity: 

Step 1. Purchase Ethereum or Ether (ETH)

You can buy ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance. Ether, the money tied to the Ethereum network, will be required to acquire Axies. 

Step 2. Create a MetaMask wallet

Metamask - what is axie infinity - fiber internet - streamtech

Install the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet and fund it with ETH. 

Step 3. On your browser, go to Axie Infinity and create an account

Go to the Axie Marketplace website and click the “Login” button. Then, select “Login using MetaMask.” In your MetaMask wallet, follow the on-screen instructions. Following the steps will result in the creation of your Axie Infinity account. You will be prompted to provide a username and password when you return to the website. Select a username that is distinct to you. 

Step 4. Create a Ronin Wallet

Sky Mavis built the Ronin wallet to use the Ronin sidechain to interact with the Axie Infinity game. The Ronin sidechain was created specifically for blockchain games, allowing players to avoid the sometimes prohibitively expensive transaction costs associated with the Ethereum blockchain. The Ronin wallet is a browser plugin, similar to MetaMask. 

Once downloaded and installed, connect the wallet to your Axie Infinity account via the dashboard. 

Step 5. Transfer ETH via Ronin Bridge

Transfer ETH from your MetaMask wallet to your Ronin wallet via the Ronin Bridge platform. The Ramp Network may also be for immediate purchase of ETH from your Ronin wallet. It is essential to remember, however, that this may not be available in all countries. 

Step 6: Purchase your First Axies

You may access the Axie Marketplace after putting Ethereum into your Ronin wallet. This is the dashboard from which you may exchange your ETH for Axie NFTs. Log in to the platform with your Ronin wallet. 

Select your Axies and pay for them using ETH. Following your purchase, you will be given an NFT as evidence of ownership. The current value of ETH at the moment of purchase will decide the price of each Axie.

Step 7: Download and Install Axie Infinity

After that, the Axie Infinity desktop program must be downloaded and installed. Navigate to the Axie Infinity website and click the “Play Now” button in the upper right corner of the screen. After downloading the program, install it. 

Once you have assembled a beginning squad, you may download the gaming client and sync your Axies to the game. It’s now time to start playing and earning money! 

How Players Earn Money in the Axie Universe

In the Axie Infinity world, there are four primary ways for players to make money. These are: Smooth Love Potions (SLPs), Breeding and Selling Axies, Flipping Lands, and Axie Infinity Scholarships. How does each strategy make you earn money by playing Axie Infinity? Here are the detailed descriptions to help you understand: 

Smooth Love Potions (SLPs)

SLPs are in-game rewards that players win just by playing the game. As a result, SLP is the most straightforward way to earn money in the game. Earn them by fulfilling chores or fighting fights. After a sufficient amount of SLPs has been accumulated, they can be sold for real-world monetary value. 

An ERC-20 token is the representation of each SLP. It allows the latter to be freely traded and sold on the Ethereum network. Each token has a real-world monetary value since they are necessary for breeding Axies in the game. There is a requirement for Axies to be bred by players, that is if they have a certain quantity of SLPs. As a result, SLPs have inherent worth. 

Breeding and Selling Axies

The second option for users to earn money in the Axie Infinity ecosystem is to breed and then sell Axies. A baby Axie is born when two Axies mate. Each time an Axie is used for breeding, a specific number of SLPs are required. These SLPs are destroyed after they are utilized. The number of SLPs needed grows in direct proportion to how many times a parent Axie has been used for breeding. An Axie may only breed seven times in total. 

Flipping Lands

The third way to generate money on the same marketplace is to flip “Lands.” Because land usage has yet to be introduced in the game, their value is purely speculative for the time being. However, the land will generate some sort of passive revenue for the owner, either through other players walking over it or through accessing the stuff that will be accessible on it. 

Axie Infinity Scholarships

In Axie Infinity, you can only fight with a squad of three Axies. Once you have gained additional Axies, either via breeding or by purchasing more Axies from the market, you may distribute them to other members of your community and allow them to farm SLPs for you using your team. 

The term for this is a “scholarship,” and it is rather frequent in the Axie universe. It is almost always advantageous for both the manager who distributes the free Axies and the scholar. Scholarships are sharing, 50-50, 60-40, or 70-30, with management taking a portion of the SLPs farmed by the scholar. 

What are Axie Infinity Shards?

In every game of cryptocurrencies, there is a governance token which investors stake. Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are the Axie Universe’s ERC-20 governance token. AXS holders will be able to collect prizes if they stake their tokens, engage in the game, and vote on critical governance issues. Players will also be able to earn $AXS by participating in different Universe games and user-generated content projects. 

Why Do People Engage in “Play to Earn” Games like Axie Infinity?

People enjoy playing online games. What they like about Axie Infinity more than any other game is that it gives them a fantastic and enjoyable method to earn money. However, it is not the only reason why so many people are enjoying themselves while playing this game. Here are the other reasons: 

Earn revenue through Axies 

You may make money in Axie Infinity by breeding, battling, and trading Axies. Every time a player competes against another player, they will receive Small Love Potions (SLP). Players may exchange their SLP tokens for cash on cryptocurrency exchanges, making the game a fantastic side income. 

Your Axies are entirely yours 

Recording on the blockchain goes for every Axie. As a result, all of your Axies are completely yours. You may collect them and play games with them. You may even earn by selling them to other players. 

Amazing community 

The Axie community includes gamers, influencers, and others with similar interests. As a result, it is simple to join discussions and ask questions because there are many individuals willing to share their responses with you. 

Excitement in growing and fighting Axies 

Axies are not your average adorable digital creature. You may raise them and employ them in three-on-three fights. The more Axies you produce, the more EXP you get, allowing you to expand your collection. 

You may also store EXP and spend it later to improve your Axies. If you want to sell your Axie, the more you update it, the higher its market price will be. 

Axies are valuable 

The secondary market for Axie Infinity is active. That is, its players can freely trade and sell these valuable Axies. For example, participants may put their Axies up for auction and choose the starting and ending prices. 

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