Must-Have Accessories for the Best Work from Home Setup

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Home is where the heart is and where you choose to stay. Most individuals have chosen to be home-based so as to have a flexible time schedule and to work closely with their families. There are many other reasons why people prefer to work from home and those who choose to work from home will have to invest in an office setup including a reliable fiber home internet.

If you work from home, then you know the importance of having a comfortable setup. To create an idyllic work-from-home office environment, you need the right set of accessories. This article will look at different work-from-home accessories that you may need for your ideal work-from-home setup.

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What are the must-have accessories for your work-from-home setup?

The right accessories can make a world of difference when you’re working from home, so we’ve made a list of must-have accessories for your home office setup.

1. Ergonomic or standing desk

You will need an ergonomic workstation if you work from home. Choose a desk where you can do most of your job comfortably. While a conventional desk is an option, an adjustable standing desk allows you to stretch your legs throughout the day. Make sure your desk space has adequate room for your computer, monitor, laptop screen, and other objects you need to keep close at hand.

2. Ergonomic office chair

A comfy and ergonomic chair to sit in is a must at your workstation. While a lower-cost alternative is available, investing in a higher-quality chair can give better back support. Consider trying out the chair before you buy it to see whether it matches your requirements. You should also make sure that the chair would have a generous amount of padding, and its slightly curved back encourages you to sit up straight. The armrests are also comfortable, even during long computer sessions. If you’ve been settling for a rigid chair from your kitchen table, this will be the biggest upgrade to your home office setup by far.

3. Monitors

Consider purchasing a separate monitor depending on your own preferences or how often you’ll require two computer screens in your work. A graphic designer, for example, may choose a dual-screen configuration so that they can work on one side with their laptop and do graphics work on the other side with a huge monitor. Someone who works with figures or spends a lot of time in spreadsheets may wish to invest in a second monitor for better document reading. Be sure to check your computer or laptop’s compatibility before you purchase a monitor. If you plan to travel or want to take your work setup to a coffee shop or coworking space, go for a portable monitor.

4. Wireless mouse and mousepad

It may be necessary for you to have a mouse that can provide you with lots of speed and precision whether you’re using a desktop computer or want an alternative to a laptop trackpad. Consider getting a wireless mouse so you don’t have as much cord clutter on your desk and can quickly carry it if you need to work somewhere else or while traveling. Wrist discomfort can also be avoided by using a comfortable ergonomic mouse pad.

5. Wireless keyboard

Certainly, a keyboard is a must if you use a desktop computer or a laptop and desire a more ergonomic typing choice. Consider a wireless keyboard that can work with a variety of PCs or laptops, and make sure it’s simple to operate and pleasant to use. You might also want to think about getting an ergonomic wrist rest for your keyboard.

6. Laptop stand or support table

It is recommended to get a laptop stand to set up your laptop on your desk if you use one at home. It’s not just a cheap gadget, but it may also assist you to see the screen at a more comfortable angle. With this option, you’ll need a wireless keyboard. Consider a portable laptop support table that is adjustable and can easily move with you if you want to work from different locations of your home for a change of scenery.

7. Desk lamp

You may require a desk lamp to assist you to work depending on how close your office is to natural light. To avoid eye strain and headaches, invest in LED bulbs for your desk lamp. If you have a lot of video calls or presentations when you need to appear your best, invest in an LED ring light to assist brighten your face.

8. Phone or tablet stand

If you have a lot of incoming messages, calls, or calendar reminders at work, you’ll need a stand to hold your wireless phone and be able to peek at it fast. Some folks may choose to work on tablets that can be placed on their own stand.

9. Noise-canceling headphones with a microphone

You’ll need a pair of headphones with a good microphone if you’re going to do video chats or conference calls with your boss, team, or coworkers. While a good microphone improves your ability to hear everyone on the call, it also improves your ability to hear you. You may also use noise-canceling headphones to help you concentrate despite interruptions from the outside world. Make sure that your headphones, whether wired or wireless, fit properly on or in your ear.

10. Cables and cable clips

Check that the gadgets in your home office that aren’t wireless have the appropriate cables. When selecting a purchase, think about if the length of the connection is important to you, especially if you want to charge other objects on your desk like a phone or tablet. Cable clips are useful for keeping cords clean and out of the way.

11. Lapdesk

A lapdesk is a necessity for people who spend a lot of time in front of their computer, whether it is for work or pleasure. It is a small desk that goes on top of your lap, and it’s the best way to make sure that your computer is protected. A lap desk is basically a small surface that is flat on one side and slightly raised on the other side. This is the perfect surface for your computer, especially if you don’t have a table nearby.

12. USB power strip with surge protector

If you have a lot of wires from different devices, a USB power strip should be on your purchasing list. This device provides an extra outlet and organizes your wires and cords, as well as charging your phone or tablet through USB. With a surge protector, you can safeguard your home office’s different equipment from probable harm.

13. Wireless phone charger

Consider investing in a dependable and easy-to-use wireless phone charger if you want to decrease the number of cables in your home office and you have a compatible smartphone. This gadget may be hidden behind your monitor or anyplace else you like.

14. Ring light

Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you work for yourself, you have to wear all kinds of hats. When you’re working from home you need to look professional. That’s why you need a ring light. A ring light is a must-have accessory for anyone who works from home or is looking to start a home-based business. It’s a lighting tool that can be used for video or photography. What sets it apart from typical lighting is that it has a ring shape to it. The light comes from all around the subject of the photo or video, making the subject look great.

15. Desktop organizer

To keep your desk clutter-free, invest in a desktop organizer that can hold all of your writing tools and notepads. You may also get a phone stand or an organizer with extra charging wire storage.

16. Filing cabinet

If you need to store and organize essential documents, a file cabinet is a good option. If you don’t have a lot of documents to keep track of, use a file folder and scan the rest of them to keep them digital.

17. USB microphone

If you make a lot of phone or video conversations, especially ones that are recorded or aired to a big group of people, a USB microphone that can stand on your desk would be a good investment. A USB microphone might be useful for those who frequently give presentations or work in audio-focused occupations such as musicians and podcasters.

18. Bluetooth speakers

Purchase a set of wireless speakers if you prefer listening to music while working. While your PC or laptop comes with speakers for playing your favorite playlists, a separate speaker system for your home office may provide even better sound quality. If you want to work in different areas of your house, Bluetooth speakers provide you with more freedom and superb sound quality regardless of where you are.

19. Water bottle

Keeping a water bottle at your workstation can help you stay hydrated and focused throughout the day. To avoid spills on your desk or computer, invest in a leak-proof container that can keep beverages cool all day.

20. Coffee or tea with a mug warmer

Have a cup of coffee or tea nearby if you need a burst of energy. Consider having a coffee pot or tea in your home office so you can get a burst of productivity whenever you need it, or invest in a cup warmer for your desk.

21. External hard drive

When working from home, you’ll need a backup plan in case your computer breaks down. While cloud-based backup services can automatically save your information, an in-house backup solution adds an extra layer of security. To avoid losing important files, consider investing in an external hard drive or a personal server.

22. Laser printer

You may want a dependable multifunction laser printer depending on the nature of your work. When you need to create hard copies or scan documents, having this in your home office can eliminate the inconvenience of going to a local printer.

23. Desk pad calendar or planner

A calendar or planner may aid in time management and organizing. This is due to the fact that they let you keep track of all of your appointments, to-do lists, and deadlines.

24. Cube timer or productivity apps

Try using a desktop cube timer or downloading productivity applications if you need a little extra help staying on track. The Pomodoro Technique, for example, is a popular productivity and attention strategy that suggests working for a certain amount of time with 5-minute pauses.

25. Notepad and writing utensils

Even if you can easily take notes on your computer or laptop, it’s also helpful to have a notebook on hand to jot down ideas as they come to mind. You’ll also need the correct writing tools, such as a pair of pens or specialty markers that feel good in your hand and allow you to write comfortably. You may also buy highlighters to draw attention to certain sections of your notes or critical business papers.

26. Essential-oil diffuser or candle

Acquire an essential oil diffuser or a candle with your favorite smell to brighten the mood in your home office. Small touches like these might assist to keep your workplace looking fresh and provide a more pleasant, attractive working atmosphere.

27. Blue light filtering lenses

Whether you use prescription glasses for vision correction or not, blue light filtering lenses can assist reduce eye strain when you spend many hours a day staring at a computer screen. You may also limit blue light by changing the settings on your computer and other gadgets during specific times of the day.

28. Virtual Smart Assistant

In today’s society, being efficient requires the use of the most advanced technology. Digital smart assistant technologies such as Alexa and Google Assistant are examples of these. When you’re working remotely and have to manage everything on your own, it might be exhausting. It is for this reason that a smart assistant is quite beneficial.

29. Throw blanket or rugs

Purchase a soft throw blanket for days when your home office is chilly or you just need a little more comfort. You may also want to add a rug or two to your home to provide color and warmth.

30. Plants

Choose a few low-maintenance plants to bring aesthetic appeal to your room. They can not only purify the air in your office, but they may also make it seem less stuffy and sterile.

Get the best internet connection for your work-from-home setup

The Internet is a crucial piece of any work-from-home setup. We use it to do everything, including running our businesses. So, when you’re doing some work from home, you probably want to make sure that you have a reliable fiber internet connection. That way, you can get your work done quickly.

Fortunately, we have a trusted internet service provider in the Philippines that affords the ultimate fiber home internet. Streamtech provides high-speed fiber internet and internet and cable bundles that are ideal for your work-from-home setup.

Become a part of our fiber network and have high-speed internet service delivered to your home.

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