Together, Let’s Celebrate the Wonderful World Teachers’ Day 2021!

Happy World Teachers' Day - Streamtech Fiber Internet
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Held annually every 5th of October is another important celebration in the Philippines – World Teachers’ Day. It is when the world unites in celebration of the people behind the creation of every successful professional, our teachers. Indeed, the hardships and sacrifices of every teaching personnel deserve our applause.

The event is the anniversary of the adoption of the document standardizing not just the responsibilities of teachers but also their rights. These include education personnel policy and optimal working conditions and related training. And according to UNESCO, this is a call together with the Education International (EI), UNICEF, and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Happy World Teachers’ Day from All Over the Globe!

This year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and declared the theme of the 2021 World Teachers’ Day Celebration: “Teachers at the heart of education recovery.”

According to the organization, the celebration is not merely to honor each teacher. Since we are in the recovery process from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, certainly, there are various support teachers need to fully function in this new normal. And this International Teachers’ Day celebration serves as a call to each nation to attend to those needs.

Additionally, according to these organizations, there are various global and regional events occurring around the world in the form of a five-day series. These include both governments and the private sector. And these will run from October 4 to October 8, 2021.

One of the most important portions of these events is the discussion on how technology is useful in the education recovery of every part of the world. They are, indeed, needed by teachers and students to fully contribute to the whole system of education. Other parts of the online celebration are webinars and consultations on topics such as standards of classification for teachers; training, the post-pandemic situation of society, showing the current status of schools in various countries, etc.

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The Role of Technology in the Celebration, and the Teaching Profession

Truly, we have been one and a half years into the pandemic now. That is why the current celebration of World Teachers’ Day is happening online. Now, we will realize that technology plays a huge role to make all of this happen. And this is true not only to connect everyone in the five-day series of events but also during the initial preparation stage.

Smart technology provides us access to everything.

Now, more than ever, we realize the benefits of smart technology. The availability of smart gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers enables us to access everything we need. They enable us to join the online activities in celebration of World Teachers’ Day 2021.

Also, these are useful in our everyday lives. From studying, attending classes and meetings, banking, shopping, and so much more, we can do almost everything with the help of these smart devices.

The internet makes every data available.

Indeed, the internet is in tandem with smart devices. It is the connection that everyone needs to penetrate through the plethora of information available online. Regardless of channel, say website or social media, the internet is the tool that enables us to reach and access these sites.

Through the internet, we have known the theme of this year’s celebration. And via the internet, we can join other countries in the actual celebration of 2021 World Teachers’ Day. The programs and fact sheets are also available on the UNESCO website for international and regional events. For local ones, we can visit their respective websites and social media pages.

Addedly, outside the occasion, the internet serves as a gigantic realm where every data is available. It is also where groups can seamlessly collaborate with each other. In the current situation of Philippine education, both the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education are implementing online mode. Hence, there are the Learning Management System, Google Classrooms, Facebook Groups, and other apps and channels, all of which are accessible through the internet.

Celebrate World Teachers' Day with Streamtech Fiber Internet

Consequently, the aforementioned makes it imperative to invest in a reliable and fast internet connection. There are various internet providers in the Philippines, and one of its newest is Streamtech Fiber Internet. It offers stable, high-speed, and unlimited fiber internet for homes and businesses at affordable prices. They also have bundled plans, in cooperation with Planet Cable.

For more details, you may visit its official Facebook page or local Facebook pages. You can also connect with its Viber chat support, SAM.

We can remotely interact with one another.

Another important benefit of technology is that we get to connect with one another. Communication is a vital part of human living. Since the pandemic halted face-to-face interaction, these new technology bridge that gap.

It is an avenue to prepare future generations.

Technology plays a vital part in equipping our future generations with the necessary things they will need. As part of the World 2021 World Teachers’ Day celebration, there are discussions on the useful strategies that will leave education functional against all odds. And this, of course, includes the role and importance of technology.

Technology serves as a tool in inspiring educators of all ages.

Lastly, the current setup of an online educational scheme can be considered a blessing in disguise. It opened doors to teachers of all ages. For the young teachers, technology becomes inspiring as it serves as a way of sharpening the innovative skills that they already have.

On the other hand, for the not-so-young people in the profession, technology is an inspiration in the sense that they were still given the chance to become flexible, outside the conservative learning modality that they’ve been into for such a long time. The shift to digital enables educators of all ages to strive more in improving what they already know, so they can become instrumental in building the young generation, our future.

In conclusion, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day primarily to honor the professionals who build all other professionals. But aside from this, organizations use it as a wake-up call to all the nations. This is for them to give focus to the needs of teachers. And now that we are surviving the pandemic, it’s crystal clear that innovations in technology are the keys for the educational system to work. Hence, it should be one of the main priorities of nations, to make technology equally accessible.

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