Exciting Games to Liven Up Your Father’s Day Celebration

Dad's Day - good internet connection - streamtech fiber
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Photo by Tim Mossholder via Pexels

Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Last time, we learned that with good internet connection, we can celebrate Mother’s Day last month. Now,  it’s time to commemorate our fathers. It’s important to honor the fantastic guy who helped shape us into the persons we are today. The man we look up to as our hero or authority figure. He may not be expressive of his emotions, but his care and protection are a foundation of strength. That said, you’re probably scrambling right now to organize a fantastic Father’s Day this year.

Streamtech Fiber Internet created a list of enjoyable games for you to play with your father, grandfather, stepfather, uncle, or any other father figure in your life to make your planning easier. But first, let’s go back in time and discover how this event came to be.


Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910 after a woman named Sonora Dodd observed a Mother’s Day event in Spokane, Washington. She was so moved by Anna Jarvis, who started the special event in honor of her mother, that she wanted to duplicate the occasion for her father. Initially slated for June 5, which coincided with her father’s birthday, it was postponed to the third Sunday of June due to a lack of time and preparation.

She ceased publicizing the event a decade later because she was too preoccupied with her studies in Chicago. However, she returned to Spokane in 1930 to promote it once more, raising national exposure. She was able to pull it off with the assistance of trade groups that would benefit the most from selling gift items. Some segments of society expressed disbelief, and some even made jokes about it. However, the trade group’s tenacity eventually won them over.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed legislation designating Father’s Day as a regular national holiday after numerous failed attempts.


Fathers are revered in the Philippines. When the government began the labor export policy in the 1970s, their existence took on greater significance. The fathers, as head of the household, were the first to go overseas to support their families. They chose to relocate abroad  to provide a better life for their offspring. Nonetheless, many fathers preferred to stay to spend more time with their children. In any case, it exemplifies the tremendous sacrifices made by Filipino fathers for their children.


Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas via Pexels

Although Father’s Day is not a traditional Filipino tradition, it has gained popularity due to American cultural influence. Therefore, like our Western counterparts, we devote time and effort to demonstrate our respect for them.

Families usually spend the day at the park or go to the mall to shop for their father’s new clothes or sports equipment. If not, they might celebrate by going to a fancy restaurant, especially if their father isn’t a big shopper.

Those whose fathers work abroad use Skype, Zoom, or Facebook to communicate for hours on end. It’s a good opportunity for them to catch up on one other’s lives and, most importantly, express their appreciation for their father’s support.


While most fathers are tough and stern, they can also be playful and sweet at the same time. In addition, they know how to have fun, as evidenced by their enthusiasm for sports. Therefore, playing games to liven up the celebration is a brilliant idea. It will undoubtedly be a hit with them. As the cliche goes, “Men will always be boys.”

Dads enjoy demonstrating their physical prowess. Similarly, they enjoy tinkering with tools and gadgets as well as creating something worthwhile. Didn’t you have a toy that he crafted from scratch when you were a kid? If that isn’t the case, you’ll typically see them working on the car or the house. They act as if they are our handyman, implying that he is fit and capable of taking on any challenge.

And nowadays, to achieve all the preparations, including this gimmick for your dad, you’ll need a bit of research. That is why, it is important to have a good internet connection.


The following games can be played indoors or outdoors and are suitable for all ages. They are simple games that you probably remember from your childhood and are sure to bring the family together in a fun and meaningful way.

1. Name that tool

This is one of the simplest games you can play, in which you must collect all your father’s favorite tools. Then, each player must describe the thing in question and ask Dad to guess the answer. First, of course, you must put a blindfold on him. 

You can tweak the game mechanics depending on your degree of competitiveness. Here’s a video to get you started. Make sure you have a good internet connection for a seamless watching experience.

2. Beer drinking or guess the drink contest

guess that drink dad - good internet connection - streamtech fiber
Photo by Jill Burrow via Pexels

Dad’s favorite pleasure is drinking. Yes, much to our mothers’ displeasure, that is their standard technique of relaxing from a day’s work. Anyway, this game centers on it, and there are two ways to play it.

The first is a beer-drinking competition in which you will compete to finish first. You can choose whether to serve the beer in multiple mugs or bottles or a single large container. You should, however, consider Dad’s health and drinking capability.

For the second game, you’ll need to buy various beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Fill jiggers or small cups with a little bit of each. It would be best to do this in private, so your dad wouldn’t know what’s going on. Put a blindfold on him once you’re ready. After that, hand him the cup one by one to give him a sip of each drink. Then ask him to guess what they are. Finally, give him a bottle of each liquor he correctly predicted. To please him further, make sure to include his favorite alcoholic beverage. 

3. Charades

Charades is a pantomime game in which you must act out a word or phrase without speaking while the rest of your team tries to guess what it is. Your team’s goal is to predict the phrase as quickly as possible. 

You’ll need the following materials

  • a stopwatch or other type of timing gadget
  • blank slips of paper, a notepad, and pencil for recording score 
  • two baskets or other containers for the slips

Game Mechanics:

Since it’s Father’s Day, the words or phrases should be about your father. It could be one of his favorite phrases or the name of his favorite books, movies, TV episodes, or songs. Alternatively, names and terminology associated with his chosen sport could also be used. The general rule is that the phrases should not be too tough to guess and should be familiar to the players. Don’t use any foreign terminology. These terms should be written on bits of paper and placed in a basket.

There must be two different baskets if there are two teams. Team A will pick a slip from Team B’s basket and vice-versa. The timekeeper will be your dad, and he’ll check the phrase and alert the player when it is time to begin and stop. Three minutes for each player should suffice. Daddy timekeeper will announce the winner once all members of each team have completed their turns. You may make it even more entertaining by assigning a phrase for dad to act out at the end just for laughs.

4. Video games

Apart from the kids, who else plays video games at home? You guessed it right—it’s Dad. As mentioned earlier, men will always be boys. So regardless of age, they will always be captivated by anything active, rigid, or competitive. They enjoy the adrenaline rush. 

Aside from that, even before the start of this pandemic, video games have been one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Parents who found themselves suddenly trapped with their children turned to computer games for family amusement. Hence, most households have a gaming device and a favorite game to play.  

There are video games you can play online or on a game console. In any case, it will be a fantastic adventure for fathers. However, it would be best if you have a good internet connection.

To amp up the excitement, you can use a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi mesh to increase internet signals. This device expands the reach of the Wi-Fi signal to every corner of the house for your non-stop pleasure. Check out Streamtech’s Planet Extendifi for its advanced features.

5. Virtual games

Screenshot from Mariokarttour.com

One of the benefits of this protracted quarantine is having more free time at home and being able to stay in touch with our loved ones. We’ve been communicating with people more frequently—whether via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom—because we couldn’t get out as much as we used to. However, since we spend most of our days at home, except for occasional trips to the grocery, there may not always be a lot of new things to talk about. Hence, virtual games were developed, proving to be an excellent way to keep the dialogue going, particularly if you have family members working or living abroad. As we all know, many Filipino fathers work overseas. It will be a much-appreciated respite from work. 

There are a plethora of virtual games accessible, ranging from digital adaptations of traditional games to whole new ones. To eliminate interruptions, make sure you have a good internet connection as well.

It is wise to invest in a reliable fiber internet connection because it is crucial to most of our activities and transactions. Even if we return to our normal lives, the good internet connection will continue to be a vital element of our communication, engagement, and commerce.


Father’s Day is a day to honor the patriarch of our families. No matter how seemingly mundane their task is—whether it’s taking on a house repair, crafting creative toys for the kids, or picking up the dinner tab—fathers play an important role in our lives. In truth, dads do so much more than that. They are regarded as the “pillars” of the home because dads offer a solid foundation for the family.

Many, if not all, believe that their fathers had a significant influence on how they live their lives. Studies will demonstrate the importance of a father’s involvement from child development through adolescence, implying that we should recognize and enjoy the things our fathers do to make our lives better.


What makes this day even more remarkable is the opportunity to experiment with technology. So, if you’re looking for a gift for a tech-savvy father, Streamtech Fiber Internet has a slew of advantages that could be just what he needs to make his special day even more memorable.

Here are some reasons why you might consider getting your father a Streamtech home fiber internet plan for Father’s Day. 

1. Streamtech Fiber Internet will revolutionize how your dad communicates with his loved ones. Its high-speed internet is the quickest way to access the web today.

2. Streamtech provides you with a fast internet connection that allows for excellent streaming speeds. That means no more buffering videos and waiting for web pages to load. Most fathers now have a growing digital media library such as movies and documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime and sports on ESPN and local channels. They adore watching these shows repeatedly. Additionally, he can view more fascinating shows by subscribing to Hulu. Or, he may also resort to YouTube for video coaching on his next project.

3. Streamtech provides affordable home fiber internet and fiber internet and cable bundle. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest fiber internet providers in the Philippines, allowing our dads to stream digital entertainment across several devices. Additionally, he can do everything simultaneously while still having enough bandwidth for other activities that may require some of his resources.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can avail of a fiber internet bundle that contains all these services and more in one convenient location. Streamtech will undoubtedly have one that meets your requirements and lifestyle.  

So, if you sincerely want to show your appreciation and make your father happy, give him a gift he will truly appreciate. Something that will bring out his inner child.

For more information, visit and follow them on social media. Their chat representatives are standing by to respond to your questions. You can also contact them through their hotlines: (02) 8808-2323 or 0919-057-8888.

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