Celebrate Christmas in the LDR Era with Reliable Fiber Internet

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       There is no other season more wonderful and magical than Christmas! It is the time of the year much hoped for by everyone, when so many celebrations and traditions take place. Families reunite, schools implement semestral breaks, businesses and offices take a breather from grinding work and throw some gimmicks and parties. Distant friends reconcile, OFWs often come back home to celebrate the occasion, lovers make extra special dates, and so much more.

       But with the pandemic seeming to overstay, the picture of our Christmas this year will not be the same as that of our good old days. Since all planned gatherings and mass festivities have screeched to a halt, we happy (but flexible!) Filipinos are faced with a mission to still make this year’s Christmas a holly jolly jingly one.

       Companionship is perhaps one of the most important things that will matter during this yuletide season. You just cannot imagine a solitary celebration of Noche Buena, can you? Even virtual parties and reunions cannot be done alone. The warmth of our family’s, relatives’, colleagues’, and friends’ presence surely lights up our hearts because these people are our consistent circles with whom we share love and joy. But what about couples or those in a romantic relationship who happen to consider Christmas as an opportunity to make marvelous moments with their special someone? Will it be cold inside and outside for them this yearend?

COVID Cannot Cancel Love

       When two people love each other, no matter what the situation or odds might be, they will always find ways to work things out and make every moment perfect. Yes, physical presence and intimacy is a significant factor in relationships but with everything going on right now, we have to recalibrate our approach. Likewise, this can also be an opportunity for the peas in the pod to rekindle their love by knowing the other side of their partner and going an extra mile to make this extraordinary Christmas worthwhile.

       As the following online activities have long been working for partners in long distance relationships (LDR), they could also be rewarding as a way of celebrating Christmas during this time of the pandemic:

1. Save a Date, Go on a Virtual Date.

       Usually, during this season, some couples expect to use their saved-up office leave credits to go on a planned trip or vacation as celebration, while others might have reserved a fancy restaurant to have a sweet candlelit dinner. However, all of these are temporarily not feasible. But sulk no more! Couples can still agree on a virtual date night, and still have that romantic feast over candlelight. All you need to have is a smartphone or gadget, a messaging application of your preference (which is unfathomable if you still do not have by now), and a stable internet connection. You can always do a video call and eat together from afar. Set the vibe of each of your places to the envisioned date night – the choice is yours to make.

2. Netflix Can Do the Fix.

       Accept the fact, movie nights at the theater are, for now, gone with the wind. But no need to fret. Just like the virtual date night, some of the messaging applications on your smartphones now has a feature wherein you can watch together with the one you are calling. In some apps, you can search for videos on Facebook or Youtube, while for other streaming software, you can even access Netflix films and let your partner watch the movie you are streaming. Just ensure to have a stable connection so that the clips or films you play will not get stuck on a buffer mode.

3. Simbang Gabi, Still with My Baby.

       Still want to complete the nine days of Simbang Gabi with your significant other but worried to risk your safety? You can always attend online masses. Various churches have been flexible with their approach to communal worship, through the live airing of masses or services online. That is why, you can still attend church “together”. Also, another advantage of this scheme from the conventional, personal-attendance approach is that you can choose to “attend” a mass or service in a particular church far away from you. Both of you will now get to experience how the Eucharist is celebrated by the church that is either your favorite or is the one you have always planned to visit.

4. ONLY 1 Fan Instead of Number 1 Fan.

       Miss the time you two went together to an exclusive karaoke bar? You can always do the same online! There are various applications that are like virtual karaoke or videoke. You can spend your date time by downloading any of these apps and singing together, or one after the other. Being the “number 1 fan” of your partner can get overrated. But through this quality time, you will definitely be not just the number 1 but the ONLY ONE FAN of your lover – which is something really special.

5. Play Together, Make It Merrier.

       Were sports or play one of your bonding time before? Well, do not stop; just shift online. Much of the trend recently are couples who play online sports together. There are various online games that you can explore. Have fun and be proud of each other. Show everyone the birth of the best duo players!

6. Virtual Bon Voyage.

       2020 might have cancelled your actual planned trip but who says you cannot do any more tours? Bridge the unexpected gap by taking virtual tours at the comfort of your own homes. There are now popular ways online wherein you can access maps of places you have always dreamt of exploring. You can virtually look around together to feel the same environment as if you are actually holding hands and doing the walk of a flaneur.

7. The Old but Gold Gift.

       Most of us might think that a video gift is so cheesy and only done by high school sweethearts so desperately in love with each other. But during this time of the health crisis, making an effort to compile pictures and memories of you two together is so special. This Christmas season is the right time to reminisce those sweet little whiles of your relationship, which will remind you of all the love you have outpoured.

Ignite That Love Through Connection

       Since most of the things that we can do for now is online, all the sweat in trying to make this Christmas season extra special for your lover will be unsatisfactory if you do not have a stable internet connection. Wherever you will be this Christmas, be sure to power it up with premium fiber internet connection and services at affordable prices! Subscribe to Streamtech now and enjoy upgraded internet experience and better connectivity!

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