Why an Affordable House and Lot, and a Home Wifi Plan are Keys to an Angat Life

Streamtech's home wifi plan and Lessandra's affordable house and lot defines a better life
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Home wifi plan, most especially fiber internet, and security of a home probably characterize our current times. With the past, still wonderful year scarred by the pandemic, there is an evident pressure for economies across the world to revolutionize their systems. Thus, they shifted portions, if not all, of their operations to digital. Similarly, with the rise job insecurity, those who are just renting their places also became insecure.

In truth, the real estate industry is among the severely impacted. For instance, housing and realty market slowed down due to pandemic-related restrictions. It  got in the way of face-to-face selling as well as construction work. Further, strategies that were previously set-in stone, wobbled. In a blink of an eye, yield rates are in the brink of declineconsidering the delays in construction. Added to this is the uncertainty on how occupants, most especially those who (or whose family members) were retrenched from work, will be able to keep up with their rent or amortizations.

In spite of everything, the sector stayed the course and even leveled up their response strategies. Consequently, they developed methods that would best fit the current needs and situation of its clients and other stakeholders. Along with many other segments, real estate have taken a dramatic leap. This is in terms of harnessing technology to adapt to our strange new reality.

The Real Estate Industry Continues to Flourish

As previously mentioned, the real estate industry adapted to the current digitization. And of all the technological trends being coopted by various property management and marketing companies, two stood out. First is online payment platforms, while second is virtual tours.

        Online Payment Platforms

As we all know, online payment has long been among the earliest digital solutions available to many companies and industries. Perhaps, even pre-dating the rapid rise of social media. However, firms and the real-estate market in general largely found it troublesome to deviate from routine practices. Or, they were simply not tech-savvy—that a large-scale implementation of the method did not come until 2020, when the pandemic forced businesses to adapt.

Prior to the health crisis, “online payment” is not an option when reserving a property. The same is uncommon when settling down payments or amortizations. Usually, modes were cash, or cheque—normally postdated, from a reputable banking institution accredited by or partner of the developer. Additionally, bank deposit and credit—the latter requiring more tedious application process compared to when, say, buying appliances, are available.

Why is that the case? Typically, real-estate is a big-ticket purchase. So, even if the cost is spread out for 15 years or more, the total amount will always be sizeable. Most probably, that is the reason why modes of payment have traditionally been strict and even somewhat laborious.

But with COVID-19 limiting mobility for large swathes of people and for long periods of time, the pressing need to go online means now. And there will be no more delays in digitization. Accordingly, institutions were left with the only choice—to harness emerging technologies. Suddenly, real estate firms saw themselves investing more on systems and partnerships that will enable them to operate online. of course, this is for the benefit of their clients. Now, most of these organizations have online payment options, such as online banking and e-wallet payments.

       Virtual Tours

Another crucial and oft-cited aspect “building consumers’ confidence in the product (or brand)” is the actual site visit (or “trippings”).  However, such was severely affected by the virus outbreak. Thus, there are no more model-house tours, and even open-house events. As quarantine measures were in place, there is prohibition of unnecessary travel-severely impacting this vital practice in the real-estate industry.

But realty and property firms quickly adjusted, setting up virtual tours on their websites and apps. Hence, their clients would not miss the chance—albeit virtually this time—to take the first step to becoming a homeowner.

Notable among these is 3D Walkthrough.  Such is a technology similar to virtual reality but will give the prospected buyer a chance to navigate through house. Hence, client can simulate actual movement within the layout of the house. Also, he can appreciate the look and feel of the its features—without being physically present.

Digitization Offers a Lot of Benefits

Indeed, the abovementioned adaptation to latest technologies makes it convenient for the industry to operate. Regarding online payment, advantages are self-explanatory. But the advantages of online tours might not be realized compared with actual site tripping. Hence, below are some actual benefits of virtual tours, both for the buyers and sellers:

     Saves Time and Costs

When a potential buyer finally decides to schedule a physical site trip to her prospective home or community, the process can get quite laborious and costly. She will have to spend time to contact the agent to set a final schedule. They will both travel to the site, do the actual tour inside and outside the model house and the community area, and then part ways and return to their respective places of origin.

The process entails travel expenses and perhaps food and maybe even lodging. Whereas for a virtual tour, the buyer will need just two things: a smart device like laptop or computer, tablet, or smart phone; and a stable internet connection. Even while in one’s wearing pajamas while at the comfort of her own home, the buyer is just a few clicks away from going on a tour. Kiss all those travel, food, and even other unnecessary expenses goodbye!

     More Time to Explore, More Time to Do More

There is hardly any pressure or need to rush, in a virtual tour. Unlike actual visits where an agent stands beside the potential buyer practically the whole time, virtual tours affords the latter the freedom to navigate where she wants and stay for as long as she wants. This also frees up the agent to do other work—like closing a sale, perhaps made through another digital touch point.

     Safer Mode during a Pandemic

The very reason why actual visits are restricted is because of the health crisis that has been around for over a year now. A virtual tour, being a contactless method, will always be the safest choice for both the buyer and seller given the current situation.

Lessandra Offers Affordable House and Lot, Assures Filipinos, “Angat Ka Dito!”

Needless to say, technological breakthroughs like the abovementioned always necessitate investments. But with the domestic economy contracting, the only option for the Philippine real estate sector is to step-up their digital game.

In keeping with its position as one of the newest and most innovative housing brands in the local market, Lessandra, which offers affordable house and lot, is at the forefront of these advancements. Even before the pandemic came along, the brand assures you, siguradong kasabay ka sa pag-angat!

Indeed, it is one of the country’s most promising housing brands. Safeguarding each Filipino’s right to an Angat and Maaliwalas home and community, Lessandra embraced the challenge of the pandemic. Currently, it has expanded its various online platforms for the convenience of its clients. More so, it offers a 3D Walkthrough to ensure the safety of both its customers and employees. Most importantly, it ensured that home wifi plans are available to its homeowners.

Access Lessandra's Virtual Tour with Streamtech's home wifi plan
Access Lessandra's Virtual Tour Interior with Streamtech's home wifi plan

Home Wifi Plan is Your Powerful Tool in this Digital Age

But to complete the package of your angat life, an affordable home internet plan is a must in this cyber era. Truly, this will let you accomplish works that are now online. Hence, your home wifi plan must be high-speed and reliable, so you can work effectively wherever you are at home.

Worry no more! Let Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, join you in your climb to an angat quality living. Power your abode with a premium home wifi plans and services at affordable prices! Want to experience the feel of virtual tours? Need to pay your balances online? Now, walk the talk and achieve all those through fast internet connection.

From as low as PhP 1,499, you can get home fiber internet or cable TV and internet bundle. Thus, to get that home wifi plan perfect for your needs, subscribe to Streamtech now! Also, you can visit its websiteOfficial Facebook Page or LinkedIn Page for more details.

Lastly, you can have that high-quality home wifi plan at your maaliwalas Lessandra home! Streamtech powers these communities, to ensure that each Lessandra homeowner will be able to #ExceedLimits and have an angat quality living.       

Move In Package_Streamtech's home wifi plan and Lessandra's affordable house and lot defines a better life
Streamtech's home wifi plan with fiber internet and cable tv bundles, and Lessandra's affordable house and lot defines a better life

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