New Ways on How We Can Celebrate and Connect this Palm Sunday 2021

Celebrate Palm Sunday 2021 with Streamtech's Reliable Fiber Internet
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As a Catholic country, we are known for so many solemn celebrationsAmong the most sacred of these that Filipinos observe to this day is Holy Week. And this coming Palm Sunday 2021 on March 28 signals the start of such solemn celebration. Then, it will end on April 3, that is, Easter Sunday. There’s a special reason why the dates vary every year, which will be discussed in the next section. But what makes this year’s celebration a lot more special is our undying effort to still observe such occasion amidst our difficult situation. Through online means, specifically with the power of reliable fiber internet, we can still connect and venerate.

A Brief Background on Holy Week

Compared to most holidays like Christmas and New Year, Holy Week has no fixed date. This is due to the movable nature of Easter—which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In turn, it depends on the observance of the Jewish Passover. Fundamentally, since the Hebrew lunisolar calendar, where Jewish feast dates are based, follows both lunar and solar cycles, dates are movable.

Following this principle, Holy Week officially starts six days preceding Easter Sunday. First day of this week is called Palm Sunday. Such commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem, a few days before He was crucified, and then resurrected. 

About the Palm Sunday procession, and blessing of palms, they are known to have originated in the Frankish Kingdom. Accordingly, the earliest record of these celebrations is found in the Sacramentary of the Abbey of Bobbio in Northern Italy. Such was at the start of the eighth century. Soon, Rome accepted the ceremony and incorporated into the liturgy. Thus, Palm Sunday remains a part of Christian traditions to this day. 

Palm Sunday in Modern Times

Every year, Palm Sunday’s celebration by Christians is through the blessing and distribution of palm branches. That is, a nod to the fronds that the crowds scattered on the feet of Jesus as he rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. On this day, Christians commemorate the eventual, sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Also, they praise and thank God for the gift of salvation. Ultimately, they look forward to the Lord’s second coming. 

In some churches, the blessed palm leaves are saved and burned into ashes to be used on Ash Wednesday of next year. At some homes, Christians fold the palm fronds into the shape of a cross and then keep them in their homes. 

But due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Christians had to modify the way they celebrated Palm Sunday in 2020. Instead of going to church to hear mass and have their palm leaves blessed, a lot of people had to hear mass at home. More so, there was strict prohibition of religious gatherings in the country and the world. Yet, people still managed to hear mass through the radio, television, and the internet.

Even St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, considered one of the Catholic Church’s holiest shrines, followed. Hence, it held masses without crowds present back in 2020. And with the vaccines’ rollout worldwide in the past weeks and months, Christians hope for the resumption of physically hearing masses safely.


Palm Sunday 2021

However, under the current rules placing “NCR Plus” under GCQ, religious gatherings have, again, been prohibited.

Palm Sunday 2021 is on March 28. And given the risks of attending religious services in person, how can Christians celebrate the holiday while ensuring their safety? Thanks to technology, they can do so in the safety of their own homes, with the power of unlimited fiber internet.

Celebrate this Palm Sunday 2021 with the Power of Fiber Internet

Through the power of the internet, specifically fiber internet, a lot of people have been able to do a lot of things. Such include connecting with others, work, study, shop for essential goods, entertain themselves, and yes, attend religious services, at home. Indeed, the web has paved the way to remain productive even while social distancing. While the government has again implemented stricter rules, we really cannot celebrate the Holy Week physically.

Thus, it would be a smart decision to enlist the service of a fast and reliable internet provider in the Philippines. Through a fast internet connection, Filipinos can finally go on with commemorating this Palm Sunday 2021, through the following:

  1. They can hear mass online.
  2. More so, they can connect with loved and fellow Christians who they won’t be able to meet personally. Again, because of safety reasons and to follow government protocols.
  3. Additionally, they can discuss scriptures passages via online meetings.
  4. Another way is that they can have their own “triumphal procession” together, online, in their own improvised altars.

Accordingly, a great provider of unlimited fiber internet is Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet. In fact, it offers a wide array of products and services for customers to enjoy fast and reliable connection. Also, it makes accessible some of the most in-demand cable channels available in the country. Truly, Christians can now solemnize the Palm Sunday 2021 with such wonderful products and services.

Streamtech’s Products & Services

Among Streamtech’s offerings include fiber internet plans and cable TV bundles. More so, Streamtech has a lot of high-quality products tailor-fit to Filipinos’ needs, pandemic or no pandemic. For example, it has DigiClass gadget bundles for online learning and Extendifi wifi extenders to maximize the internet connection in one’s home. Additionally, it has ZPacks vlogging kits and gaming kits. Certainly, Streamtech paved the way for great connectivity for a lot of Filipinos. Especially, we see its importance since we are still largely homebound due to the ongoing health crisis. 

While Filipinos await for COVID-19 vaccines to be available to the general public, it would be best to make smart moves. These shall include smart investments such as unlimited fiber internet. Truly, this is not only to celebrate important Christian holidays such as Palm Sunday 2021, but to connect with others. Regardless of through social media and other digital platforms, it is important even while social distancing. Further, investing in great unlimited fiber internet will be useful not just amid the pandemic. For sure, in the years to come, too. Absolutely, it’s a great tool to empower one’s self in an increasingly interconnected world. 

One day, it will be safe again to gather with a lot of people in churches to worship and celebrate religious holidays together. But until then, it would be wise to step back and just stay at home as much as possible. All the sacrifices will have been worth it once the pandemic is officially over. There’s always unlimited fiber internet to turn to anyway.

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