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Everything nowadays is digital and instant. Soon, most if not all transactions will be online and paperless.

Even in highly competitive industries such as real estate in the Philippines, it is impossible to avoid following digital trends. More so now since ocular inspections are restricted due to health protocols. In addition to this, more and more OFWs are already engaging in investing in real estate. As a result, real estate developers established online property listing portals to make buying and selling more straightforward and more convenient. It isn’t, however, a brand-new concept. It has only grown in importance since then. Most importantly, it makes it easier for private sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals to organize and show their property lists to prospective clients.

Whether you buy single or multiple lots, a house and lot, or a condominium unit, investing in Philippine real estate can ultimately provide for your family’s future.


Real estate investments are a smart choice because these assets are always valuable. Like other types of investments, their market value tends to increase over time, especially if you hold on to them for a sufficient amount of time. In short, it is a lucrative investment.

So, would you rather keep all of your money in the bank, where you’re earning a fraction of a percent in interest? Or would you invest it in a property in the Philippines and make much more in the long run?

Here’s a list of perks of having real estate investments. 

Market Value

As previously mentioned, real estate market value increases over time. It’s most especially true if you choose urban areas where there is a growing population and developments. 

Steady and safe

Even at times of uncertainty or lockdown, the property will stay as it is. You won’t lose them. There may be setbacks, but you can still look forward to it growing in the long term.

Highly Manageable

Real estate properties are tangible assets that provide you with complete control over your investment. You can either leave it alone or rent it out. It will still generate revenue in either case. Of course, you can always choose to reside in it or sell it if market prices go up.


While the economy appears to be in a slump right now, you can expect your investment to bounce back once it recovers. A thriving economy has a positive impact on real estate. Hence, you can anticipate an increased demand for properties in the market which means your property investment will also grow. 

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Whether we like it or not, investing in real estate will always involve some level of risk. The same goes true for all investment types. For one thing, there will always be fluctuations in value as market trends change. 

Buying something without first seeing it is one of the most significant risks of investing in real estate. Since most people, especially those who live abroad, cannot see the property themselves, they usually purchase an undesirable lot.

Working with a trusted real estate agent can help you avoid these pitfalls. Find someone who can give you all of the property information you need. He should be someone who can tell you straight up if the investment opportunities are worthwhile. In addition, you can look for industry leaders in the Philippines.

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There are several factors to consider when purchasing a home, but these three are the most important.

Budget and Cost

When purchasing a home, you should first consider your financial capabilities. Of course, you could always get a loan from a bank or Pagibig. You should, however, set realistic goals. Some good questions to ask yourself are:

  • Will you be able to afford the monthly payments if you buy a house and lot?
  • Is your budget large enough to allow you to purchase something that meets your lifestyle requirements?


It’s easy to become overly enthusiastic about buying a home. Especially if you get those colorful and visually appealing property brochures that tend to transport us to fantasy land, but try not to get too engrossed in it. Focus on the essential factors such as:

• Convenience 

While living in the central business district provides more accessibility, it is also significantly more expensive. On the other hand, living in the outskirts might cause you to spend more on transportation expenses which could consume a significant portion of your budget in the long run. You should also check the lot’s proximity to hospitals, fire, police stations, and shopping malls.

• Security 

Ask around about the security of your neighborhood. It helps to be aware of the crime rate in the vicinity. And since CCTV cameras are now an absolute necessity, check if cameras are installed along the streets or in the hallways (if you plan to live in a condominium). Additionally, living in gated communities with roving security guards will give more peace of mind.  

• Safety

Our country is situated in a typhoon belt. During the monsoon season, we are hit by intense storms and heavy rains. We’ve seen the devastation caused by previous disasters. Hence, it’s a good idea to find out if the area is prone to flooding.

• Future advancements 

Before you finally make your property purchase, it’s a good idea to consider the surrounding locations’ new developments and the neighborhood’s future development plans. It will not only help you determine its future value, but it will also give you a preview of how it will be in the future. Will your property retain its original characteristics over time, or will it lose the elements that initially drew you there?


Purchasing a home can be a complex process. It will help if you list down all the things you’ll need because you will have to live with your decision for the rest of your life. It’s not like renting a place where you can leave if you are unhappy or your needs change. So, you must carefully weigh all the factors before you buy a house and lot.

In this case, having a keen sense of foresight is highly advantageous. Consider how many people will be living there, as well as the items you plan to bring. Additionally, you may think of taking care of your elderly parents in their twilight years.

Your job or way of life is another essential factor to consider. Both require an easily accessible, reliable high-speed internet connection.


Finding the ideal property can be time-consuming and perplexing. It isn’t easy to see all the options. Even more so now that tripping and ocular inspection are still prohibited. However, there is a reputable property finder who can assist you in finding your dream home or perfect property investment. 

If you are looking for a condo or house and lot for sale, find properties at a decent source. All Properties, Inc. is an online property listing platform and real estate marketplace owned by Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. The country’s most prominent real estate developer aims to increase the number of people who invest in real estate. 

All Properties, Inc. makes investment processes much more accessible and efficient with cutting-edge technology and information systems. They direct investors to promising sale properties in the Philippines, making finding your ideal home at reasonable prices easier. Furthermore, they also offer flexible financing terms.

Moreover, they help you find the ideal investment opportunities and empower you as a homebuyer. They have a step-by-step guide and blogs that provide essential information on the home buying process, from choosing house designs to applying for mortgages and even property registration, including the transfer certificate.

What’s even better is that you can view the listings even on your mobile device.


Photo by Brittany Corporation, a Vista Land brand

All Properties PH has various properties in the country’s major cities and locations, including cities in Metro Manila such as Makati, Manila, Quezon City. Addedly, in its surrounding locations, find properties that are worth the cost. Specifically, they have other properties for sale in Cavite, Antipolo, and Pampanga. And if you want to indulge in the beautiful beaches and majesty of natural resources outside Luzon, you can also buy property in the Visayan regions. They also have tourists buy properties in Iloilo City and Cebu City.

They have every property type- from condominium units, a lot for sale only, townhouses, to pre-selling and ready-to-move-in houses and lots.

RFO’s vs. Pre-selling

Ready for Occupancy or RFO refers to newly constructed condominiums and houses that are ready for occupancy. However, depending on market value, the prices of these properties may have already increased. But the best thing about it is that you can immediately move in once you’ve completed the transaction and paid.

On the other hand, pre-sold properties are still under construction but are already available for purchase. Pre-sale condos and house and lot inventories are less expensive than RFOs, especially if purchased before or during the groundbreaking ceremonies.


Vista Land has developed extraordinary homes and communities for each segment of the market. Its portfolio demonstrates leadership and commitment to advocating for every Filipino to own a beautiful home. You can view its projects on All Properties. The following are a few of the company’s most notable projects:

Camella Homes has established itself as the trustworthy Filipino brand in real estate with the broadest geographic reach and a growing portfolio of developments spanning Metro Manila to the southernmost areas in the Philippines. 

Lessandra is for a broad market segment. It’s now a significant player in the real estate industry, with over 40 locations in progressive areas nationwide. 

The lovely homes and inviting amenities of Lessandra evoke the Filipino aspirations of “angat” (higher) and “aliwalas” (spaciousness). 

Another brand is Crown Asia which promises premium living in themed communities. It showcases the grand and convenient life that appeals to young professionals’ desire for a sweet, modern, and beautiful home. 

Vista Land’s Chairperson’s roots and compassion for the poor motivated him to provide homes for all Filipinos, including the lowest-income earners.


The growing digital transformation has opened up a world of creative possibilities for the real estate industry in the Philippines. The most obvious benefit of using technology as a marketing tool is attracting a large portion of the buying market -the millennials. This generation isn’t only tech-savvy; they are intelligent, proactive, and capable of handling their finances well.


Residential and commercial community development requires extensive planning and execution. It involves exceptional engineering abilities. All of this, however, will be for naught if there is no internet connection.

To qualify as world-class, cities and communities must enable high-speed communications, which is only possible with a dependable internet connection.

And for this very reason, Vista Land has collaborated with Streamtech to provide fiber internet connectivity to all its commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, Vista Land intends to provide convenience to its residents and a seamless digital buying experience to its investors through All Properties.


Get Streamtech Fiber Internet that powers some house and lot for sale of All Properties

Streamtech’s fiber-optic broadband gives you the speed you need to stay connected to the rest of the world at any time, from any location, and on any device. In addition, we have a team of experts with unparalleled experience who can assist and offer end-to-end internet solutions to residential, commercial properties.

Make sure you take advantage of Streamtech’s super fast and reliable fiber internet service. It will expedite the process and help you find what you need quickly. 

Streamtech offers fast and reliable internet service, a great resource and marketing tool for selling online properties. Likewise, they have affordable internet bundles for the home. 

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind internet service by signing up today. For additional information, please visit our website and social media channels. Stay informed about our promotions, the latest news, and other exciting topics by reading our blog posts.

Finally, you can visit our official Facebook page for more details.

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