Litson Baka Fever: An Outbreak that Severely Hit the Philippines

baka di mo pa natry - stable fiber internet - streamtech
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“Hype is real” could still be an understatement.

Social media has been utterly swamped with #Bakanaman posts as netizens gone barking mad over the delicious “instant classic” in town, Andok’s Litson Baka. Perhaps, this is the only fever most people would want to encounter this year. The public cannot contain it. One order here. Two orders there. Various Litson Baka orders everywhere, where it is available. Thanks to information available on social networking sites, and of course, fast and stable fiber internet, the nation knows where to buy it.

And to this day, more and more Filipinos are either indulging or craving for this newest sweetheart of our dining tables.

How did this Litson Baka Frenzy Break the News?

This newfound crowd favorite is a product of an authentic Filipino food brand, Andok’s. Originally know for its luscious roasted chicken or Litson Manok, it has captivated the hearts of Filipinos who are naturally inclined to eating tasty food. Additionally, some of its well-known food products include litson liempo, pork barbecue, dokito frito, porkcharap, and litson bangus. All of which have their own unique taste, blended with the iconic Andok’s flavor.

However, just before May 2021 ended, Andok’s introduced on its social media account its newest food product, Litson Baka. Promoted in a rather ordinary vlog-style video by the country’s R&B Prince Jay R and his wife, Mica Javier, who’s also a singer, the #Bakanaman fever began. Since then, the hashtag made overflowing rounds on the internet.

Jay R and Mica endorsing Litson Baka - stable fiber internet - streamtech
Screenshot of Video from Andok's FB Page

Those who have immediately availed of this yummy delight blissfully shared their experiences on Facebook and Instagram. Famous food vlog page shared on its Facebook page how it found the dish delectable, which, if served with gravy, turns into almost a fancy meal. Moreover, another food review page Masarapba posted on its Instagram account a review of its observations about variations in servings, but still found the dish itself to be mouthwatering and oozing with flavor.

Another bit of social media content that caught public’s attention was former Senator JV Ejercito’s Instagram post. It says he only bought the litson baka out of curiosity, since the internet was hyped by it. And to his surprise, “masarap pala talaga!” Even ABS-CBN’s ANC X also termed this liston baka as a “weekend budol takeout,” and foresee such to be among Filipinos’ favorite food items in the years to come.

#Bakanaman We Can Also Buy This Litson Baka?

Of course, you can! For only around PhP 320, you can already satisfy your #Bakanaman curiosity—if not craving!

If you are willing to wait in a long queue, below is a list of Andok’s branches where this tasty Liston Baka is available.

andok's branches 2 - stable fiber internet - streamtech
andok's branches - stable fiber internet - streamtech

Source: Andok’s FB Page (Note: They update this so better visit their FB Page.)

However, you can also buy this dish via GrabFood app, which was made available on the app by Andoks last June 7, 2021. Just ensure you have a fast and stable internet connection, like fiber internet.

You will also be needing that affordable home internet plan when browsing your social media accounts to check for updates on this whole #Bakanaman fever—as your friends and family would most likely have already caught it too by now. And of course, you will need that fast and reliable internet to post your successful experience, once you have finally had your first-ever dose of litson baka.

#Bakanaman We Can Also Have Fast and Stable Fiber Internet Service Provider?

By all means, yes!

Streamtech, one of the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, offers unlimited internet that is fast and reliable. More so, it provides other amazing products, like vlogging kits, which you can use in your quest for digital stardom! Who knows, creating a “litson baka content” might be your stairway to fame?

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