Best Websites to Check and Compare Specs if You are to Buy a New Laptop

With Streamtech's fastest fiber internet, check the best websites to compare laptop specs
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Written by: Heinrich Tulan

In buying a new laptop, having the fastest fiber internet available is essential to experience uninterrupted browsing when comparing specs. Reality check, the immediate shift to digitization compelled us to be equipped with these two “new” basic needs. These supplements our new normal scenario of online learning, shopping, banking, etc., and of course, remote or work-from-home setups.

Certainly, laptops give us consumers the flexibility and freedom to do our workload anywhere. On the couch, on the bed, even on the toilet if you’re desperate enough. But with the ever-growing pool of available technology, it becomes harder to keep up with the latest tech trends. As such, it becomes even more important to ensure that the hardware you buy now does not become obsolete a few months later.

With that, here are the top sites to visit for all your laptop news.


Founded in 2005, this video-sharing site has amassed a couple of million content for people to watch. Some of which are specifically focused on reviewing technology. Be wary, however, as even the most prolific reviewer will have inherent biases. And/or he might not review a product based on your specific needs. As such, it’s best to heed several reviews first before concluding.

Some notable youtube tech-reviewers, however, are:


Hosted by Dave Lee, this channel is praised for its in-depth approach to reviewing tech. Despite this, Lee can discuss it in a way that is understandable even for the average consumer. Coupled with his relaxing voice, beautifully shot B-rolls, and just the right amount of duration, his videos are not only enticing but educational as well. 

As of the time of writing, he is also currently refusing any sponsorship from any laptop brands to give each product a fair critique. For those seeking a new laptop this year, Lee has currently posted a video of the upcoming products that you might want to save your money for.

Linus Tech Tips

Headed by a team of consumer technology experts, Linus Tech Tips or LTT drills in on even the most abstruse parts of hardware. Linus’s excitement and antics, however, shines with every video that it’s difficult to be bored. However, it is worth noting that his reviews are mostly catered for those who need a high-power use case (think video editors, engineers, etc.), and laptops that might be perfect for you will not be recommended.

Jarrod’s Tech

Recently growing in popularity, Jarrod’s tech—like Dave2D—specializes in reviewing laptops with the average consumer in mind. He also reviews individual parts of the laptop, like the CPU and graphics card, and compares them to other products and/or their desktop counterparts. He also provides benchmarks for the laptop’s performance like gaming and built-in internet speed. With this, his viewers are ensured of how well a product will fit their use case.

Laptop Vs Laptop

If you dislike being swayed by others’ opinions, on the other hand, Laptop vs Laptop is a great website to research new products. It has a simple interface for ease of use, and laptops can be sorted by category—like business, spec, or size—or brand. There is also a proprietary button for comparison where you can choose two different laptops. The website then displays their spec differences and a summary to show which is more powerful, thinner, cheaper, and the like.

Unfortunately, unlike the reviewers mentioned above, the website does not specify the color accuracy of the products’ screen, so users with cable and internet plans might be disappointed if what they buy is lackluster for movies.

Game-debate or PC Game Benchmark

For those that just want to see if that particular product can run a program, Game-debate and PC Game Benchmark are free tools that suit your needs. All you must do is put in the desired game, your laptop’s specs and the site will tell you if your computer can run the program. Catered to gamers, however, they severely lack features for business-ended users like testing for even the most widely used software like Photoshop or AutoCAD. Granted, as these programs share the same needs, a build that can run the latest graphically demanding games will also be able to run this business software.

It’s also worth noting that game-debate hosts a blog of their own that covers up other tech tidbits like the best fiber internet, the best internet subscription, etc.

The Verge OR PCMag

In the same vein as YouTube videos, these are a group of people who give their opinion of a product albeit in blog format. Although both are mainly focused on tech news, they also give out an assortment of other content like work-from-home gadgets or the best series to stream per cable and internet bundles.

What’s particularly interesting is that some laptops are reviewed by two different members and so will give out different takes on the product depending on their personal use. As they cater to the general consumer, they use an easy language without cutting out the more technical aspects of the product. Also, per review, they provide a detailed comparison of that specific laptop’s competitors—just like how The Verge pitted Asus’s ROG Flow with Dell’s XPS 13 in this post.

It is worth noting that PCMag is regarded as the more professional of the two as it retains an even disposition across all products, while The Verge can be biased towards Apple products.

AnandTech or Bit-Tech

The two sites also follow a blog format, only that unlike PCMag or The Verge, they don’t shy away from the nitty-gritty of the technological world. AnandTech prouds itself to have produced tech review since 1997. On the other hand,  Bit-Tech even touches on modding—that is, tweaking the insides of the product to get the desired result like cooler temperature or high-speed internet.

Since these blogs are catered more to tech-savvy individuals, they sometimes leave information that is commonly known around the community. This post, for example, mentions APUs, SKUs, threads, and the like without providing any follow-up description. For those with little technological know-how, these sites will be difficult to understand.

Overclock (yes, “.net”, not “.com”) is an online community dedicated to tech enthusiasts. While it started as a forum for desktop overclocking, it has long since included laptop reviews, discussions, and tests to increase its reach.

Here, users can engage the community by asking a question—like whether a specific laptop is right for them, and other members will generally reply according to their use case. As such, you will have a non-filtered review from each person’s usage that can sometimes be overlooked by bigger reviewers. You can also ask for help if your product starts malfunctioning, or if you want to add some modifications.

What’s great about this site is that the discussed topics grow alongside the community, and the moderators make sure that users are accommodating and kind to one another. So, even the newly moved out student looking for affordable home internet plans will find a family alongside these people.

Conclusion: Pair Your Laptop with the Fastest Fiber Internet

Having a great laptop paired with the fastest fiber internet of Streamtech will give you an online experience like never before. As the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, it provides fast and unlimited internet to its service areas across the country. Aside from its affordable home internet plans that can also be cable TV and internet bundle, it has strong and reliable internet suitable for SMEs and huge enterprises.

Check the abovementioned websites to help provide great insight into the specific details that each laptop model has. This way, you will surely be getting the most value out of what you pay. After buying a suited laptop for you, the next thing you do is to ensure that your internet can keep up with your laptop.

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