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ZPacks Gaming Kit

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ZPacks Gaming Kit is an add-on product bundled with Streamtech’s affordable home internet plans, available for qualified subscribers. This is available to new and existing residential FIBER INTERNET and FIBER INTERNET WITH CABLE TV BUNDLE subscribers. It includes the following: Phone (Huawei Nova 5T), Gamepad Controller, and Wireless Earbuds.

Experience High-Performance Gaming with Streamtech Zpacks Gaming Kit

Indeed, this gaming kit includes the necessary devices and accessories that every starting gamer needs.

You’ll get optimum control through the adaptive controller. Its light pressure buttons ensure durable and consistent actuation, reflecting a higher gaming experience. And instead of using some old smartphone that can contain other applications that size up your storage, this gaming kit provides you a new one! Addedly, its wireless earbuds ensure superior voice clarity compared with just the built-in microphone of your smart device. Now, you can have crystal clear conversations with your team and you can achieve your gaming goals together!

Play Your Video Game Seamlessly!

Now that video games or gaming are a trend, most players look for peripherals that are ergonomically designed for their gaming in action. These usually spans from huge keyboards, included mouse pad made of micro-textured fabric, high-quality microphones, etc.

However, now that mobile video gaming is also on the rise, even non-professional players yearn for comfortable gaming action. Some starting streamers create a wide variety of content for their people. That is why this gaming kit offers the basics needed so that all aspiring gamers can play their own game flawlessly.

Gamers, Unleash Your Full Potential!

Don’t just imagine the possibilities. Achieve them now! With ZPacks Gaming Kit, you get the basic technology that will enable you to function in the game at an optimal condition. In tandem with Streamtech’s fast fiber internet, the kit also includes items or products that are ideal for your gaming story.

The new phone, adaptive controller, and wireless earbuds will let you play to the max. No more distraction from ambient noises.

Purchase the Bundle Now!

With this gaming kit, you already have a comprehensive set of peripherals. And of course, these will definitely enhance your gaming experience like never before.

Contact our team today. You may also visit our Facebook Page for more details.