Blast Off Into Digital Stardom with ZPacks.

Zpacks vlogging kit by Streamtech can take you to stardom
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ZPacks is an add-on product bundled with Internet packages where subscribers get to choose between a Vlogging or Gaming Kit. This is available to new and existing residential INTERNET and INTERNET WITH CABLE subscribers.

What are the inclusions of Kit 1 for Vlogging? 

It includes of the following: Camera (Canon M100) Tripod Microphone 

What are the inclusions of Kit 1 for Gaming? 

It includes the following: Phone (Huawei Nova 5T) Gamepad Controller Wireless Earbuds

How much is ZPACKS? 

For new or existing subscriber that does not have good credit standing, they need to settle the gadgets either outright or they may opt for maximum of 3months deferred payment.

Only existing clients with good credit standing may be allowed for the 24 months deferred payment. 

(as shown in the table below)

a. For existing subscriber with good credit standing

For VloggingFor Gaming
PlanInternet RateOne time FeeAdd on RateMSFOne time FeeAdd on RateMSF
25 mbps14992,5001,0442,5432,5001,0272,526
75 mbps24992,5001,0443,5432,5001,0273,526
150 mbps34991,1484,6471,1314,630

b. For new or existing subscriber that does not have good credit standing.

For VloggingFor Gaming
PlanInternet RateFirst 3 monthsRemaining monthsFirst 3 monthsRemaining months
25 mbps149910,686149910,5471499
75 mbps249911,686249911,5472499
150 mbps349912,686349912,5473499

Interested subscribers may apply at our branches or online. For existing subscriber, account must be updated to ZPACKS interest and 1 valid ID is required. If representative is the one making the request, a duly signed authorization letter from the account owner is required together with a copy of their valid IDs.


Subscriber who will avail the product is required to sign new contract with 24 months lock-in period.

Is there a grace period? 

How much is the reconnection fee once disconnected? Subscriber will be given 7 days grace period to settle their MSF. Should there be no payment posted in their account, 7 days after their due date, account will be charged 3% interest and payment of Php 250 is required for the reconnection of their internet service. 

Is this subject to device fee? 

Yes. An additional of Php 163 for internet subscribers and Php 230 for internet + cable subcribers

How much is the pre-termination fee? 

Should the subscriber request for account termination within the 24 months lock-in period, they need to settle Php 5,000 pre-termination fee or the total billing for the remaining unserved months, whichever is higher.

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