Extend You Internet Connection with Planet Extendifi!

Get Streamtech's Planet Extendifi Wifi Extender
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Planet Extendifi is a wifi mesh designed to improve internet connection to every corner of the house by extending the reach of the wifi signal. Extendifi has the following Features:

  • Robust Parental Control – Manage content and control when each device can access the internet. 
  • Assisted Setup – The Deco App helps you easily find the ideal spot to place each unit.
  • 3 years Built-In Antivirus – Protect all connected devices in your home from viruses and malware.
  • Quality of Service – Prioritize devices and applications for faster performance when needed.
  • Reporting – Review monthly list of usage, blocked content and security threats.
  • Security – Safeguard your home network with a firewall and wireless encryption. 

This is available to new and existing residential INTERNET ONLY or INTERNET BUNDLE subscribers. Interested subscribers may apply at our branches or online. For existing subscriber, account must be updated to avail the Extendifi and 1 valid ID is required. If representative is the one making the request, a duly signed authorization letter from the account owner is required together with a copy of their valid IDs. 

We offer a minimum of 2 devices. Subscriber may either settle an outright payment of Php 7,000 or Php 300 on top of their MSF for 36 months. Should the subscriber opt to avail more than 2 devices, they may settle an outright payment of Php 3,500 per device or Php 150 on top of their MSF for 36 months. 


Subscriber who will avail the product is required to sign new contract with 36 months lock-in period regardless if he/she settled the Php 7000 outright or opted to settle it for 36 months. 


There is a Php 500 installation fee. However, since we have instructional videos available online on how to set it up, subs may opt not to settle it anymore. Below are the links of these videos:

Note: If a subscriber opts to set it up on their own, they need to get the device in our nearest office. 

Who is the assigned Team to install the Extendifi? 

Only our IN-HOUSE TECHNICIAN can install the Extendifi on a scheduled basis. We prefer that the account owner is present during the installation as we need their email & password. Otherwise, a duly signed authorization letter is required


Should the subscriber request for account termination within the 36 months lock-in period, they need to settle Php 5,000 pre-termination fee or the total billing for the remaining unserved months, whichever is higher. 


We have 3 years warranty upon installation. Hence, we will be replacing any defective devices within the said period provided it is not the subscriber’s fault.

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