Kay Streamtech, MERRYgalo Ka When You Apply Online!

Apply online because Merrygalo ka kay Streamtech
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Below are the details of how to avail of the promo:

  1. This Streamtech’s MERRYgalo Promo is open to all new applications or subscriptions to our fiber internet plan 1,499.
  2. Those who wish to avail of the promo must apply online and course their applications through Streamtech’s main sales email account, [email protected] .
  3. Qualified applicants will then automatically enjoy the benefit of higher internet speeds. The original 35 Mbps internet of Plan 1,499 will be UPGRADED TO 75 MBPS. This shall be applicable until December 2021 only.
  4. Additionally, INSTALLATION is FREE, and there will be NO CASH OUT.
  5. Promo runs from November 1-30, 2021 only.
  6. Terms and conditions apply.
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  1. This MERRYgalo Promo is applicable to the on-net serviceable Villar Communities or areas of Streamtech, given that they meet the requirements above.
  2. To confirm if this promo is applicable to your area, you may visit our local Facebook pages or inquire with your nearest Streamtech branch.
  3. Moreover, all applications will still be required necessary requirements. You may visit our Support Page for more details.
  4. To clarify, the upgraded speed will only be applicable until December 2021. This means that by January 2022, the regular speed of 35 Mbps will automatically apply from then on.
  5. If the applicant has another preferred promo, such will prevail.

There’s no time to wait! To everyone qualified and who are members of the communities serviceable, apply online now and enjoy these amazing perks!

Lastly, don’t miss any of Streamtech’s updates. Frequently visit our news and promos page to get in the loop of our latest news and offerings. To answer your frequently asked questions, you may visit our Support Page. And if you need immediate assistance, our Streamtech Viber chatbot, SAM, will be happy to assist you.

You may also visit our official Facebook page if you have questions or for more details.

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