Apply Online Now and Get P3,000 Worth of All Day Supermarket Groceries

All Day Supermarket Groceries - Streamtech Fiber Internet
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Streamtech values the communities where it is present. That is why aside from the Complete Your Requirements, +10 Mbps Agad! Promo, we are also launching this Free Groceries from AllDay Promo, in partnership with All Day Supermarket, as a way of giving back to our subscribers.

Here are the requirements of the promo:

  1. This Free Groceries Promo is applicable only to all Villar communities, where Streamtech is available through its email marketing program.
  2. Interested applicants may avail any of Streamtech’s applicable fiber internet plans and services.
  3. The first twenty (20) applicants from Streamtech’s email campaign who will be successful in their applications shall automatically get TO SHOP FOR UP TO P3,000 WORTH OF GROCERIES, FOR FREE at any ALL DAY SUPERMARKET.
  4. Further, succeeding successful applications (21st and above) are entitled to SHOP FOR UP TO P1,500 WORTH OF GROCERIES, FOR FREE at any ALL DAY SUPERMARKET.
  5. Additionally, all these successful applications are automatically eligible to the benefit of FREE INSTALLATION.
  6. Promo runs from October 1 to 31, 2021.
  7. Terms and conditions apply.
Subscribe to Streamtech now and get free all day supermarket groceries


  1. This Free Groceries from AllDay Promo of Streamtech is applicable to all its serviceable Villar communities/areas, provided that applicants satisfy the above requirements.
  2. To confirm of the specific plans that can be availed under this promo, you may inquire with your nearest Streamtech branch or visit their local Facebook pages.
  3. Applicants shall also submit pertinent documentary requirements.
  4. In case the applicant has another preferred promo, such promo shall prevail.

So, to all our affiliates and fellows in the community, what are you waiting for? Grab this chance to enjoy various benefits while getting reliable, high-speed, unlimited internet.

Also, stay in the loop with Streamtech’s latest news and promos. Never miss any of our updates. You may also visit the Streamtech Official Facebook Page if you have questions or for more details.

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