Hurry and Avail This Streamtech Reconnection Promo Now!

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Are you a previous subscriber of Streamtech or its partner cable company, Planet Cable? Want to get your account reconnected but worried about your total balance amount? Worry no more! Streamtech’s got you! With the Streamtech Reconnection Promo, your arrears won’t be a burden anymore because you will get huge discounts when you apply for reconnection.

Just follow the simple mechanics below and you’re good to go:

  1. This promo for reconnection is open to all former Streamtech and Planet Cable subscribers whose accounts had been disconnected from 2019 and earlier.
  2. You may visit the Streamtech branch nearest you or contact them for the verification of your disconnected account. Our team will also coordinate with you regarding the unpaid balances if there are any.
  3. As promised, we will give those disconnected, cable-only accounts an eighty percent (80%) discount on their unpaid balances.
  4. For disconnected fiber internet only and cable and internet bundle accounts, we will also give a seventy percent (70%) discount on unpaid balances.
  5. The subscriber will also need to present a valid ID upon application for reconnection.
  6. The promo will run until the end of December 2022.
  7. Terms and conditions apply.
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  1. Previous subscribers in all serviceable areas of Streamtech may avail of this reconnection promo.
  2. Upon successful reinstallation, the account will be subject to a new lock-in period from the date of reconnection.
  3. Each Streamtech branch reserves the right to identify additional documentary requirements, as needed.

Stream limitlessly through the power of our fiber internet offerings. And watch your favorite TV shows and movies via our cable TV services and cable-internet bundles. Reconnect your accounts now and stay connected with your family and friends.

For questions, you may reach us through our hotline numbers: (02) 8808-2323 or 0919-057-8888. You may also search for SAM by Streamtech on Viber, or message our official Facebook page.

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