Here Comes the Streamtech Referral Program for PAVI Employees!

PAVI Referral Program for Employees - Streamtech Fiber Internet
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Are you an employee of the ever-growing Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI) companies? If yes, then this newest Streamtech promo is just right for you.­­ Introducing the PAVI Referral Program for Employees, exclusive for our dear sister-companies’ and affiliate brands’ workers. Get exciting perks now! All you need to do is to refer a friend to become a Streamtech subscriber.

Follow the mechanics below if you wish to join:

  1. This PAVI Referral Program for Employees is open to all employees of PAVI companies, except Streamtech, Planet Cable, and its other affiliated cable companies.
  2. Interested participants must refer a friend to avail of any our Streamtech offerings: fiber internet for home and cable and internet bundles.
  3. The referral must submit his new service application form clearly indicating the name of the employee who referred him to Streamtech (employee-referrer).
  4. A valid ID of the new subscriber and the employee-referrer must be submitted, together with the application form.
  5. Once the referral’s subscription/account has been successfully activated, the employee-referrer will receive a Coffee Project gift certificate worth PHP 300. This is regardless of the applied plan by the referral.
  6. Additional incentives await the Top 3 employee-referrers—i.e. those with the most number of referrals—in a month.
  7. The promo period runs from February 2022 to June 2022.
  8. Check the other applicable terms and conditions below.
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  1. The new application (referral)’s plan is subject to the requisite lock-in period.
  2. After a successfully activated referral, the employee will get the perk. He must then coordinate with the Human Resources (HR) Department on how to get the gift certificate.
  3. The HR Department will also discuss the additional incentives for the Top 3 referrers.

So, PAVI employees, spread the word and let your friends experience the Streamtech difference! Get them to enjoy a speedy connection and reap the benefits now. If you want to know our locations, check out the list of Streamtech branches. And if you want to know more information about our products, you may also check out the Streamtech official Facebook page.

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