Apply for a Streamtech Plan Online and Get an Exclusive Speed Booster!

Speed booster promo - apply online - Streamtech Fiber Internet
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In consideration of the still ongoing pandemic, we are encouraging everyone to utilize online platforms when applying for an internet plan. That is why Streamtech introduces its “Xtra Speed Promo!” Now, simultaneous with conveniently applying online, you also get free speed booster which means XTRA FAST SPEED that will let you experience better connectivity!

Here are the general mechanics of the promo:

1. This Xtra Speed Promo is applicable to all new applications on Streamtech’s on-net areas.

2. New subscribers who will avail of our fiber internet-only plans ONLINE will automatically get additional speeds, as follows:

Name of Plan                       Current Speed                     Promo Speed

1,499                              35 Mbps                                 45 Mbps

1,999                              50 Mbps                                 60 Mbps

2,499                              75 Mbps                                 80 Mbps

3,499                              150 Mbps                               200 Mbps

3. Additionally, there will be NO CASH-OUT for these new applications.

4. Promo is valid from August 18, 2021 to September 18, 2021.

5. Terms and conditions apply.


  1. This Xtra Speed promo is applicable to selected serviceable areas of Streamtech. Please contact your nearest Streamtech Branch or visit their respective Facebook Pages to check if they are offering this specific promo.
  2. Additionally, this promo is only applicable to non-Villar employees, companies, and affiliates.
  3. Those who wish to avail of said promo is subject to a 24-month lock-in period.
  4. Device fee is payable within the 24-month subscription period.

Delay no more! Apply at the comforts of your homes and at your own convenient time, then, reap the benefit of Xtra fast speed. Get that speed booster now. This will also give you big savings from your internet costs!

To always get in the loop with our updates, visit our news and promos pages. You can also check out our Official Facebook Page, or chat with our Viber SuperBot for more details.

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