Streamtech’s Fiber Upgrade Areas Will Get Doubled Speed: Apply Now

Streamtech fiber upgrade areas will get doubled speed promo
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For every customer, getting twice as much as the original benefit of a service is like hitting two birds with one stone. The same is true with Streamtech Fiber Internet’s newly launched promo, Double the Speed (for Fiber Upgrade Areas), which offers subscribers the following:

  1. an upgraded type of connection, from coaxial to fiber; and
  2. twice the speed of the original fiber plan (e.g. if your application is 25 Mbps, you will get 50 Mbps).

You can always do more with speedy connections. You will have a consistently smooth experience for all your online activities. Hence, if you wish to take advantage of the said promo while it’s still available, follow the mechanics below:

  1. The above said promo is open to all new applications in areas where Streamtech’s services have current upgrades, from coaxial to fiber.
  2. Interested applicants to avail of the promo, you must subscribe to a Streamtech fiber internet plan, or its offered cable-internet bundles.
  3. One (1) valid ID is needed as a documentary requirement upon application. However, for addresses with an existing record, Streamtech may require additional documents, as needed.
  4. Upon success on the application process, the new subscriber will get DOUBLED SPEED FOR 2 MONTHS.
  5. The promo duration is until the end of this year’s first quarter, that is, on March 31, 2022.
  6. See applicable terms and conditions.
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  1. This Double the Speed for Fiber Upgrade Areas promo is applicable to all of Streamtech’s on-net areas. The list consists of Batangas, Laguna, Cavite, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Rizal, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and Ilocos Norte.
  2. To make sure you can avail of the above promo, you may send us a message via our branch Facebook pages or contact details.
  3. To clarify, the doubled speed will only be applicable for the first 2 months of your subscription. On the 3rd month, the original speed of your subscription will automatically apply.
  4. Applications are subject to a 24-month lock-in period.

Experience better connectivity now by getting these benefits at the same time. Explore our plan offerings and see which one fits your needs. You may also visit the Streamtech official Facebook page for more details.

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