Internet Redundancy Promo

Switch to Streamtech Internet and Get Free Connection for 3 Months
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Internet Redundancy Promo

  • Applicable to client with remaining 3 mos. contract with existing ISP
  • STREAMTECH will give FREE redundant internet until end of contract. Client will pay only the device fee and regular MSF starting 4th mo.
    • Applicable to fiber areas only, only 25mb for off-net


A. Applicable to Cable only and non-Streamtech subscribers with existing ISP  

B. Applicable to all serviceable areas, excluding under Signal Transport Agreement (STA).  

C. Applicant to precent recent proof of billing from existing ISP.  

D. This promo is subject to 24 months lock-in period.  


F. Device fee still applicable  

G. Free HD CATV Package     

Terms and Conditions Apply. 

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