High-Speed, Unlimited Internet Plans:
Cable and Internet Bundles

With Streamtech, get fast, reliable, and unlimited internet plans that are also affordable and perfect for your residential internet needs!


Unlimited internet plans that are also affordable and can come with other quality products and services are just what each of us deserve!

Level up your home entertainment experience! With Streamtech, you can choose a fiber internet plan with cable TV bundle. Now, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies with Streamtech’s digital cable, delivered through Planet Cable.


Exceed your limits by powering up your home with premium fiber internet. Get nothing but the best products and services. 

Get Fiber to the Home with Streamtech Home
Have the power to level up your home entertainment and connectivity. CHOOSE FIBER INTERNET + CABLE TV SELECT FIBER INTERNET PLANS CHOOSE CABLE TV PLANS
Power Up with Streamtech SME
Aim high with our high-speed internet connectivity fit for your business. Empower your business
Level Up with Streamtech Enterprise
Only the highest level of service for business hubs, offices and enterprises. Go Enterprise

Energize your starting or thriving business with Streamtech’s premium unlimited internet.

Experience work that is seamless with Streamtech’s unlimited internet via either its shared internet access (SIA) or dedicated internet access (DIA). Through its multiple fiber redundancies, you can meet your business’ specific requirements.


Whether your business is a micro or small and medium-sized enterprise or a huge and established corporation, we have an affordable available fiber internet plans that is perfect for your needs! Further, we offer dedicated after sales services to each of our corporate clients. This is to ensure that your venture is always running at its optimal state.