Power up your enterprise with reliable business internet in the Philippines!

Reliable business internet service is what Streamtech provides to the enterprise customers it serves. Through Streamtech Biz, we provide high speed connectivity with dedicated internet access. These fiber-optic internet plans suit cloud-computing services and other business needs.

With a high internet service-level guarantee of both speed and reliability, your business will surely thrive and exceed limits!

Reimagine the future of your business with increased capability through the power of high speed fiber connection.

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We Offer State of the Art Technology as Products and Services.

As an internet service provider with a franchise for telecommunications services, we use fiber internet technology to provide the highest level of business internet connectivity and data services for IT parks, hotels, manufacturing, retail, schools, hospitals, government, and others.

Streamtech has domestic leased line

Domestic Leased Line

This type of internet connection is a local connectivity for two or more offices or business through fully meshed Metro-E. Hence, since this has a higher level of redundancy due to its multiple paths, data transmission is more consistent. More so, it is faster and more secure.
Streamtech has premium dedicated fiber internet access

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet connection means a reliable connectivity through multiple local and international IP streams. It is one of our solutions to ensure uninterrupted work flows and processes that will lead your business to a success.
Streamtech Fiber Internet Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on Demand

This is our standby guaranteed bandwidth ready to use anytime with baseline subscription. So, whenever your business will need additional internet capacity, you will not experience slow or interrupted connection.
Streamtech Fiber Internet has Multiprotocol Label Switching

Multiprotocol Level Switching

This type of fiber internet connectivity is a local connectivity for two or more offices through fully meshed MPLS. As such routing in network is done in shorter paths rather than long ones, this results in high speed flows of traffic. Internet users can thereby do work with more speed and best chances of fulfilling business targets.
Streamtech has dedicated fiber internet access

Dedicated Internet Access – Lite

This is designed for non-latency sensitive application use and provides specific IP routes. In such case, the business uses fiber internet connectivity with efficiency and effectiveness, as there is a plan for organizing data in the network.

Streamtech Biz – Our Business Internet Plans and Packages

Not sure what plan or service will work well for your business? Streamtech’s got you!

There are variety of plans to choose from with Streamtech Biz.

From the basic, minimal 10 Mbps up to the top-of-the-line 150 Mbps, Streamtech Biz has the speed that will work for whatever plan you have for your business. Of course, these services also come with fast and reliable network and company solutions, shall the need arise.

Get the plan and speed your business needs!

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As the internet provider in the Philippines you can count on, our commitment is way beyond the provision of high speed internet connectivity for business and work.

We consider customer support of equal importance with the fast and reliable internet. And the advantage of subscribing to one of our service packages is that the business will be worry free in terms of looking for customer support.

Our high speed internet service packages come with dedicated support to the enterprise or company. So, if there will be any issues or concerns regarding your business internet plan, we, as your service provider, will provide the best solutions.

Our Strategic Business Partners

Another advantage of getting connected with our fiber services is that we are in collaboration with a range of partners who are authorities in the technology industry not just in the country but also internationally.

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What cost shall I pay for a business internet under Streamtech Biz?

High speed fiber internet in the Philippines can be served at a lower cost. Already with a dedicated internet access and other perks, Streamtech Biz offers affordable fiber for business from as low as PhP 6,999.


This is connected to our internet exchange points within our fiber optic backbone network, where your access has speed, reliability, and security.

Is my company or enterprise serviceable?

We want to provide not just your home but also your business to experience high-speed fiber services and solutions. Hence, are doing our best to expand our presence nationwide, to let every Filipino experience state-of-the-art services.

Explore if our fast and reliable fiber network and services are available in your area. To check our locations, click the button below.

What are the requirements to apply for business internet in the Philippines?

Because we want you to do business better in the Philippines, you can now apply for a Streamtech Biz contract with some basic requirements.

a. For Sole Proprietorship

If your business belongs to this category, the main requirement will be any of the following documents:

  • Permit from the Department of Trade or Industry (DTI);
  • Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit; or
  • Signed Proposal.

You also have to present two (2) valid IDs, as the owner of the business. In case there is an authorized signatory designated, then present 2 valid IDs of the authorized signatory.

b. For Corporations

However, corporations in the Philippines are regulated by a different government authority. Hence, the basic document needed is any of the following:

  • Certificate of registration issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
  • General Information Sheet;
  • Secretary’s Certificate that you are the authorized representative of the corporation applying for the internet connection; or
  • Signed proposal.

Similarly, you need to present 2 valid IDs as the authorized representative of the corporation.

Aside from enterprise plans, does Streamtech offer other packages?

Yes, we do offer other services which can be availed via our website, Official FB Page, our branches, and customer support hotlines.

You can upgrade your home connectivity with us through Streamtech Home. From as low as PhP 1,499, you can get high speed connection, perfect for your home online needs.

You can also avail of cable TV services only, through our collaboration with Planet Cable. We also offer cable and internet bundles that will let your household experience maximum entertainment. You can binge-watch your favorite TV shows or movies, having options of cable and internet at the same time. This is also perfect for online classes and work from home setup.

We also empower micro enterprises across the Philippines, via our Streamtech Negosyo. Through these affordable packages, we cater to the needs of our entrepreneurs and provide them solutions that will liven up their small businesses.

More so, we have add-on products to upgrade your internet experience. To extend the wifi of your home to each and every corner of the household, we have Extendifi Wifi Extender. As a solution to the ever-growing needs for smart devices of our teachers and students, we also offer Digiclass bundles.

And lastly, for those vloggers or gamers by heart, you can now have better expression of your art with our Zpacks Vlogging or Gaming Kits.