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Get only the highest level of service for business hubs, offices and enterprise.

As digitization is ever-growing, having internet access has become a basic need, while the availability of value-added bundles means that you get the best value for your money.

That is the advantage of Streamtech’s offerings. Customers can choose a specific plan depending on their specific needs.

For residential homes and micro-enterprises, they can get a fast and reliable internet connection, cable TV services, or cable-internet bundles. At the same time, SMEs and huge businesses can avail themselves of dedicated internet access for their seamless operations.

Power up your homes with an Affordable, Fast Internet Connection!

Fast internet connection of Streamtech and Camella Homes Values to Conquer this 2021

You can satisfy your home online needs and even upgrade to a maximum level of entertainment with Streamtech Home.

Since our internet plans utilize fiber optic technology, each customer gets a connection with parallel download speeds and upload speeds, which is even better than a conventional DSL connection. That’s why they don’t have to worry about data allowance because all-fiber plans are unlimited. Each of your family members can surf to their heart’s content, and do unlimited calls and streaming over the internet.

And to make the best offers to our customers, each broadband plan can come with cable TV services. In cooperation with Planet Cable, Streamtech also offers cable-internet bundles. Users get access to the most-watched channels.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most out of your stay at home and #ExceedLimits with Streamtech Home!
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Grow your small small business with a reliable fiber plan!

We support committed micro-enterprises and their ambitions of making it big. That is why another option we are offering is Streamtech Negosyo. This aims to provide small business owners with the internet plan that they need.

Each store or business can subscribe to a fiber plan or cable-internet bundle perfect for the needs of the thriving business.

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Streamtech Fiber offers reliable business internet for your growing firm

Energize your enterprises with powerful wifi broadband and service!

From small, medium, to large enterprises, businesses of all sizes can get an internet plan or subscription that is dedicated and with huge data capacities. This enables them to connect as many devices as needed and use the software and app necessary for their operations. Additionally, such technology is supported with fast installation services and access to dedicated customer support. This is to maintain the premium level of internet experience needed so these large firms can cater to the needs of their own customers. Indeed, enterprises stand to reap limitless benefits with Streamtech Biz.
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Why should I become a Streamtech subscriber?

There are many good things to enjoy if you subscribe to a Streamtech plan.

First, customers get reliable, unlimited, high-speed internet. This is through Streamtech’s fiber-optic backbone link that does not require a landline or subscriber line for internet provision.

More so, the use of fiberglass cables makes the connection more stable and secure and less susceptible to damage and tampering.

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Who is Streamtech Fiber Internet?

Streamtech Systems Technologies, Inc., or simply Streamtech Fiber Internet is the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet. It is committed to providing every Filipino with access to fast and reliable fiber internet connection at affordable prices.

Streamtech currently services some of the country’s major cities and municipalities. You can learn more about Streamtech by clicking the button below.

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Is my area serviceable by Streamtech?

Know if our fiber internet plans and cable TV services are available in your area.

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Do you offer other add-on products?

Yes, because we want you to experience only the best. You can check out the packages we offer.

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Can I avail of discounts or promos?

Sure, you can! We offer a variety of promos from time to time. For more details, go to our Promo Page.

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How should I know what the best internet plan is, for my online needs?

We have an article that can guide you in choosing the perfect type of connection, speeds, and plans for your digital needs.

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How can I call or reach your customer support team?

You can call our customer care hotlines at (02) 8808-2323 or 0919-057-8888. You can also send us an email, at [email protected] or [email protected].

Lastly, you can chat 24/7 with our Viber SuperBot, SAM, our Support & Assistance Mate.

How can I request service assistance?

If you have technical or any other request for assistance, you can book a service with us.

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