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We at Streamtech offer high speed fiber internet services and internet and cable bundles perfect for your home needs. 

With our fiber optic cables backbone link, we are capable of providing one of the best types of internet connection available in the market – fiber internet. 

Optical fibers prove to be fastest, most secure, and most reliable connection and network, as the technology of fiber optic utilizes fiberglass cables. 

Whether you want to download anything or stream and play anytime, you’re more likely to have an uninterrupted experience if your network is powered by fiber. 

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Be in the loop of our fiber network and power up your homes with high speed internet connection! Enjoy the advantage of having equal download and upload speeds through fiber connections. Choose your internet plan below. 

Enjoy maximum entertainment when you sign-up for cable-internet bundled service, in collaboration with Planet Cable. Through fiber optic technology, you will get the best internet type that there currently is. Your upload speeds are at par with the download speed. And aside from the fiber service, you’ll have access to premium TV channels. 

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Access the most watched channels not only in the Philippines but also in the world. Get all your family members together to binge-watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Choose the best cable service that fits your household needs. 

Nowadays, everybody is connected via the internet. Hence, it is of paramount importance to get in the loop of a fiber network as your wifi connection for your household. Through optical fibers, data are transmitted in a speed of light. Thus, more users can benefit from the same source of connection.

Additionally, if you want to ensure that everyone will experience the same high speed connection, you can also avail of our Extendifi Wifi Extender. This is an additional device that spreads the connection from your modem to farther areas of your household. As much as possible, it also eliminates dead spots and lets you connect as many gadgets as you want.

Fiber internet speeds can also carry large amount of data faster than your usual DSL. Hence, fiber connection is the best option for seamless experience when browsing, playing online games, streaming your favorite movies or series. You can always do more by having a fiber internet service.

In line with our commitment to provide more and more Filipinos access to reliable internet with fast speeds, Streamtech ensures that all types of users will find a specific fiber service that fits their needs at an affordable price.

Through our fiber optics service, internet users experience fast speeds of connection. Consequently, you can use fiber optic internet to work, study, stream, download, upload, browse, and play. You can also use it to do online shopping and banking, and all of your other online activities.

We also offer promos that are beneficial to our existing and future subscribers. Some get their installation fees waived, while other get free months of subscription.

Basically, the major differences of DSL and fiber optic internet lie in speed, reliability, bandwidth, and security.

A. Speed

While DSL or digital subscriber line uses copper cables, fiber internet utilizes fiber optic cables. Hence, the transmission of data in these fiber lines occurs in the speed of light. That is the fastest among all types of internet connections, so far.

B. Reliability

Fiber network is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference or other infractions since it uses fiberglass. Of course, this makes it more reliable than your usual cables made of copper, such as DSL.

C. Bandwidth

In fiber cables, the range of frequencies that can be transmitted is definitely higher than that of copper-made cables. Thus, bigger data can be transferred at a time. More so, it signals a more speedy way of transfer of such huge data.

D. Security

In relation to the above mentioned advantages of fiber glass material, the mere fact that no electric signals touch is an evidence that no interception is happening during data transmission. More so, it will be so apparent if one will try to tamper the installation of these lines. To know more details about the pros and cons of fiber internet and DSL, check out our article.

When we talk about internet connection that is fiber per se, the minimum speed is 25 Mbps. However, installation of lower speeds at some remote areas is our initiative to cater their specific requirements.

At the end of the day, we make sure that the services they get are sufficient to their internet needs.

The ideal internet speed for your household depends on a lot of factors. These include number of users, online activities, reliability, costs, and customer support, among others.

To learn more, check out our article.

There are two considerations to answer this question. First, it depends upon the availability of such channels on a customer’s specific area. And second, it depends on what specific plan does the customer prefer to subscribe to. You can check out the following to know the specific list of channels available in your area: