All About Streamtech Fiber Internet

Do you have affordable fiber internet plans?

Do you have affordable fiber internet plans?

Streamtech is pleased to inform its customers that its fiber internet home plans are among the best deals offered in the Philippines. Packages start at a very affordable price. For as low as PhP 1,499, you can already enjoy speeds of up to 25 Mbps, enough for your usual basic browsing, streaming, and video-calling needs!

Enjoy an upgraded internet experience and better connectivity at your homes—and even offices—with the variety of bundles offered by Streamtech!

Are you servicing my area?

Great news! Bringing the newest wave in fiber internet, Streamtech’s current service areas are the bustling cities and municipalities of the following regions: Ilocos, Central Luzon, Metro Manila, CALABARZON, Bicol, and Western Visayas. To check if your specific areas are under our coverage, you can check the list of our branches here.

If your area is not yet in the list of our locations, do not worry! We are in the process of expanding our service areas because we want to make sure that everyone will have access to a reliable and premium fiber internet wherever they go!

Do you also have affordable fiber internet packages for my small business?

Streamtech has always got your back! Aside from our home bundles and enterprise packages, we understand that to get your business going—or up and running, if you’re just starting—a powerful, high-quality internet is a must. That is why we also offer Streamtech SME to meet the specific requirements of your business.

What is fiber internet, and why is it better than other existing technologies?

Fiber internet is a type of technology which utilizes fiber-optic cables, thereby resulting in high-speed transmissions, allowing data to travel through them like a flash of light. 

It may also provide users with faster download and upload speeds because it can have a “symmetrical connectivity” feature (for dedicated internet access options), wherein no bandwidth is lost.

Since information is carried by way of light—unlike other types of broadband—data congestion is a thing of the past. It is also less prone to the negative effects of bad weather for the same reason.

Can you tell me more about Streamtech Fiber Internet?

We are the newest wave in fiber internet. And we are providing our customers with high-quality, fast, and reliable internet connections. For our residential subscribers, plans can in bundle with digital cable-TV services (through Planet Cable). With our very own fiber optic backbone link, we provide bandwidth and dedicated internet access. We also provide leased line, CCTV and WiFi services to residential, commercial, and industrial users in our service areas.

We empower our customers’ homes and offices to #ExceedLimits via our very affordable fiber internet plans! With presence in various regions across the country, we have the commitment to our goal. Of course, it is ensuring that everyone will have access to premium quality internet connection wherever they are!

You can visit our official Streamtech Facebook page for more informtion.