Products, Promos, and other FAQs

Do you have devices that best fit your fiber internet plans?

Yes, because we want our customers to have an upgraded internet experience and better connectivity. Hence, we offer amazing products that go well with our fiber internet plans.

  1. Streamtech’s Planet Extendifi Wifi Extender. – Experience wifi that is strong everywhere in your house. With this device, you can extend your wifi to every corner of your home, thereby eliminating dead spots. You can now connect as many gadgets as your whole household experience.
  2. Zpacks Vlogging Kit. – Is content creation your passion? This may be your best chance to rise into digital stardom! Get the following add-on products: camera (Canon M100) and tripod microphone to stream your life now!
  3. Zpacks Gaming Kit. – Are you good at playing online games? Who knows if you’re the Philippines’ next top game streamer? With Streamtech Zpacks, we provide you the tools you’ll need for a successful live game stream: phone (Huawei Nova 5T), gamepad controller, and wireless earbuds.

Digiclass Bundle. – With the rise of online learning, Streamtech, in collaboration with AllHome, designed this digital class bundle to assist students and teachers alike. Now, subscribers can get an add-on product in the form of a laptop or tablet on top of their fiber internet packages. The other option is to purchase a laptop or tablet in all participating AllHome branches and get a discounted plan with Planet Cable (powered by Streamtech).

Are you giving special prizes, as advertised on some pop-ups online?

Streamtech and Planet Cable (powered by Streamtech) would like to inform the public that all our official promos and raffles can only be seen on our offices, website,, and Official Facebook Page. Hence, any and all pop-ups stating that either Planet Cable or Streamtech is giving away a special prize, are definitely fraudulent and just scams created by malicious third-party actors.
We would also like to inform everyone to be careful in accessing websites and giving away their personal information. Because we value your cybersecurity, please immediately report to us any case of the above fraudulent acts. You may e-mail us at [email protected]

How can I know of Streamtech’s existing promos?

Get in the loop with Streamtech’s amazing promos by visiting our website’s Promo page, our Official Facebook Page, or any Streamtech branch nearest you. You can get the best value for your money with applicable terms and conditions. Exceed limits with Streamtech.

How can I contact Streamtech for issues and concerns?

Our teams would be happy to assist you. You may reach us via the following:

  1. Sign Streamtech contact form online;
  2. Call our customer service hotline numbers: (02) 8808-2323 or 0919-057-8888;
  3. Message our Official Facebook Page; and
  4. Visit any Streamtech branch nearest you.