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Check Out the Best Internet Plans for Your Millennial-Influenced Homes

Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Looking for the best internet plans in this millennial-dominated age is very important. The value of being linked to the internet has never been greater. Our way of life has become much easier due to these technological advancements that a fiber internet connection is considered as a necessity at home.

significant influence on our household’s online habits is the Millennial cohort since they were the first generation to have easy access to, and a deep, almost native understanding of, the Internet. They are well-versed in technology and they know how to use it practically. They embody ease and satisfaction. These characteristics compel us to follow their lead.


Since majority of the population are Millennials, they somehow define the best internet plans for our homes. This is because they indeed influence both our conventional and professional online activities.




The Millennials have shown us how to form connections with people who share similar values and participate actively in social issues. We have learned to openly share our adventures, ambitions, and views on important topics. The rise of online social platforms definitely changed the ways we communicate and it’s here to stay. Daily updates to our newsfeeds have become the norm. Not to mention that, sometimes, we have indeed grown into critics, which keeps most businesses on their toes to avoid negative reviews. Our mode of communication is unquestionably shifting to the digital realm.



It used to be that older generations are wary of transacting business online because they are reluctant to share personal details, let alone financial information. After learning the system and seeing how simple the process is, they become the most frequent users of online shopping platforms, especially for medicines. Convenience has become an essential consideration in their buying decisions. Almost everything can now be bought and delivered straight to your door in just a few taps.



Millennials are never far behind when it comes to entertainment. They are up to date with the most recent releases, whether they are film or television series. They introduced us to various hit television series and infected us with the K-drama fever. Local television is no longer the only source of entertainment. We have a variety of programming opportunities available to us, allowing us to enjoy our favorite shows at any time of day if we have a good fiber internet and cable TV service.




Most notably, the number of online entrepreneurs is increasing. Social media marketing is proven effective in promoting goods and services. The millennials are very good at that. They can boost a company’s sales and grow a celebrity’s or brand’s following quickly. All you need is a little creativity for advertising—which has also become a little easier given that there are now many graphic templates on the web that you can use.



Millennials have already been using online education long before distance learning took effect and in widespread fashion. There are reputable learning institutions that offer interactive quality and certified education—and of course allow you to study at your own pace.



Even before 2020, most millennials have already been working from home. Virtual freelance work is already common among them.  But it became even more pervasive as a result of the increased demand during the pandemic. According to an expert, work-from-home arrangements will remain long after the global health crisis is over, as they benefit both workers and employers economically.

We may not have noticed it, but Millennials have modified our behavior. Because we have been enjoying the convenience and the comfort that the internet brings we now recognize that this is indeed a prerequisite in our daily lives. However, finding the perfect internet service provider can be frustrating if the industry has a limited choice.


Enter one of the latest telco players in the Philippines. STREAMTECH is a multi-system operator that provides cable TV services, fiber internet, and digital video broadcast. Launched in July 2020, this most recent telco was welcomed with enthusiasm and high hopes for broadband services in remote areas. It is owned and operated by Prime Asset Ventures Inc., giving consumers the assurance of high quality standards.

Streamtech has established a strong partnership with Tier 1 global upstream Internet providers on the Asia-Pacific and US routes. Its international presence makes it easy for them to expand its capacity to multiple Gigabit connectivity. Localized content and peering add to its network strength, making it easier to deliver good connections using a fully meshed metro ethernet that supports fiber reach.

In addition, Streamtech also secured direct partnerships with some of the leading international telecommunications equipment manufacturers, as technology partners for network equipment and home-access fiber technology. Being backed by industry hardware giants truly makes Streamtech a most ideal provider of internet services.


Streamtech initially offers fixed broadband for residential users and SMEs, direct Internet access, and Metro E connectivity for enterprises.

Residential users can now have affordable home internet plans with different options.



Can you believe that for just P 1,499, you get up to 25 Mbps internet speed? That’s an incredible home fiber deal! Indeed, one of the best internet plans! The entire family will enjoy unlimited fiber internet access, at such an affordable price. You can browse, play, and work simultaneously without fear of glitches. If you want to upgrade, they have other available plans to meet your preferences and requirements.

Best Fiber Internet Plans for your homes, from Streamtech


Increase your enjoyment even more with this super saver kit. You will have access to a wide range of viewing options, enabling you to watch your favorite shows at any time of day on any channel. You have the option of switching from cable to streaming. You can binge-watch to your heart’s content, all with high-speed internet bundled with cable TV. Improve your home entertainment experience with Streamtech’s various cable TV and internet bundle.

Best Fiber Internet Plans and Cable TV Bundles for your homes, from Streamtech


If you do not need internet access and prefer only a cable connection, Streamtech also offers cable TV through Planet Cable, one of the country’s largest and most technologically advanced cable-network providers. With over 120 channels, there’s something for everyone – from local TV shows to educational programs, news, documentaries, and foreign blockbuster movies. And if you’re a sports fan, this is definitely for you. Sure, you can get highlights or watch a replay online, but nothing beats the thrill of watching a live game.

Streamtech Fiber Internet Cable TV Plans

If you wish to experience exceptional service for fiber internet and cable TV, subscribe to Streamtech. You can expect more great things to come. With its relentless efforts to elevate their offerings and existing connections, you will continue to enjoy better experience in the coming days. Streamtech remains committed to be among the best internet service providers in the Philippines, as it continues to #ExceedLimits.


Check their website for more information. For faster transactions, you may call them up at (02) 8808-2323 and 0919-0578888.