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Connect Your Premium Home into a Smart System with High-Speed Fiber Internet

     Streamtech Fiber Internet, and the like reliable connection, is a must to connect your premium home into a smart system. Even during a vacation or a quick getaway, if you have tried staying even for just a few days, at a premium, luxury home that is also automated, you will definitely agree that comfort at its finest is the insignia of such magnificent domiciles. For the upper-middle class and the few elites of society, indulging themselves in such exquisite appointments is just a way of life.

Astonishing Premium Homes that will Give You a Tourist’s Bliss

     One epitome of majestic living here in the Philippines is having a property from either of Crown Asia’s developments. It is a premium brand of Vista Land, the country’s biggest and most trusted home developer. It establishes communities of ravishing quality, catering to the delight of the well-to-do.

Crown Asia - Streamtech fiber internet

     Crown Asia has a most diversified portfolio in terms of both project categories and aesthetic inspiration. It provides both vertical and horizontal developments which can accommodate specific requirements of its clients. Each of its project has very astonishing craftsmanship. It has harped on inspirations from some of the world’s elegant and favorite destinations. Some of these are Italy, Southern America, The Caribbean, etc., as well as Old Victorian England.

     For its condominium projects, some renowned ones are Laureano Di Trevi at Makati, and Presidio Heights at The Lakefront. The former is comprised of high-rise towers which, in sum, is home to 1,000 residential units. Aside from the basic condo amenities, it offers wide spaces, just perfect for co-working or some other functions. At the same time, the latter is a Victorian-inspired resort-feel getaway at the heart of the busy metro. Its lush landscape surrounding the pavilion-type structures complements one’s sense of decamp from the bustling atmosphere of the city center.

     The horizontal projects are the prized belles of the brand. These various house-and-lot units take their look from European and Mediterranean inspirations. This indeed takes each homeowner to a whole different level of visual delight. Such dazzling projects strategically located just south of the metro, provide the upper bourgeoise their very accessible enclaves. Its Cavite projects include Amalfi and Caribe at the Island Park, Amici, Augustine Grove, Carmel, Citta Italia, La Mediterranea, Ponticelli, Vita Toscana, Vittoria, and Vivace. Likewise, its Laguna developments are Fortezza, La Marea, and Valenza. It also has one in Sucat – Marina Heights. All these communities offer breathtaking views and a tranquil ambience—definitely a choice beyond compare.CItia-italia-streamtech-fiber-internet

Benefits of Turning Your Luxury Home Smart

     As we find ourselves in the midst of great digital transformations, it is one thing to live in a traditional luxury home. Another is living in a smart one. Beyond simply adapting to trends, one can gain various benefits by integrating his home into a smart system:

1. Ability to control functions remotely.

     This is one of the most significant benefits of turning your home into a smart one. Being able to manage some of your basic home functionalities can save you time, effort, and energy. These include turning your lights on and off, adjusting room temperature, controlling kitchen appliances, and checking security, among many others.  For instance, you are already on your way to work. Suddenly, you feel unsure if you have locked all your doors. Instead of going back to your house physically, you can just check the status of your doors through your phone. But it is only possible if you have integrated them into the smart system. In such instance, you have actually saved a lot of your time and effort, as it is way more convenient.

2. Security.

     Automated homes can be fitted with surveillance components which one can also be controlled and monitored via smart phone. There are features that set off alerts on your phone if there are home-security irregularities detected. This can either be on cameras or locks, and others. More so, this element is real time. Even if you are still far away from home, you can check for yourself the actual situation going on within your house’s vicinity.

3. Unisource control.

     Another advantage of home automation is the ability to control all your smart-home functionalities on a single smart device, say, your smart phone. It provides you the most convenience. This technological breakthrough enables users to experience efficient management of some of their home operations, accustomed to their needs and preferences.

4. Savings on Energy.

     Aside from being able to control your devices and appliances easily, you can also cut costs. Most of these smart technologies have built-in programs that can read trends and suggest the most energy-efficient configurations. There are also some programs that can be programmed to automatically turn off devices when not in use. Such is better than the usual method that depends on human effort. The good thing is we can avoid human error, when you do forget to switch them off manually. Hence, there is less wastage of energy.

5. Getting valuable wisdom.

     With usage of home appliances having been automated, this results in the creation and storage of data trends and patterns. For instance, your smart TV has kept track of what movies or show you have watched. Your refrigerator and oven have taken note of what you have stored and cooked for a certain period of time. Consequently, you will have access to these recorded patterns of your behaviors and habits. You will be able you to use these as you go on autopilot on your everyday routines, or adjust when necessary.

     There are a lot more advantages to having your premium home automated. These conveniences greatly supplement a posh lifestyle, so why not avail of it if you can, anyway?

Fast Connection like Streamtech Fiber Internet is One of the Keys to Smart Integration

     But before you can fully enjoy a luxurious smart home, having fast and reliable fiber internet in your home is a basic requirement. Otherwise, the whole system will not work.

     Streamtech Fiber Internet is one of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines. It offers high-speed, unlimited fiber internet plans that are suitable for your online needs at home. From as low as P1,499 per month, you can enjoy speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

     Subscribe to Streamtech now to enjoy an upgraded fiber internet experience! Visit its website, Official FB Page or LinkedIn Page for more details.


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Start Up with an Affordable Condo and Strong Internet Connection

With the pandemic severely impacting the world last year, demands for strong internet connection, most especially fiber internet, have never been greater. Simultaneously, one of the major trends that it has inadvertently strengthened is the shift toward condo living. Now, people now find living in a “15 minute city” more effective. Relatively, it is an area where almost everything is accessible even by just biking or walking. Living in such cities are convenient most especially during times of strict community quarantines or lockdowns. Also, it is more practical for those whose work implements a skeleton workforce. It’s because some days of the week are spent at the office while the rest are spent working from home.

Perks of Condo Living

In reality, even before the health crisis emerged, the decision to move into your own flat offers you numerous benefits. Below are some of them: 1. Accessible Locations As mentioned above, one of the most important and obvious benefits of living in a condominium unit is its location. Usually, developers construct these residential towers at the heart of busy cities—where most of the progress is. 2. Availability of Amenities Indeed, every condominium development has its own set of amenities. And the same is exclusively for the use of its unit owners and tenants. Commonly, amenities include a swimming pool, a gym or fitness center, and shuttle services, among others. 3. Safety of Your Place Certainly, every condo building in all major cities have 24/7 security guards, CCTV cameras all over the place. Additionally, they have gatekeepers to ensure that you’ll have a safe place to live in. Absolutely, you do not have to worry about the likelihood of strangers entering your abode. 4. Good Investment Since condos are located in busy areas, they are close to central business districts and commercial areas. Hence, they are considered to be good investments if one is not planning to actually live in it, or at least not right away. Actually, many owners invest in condo units for the purpose of leasing it—and they are actually earning a lot.

Condo that is Just Right for You

Now, if you have been thinking of starting on investing in a condo unit, Camella Manors offers affordable condos. Thus, it is a wise choice for you. As the newest brand of the country’s top home developer, Vista Land and Lifescapes, Camella Manors offers very reasonable options that will let you experience an excellent mid-rise condo lifestyle within a village-like setup, coupled with its resort-themed amenities ideal for your recreational activities. And if these weren’t enough, another good thing about Camella Manors is that it also offers very flexible payment terms. For pre-selling units, Camella Manors grants a period of 36 months to settle the down payment. Surely, it’s perfect for the first investment that you are looking for.
Enjoy the benefits of strong internet connection with Streamtech Fiber Internet and Camella Manors' Move In Package at the Olvera Building
Enjoy the benefits of strong internet connection with Streamtech Fiber Internet and Camella Manors' Move In Package at Birmingham
     In fact, prices range from as low as PhP 2.9M to PhP 5M (pre-selling) for the studio units. Likewise, prices are from PhP 3.6M to PhP 11M for 1-bedroom ready-for-occupancy ones. And to ensure that you gain significant returns, Camella Manors properties consistently appreciate in value. In truth, projections are at a minimum of 10% per year given the strategic location of its developments. Another good thing you will experience with the brand is a taste of integrated community living. Surprisingly, it will include cafes, pastry shops, groceries, electronic shops, furniture and ornamental stores, trendy co-working spaces, small cinemas, and other commercial establishments. Truly, every little necessity is just within your reach. Accordingly, Camella Manors has 7 projects at various prime locations:
  • Caloocan City;
  • Lipa City;
  • Puerto Princesa City;
  • Bacolod City;
  • Butuan City;
  • Cagayan City; and
  • 2 at Davao City.

Necessities for a Condo Lifestyle

Just like moving into any new home, living in a condo necessitates utilities you will need in your everyday life. Thus, you need to set them up before finally occupying your unit. Essentially, there are 5 basic utilities you need: electricity, water and sewerage, natural gas, trash disposal, and cable and internet. Of course, arranging to avail of said utilities might vary depending on the developer of your chosen condo. Usually, electricity and water providers are existing suppliers since there cannot be many lines connected to the building itself. Then, you just have to coordinate with the property management regarding the process ad set-up of your account. On garbage disposal, the condo management already has maintenance personnel to handle it for unit owners and tenants. Commonly, this is included in the monthly association dues. On the other hand, in terms of natural gas specifically for your cooking needs, if condo management policies allow, you are free to choose where to get your supply. Lastly, on cable and internet services, most condominium buildings have their existing set of accredited or preferred service providers. Nevertheless, you still have the freedom to choose your own provider, given they have infrastructure and lines available at your area. And the application process is arranged properly with the condo property management.

Strong Internet Connection, and Cable TV Plans

Looking for fast and strong internet connection provider for your condo unit? Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest providers of fiber internet, offers fast and strong internet connections for your condo’s specific needs. More than that, plans are at very affordable prices. Also, its service areas include key cities and municipalities in Ilocos, Central Luzon, NCR, CALABARZON, Bicol, and Western Visayas. Affordable home internet plans by Streamtech can be fiber-internet-only, cable-TV-only, or a bundling of the two. For fiber-internet-only, you can get up to 25 Mbps for as low as PhP 1,499 per month. On the other hand, for cable-TV plans, you can enjoy up to 38 channels (channel availability depending on your location) for as low as PhP 350 per month. Lastly, for fiber internet + cable TV bundles, you can get up to 20 Mbps + cable for as low as PhP 1,499. Subscribe to Streamtech now to enjoy better connectivity. Visit its website or Official FB Page and LinkedIn Page for more information.

Enjoy Strong Internet Connection with No Hassle: Streamtech will Pre-Install It for You

To ensure that its residents get the best possible utilities available, Camella Manors partnered with Streamtech for a move-in package. Hence, its unit owners, tenants and investors can now enjoy unlimited fiber internet connection at affordable prices, with no hassle. Because connection will be installed 2 days prior to the date of occupancy, all is set during the move-in. Additionally, this special offer also comes with free first month of fiber internet and cable TV plans and services.
Enjoy the benefits of strong internet connection with Streamtech Fiber Internet and Camella Manors' Move In Package
     With the pandemic still very much around, condo living provides you the benefit of still enjoying a dynamic lifestyle. First, you are in good locations. Second, you have premium amenities for recreational activities. Third, commercial establishments are a few steps away. And lastly, excellent utilities providers are at your service.