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Parents, check these 10 Things Affecting Your Child’s Online Learning

     Fast internet, smart devices, and online meetings and classes now define our notion of “back to school.” This is because the health crisis prompted a sudden paradigm shift to digitization. Further, our sources of knowledge are now mostly online, including updates on COVID-19. For now, highlighted thick textbooks, written notes and assignments, and physical meetings are things of the past. Truly, the educational system here in the Philippines drastically changed, some using the modular scheme while most institutions turning online.

   Parents are now more involved, since that is the case. The new learning scheme emphasizes their equal importance in the successful learning of their children. Hence, guardians are keeping closer track of their learning progress, as young learners are bound to stay at home. All the facets of the learning process are another thing to monitor are. These includes technical and quality components.  The first three below are the technical ones.


Right Gadgets

     Online classes and the whole learning process in the digital realm will not work without electronic devices. These are the tools or machines used to view, manipulate, analyze, process, download and upload data and information. Nevertheless, it is important for students to have the appropriate devices that will suit their specific school requirements.

     Laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones are the most-used devices for online learning. Likewise, they are called smart devices since we can connect them to the internet. These are exactly what are needed, now that learning occurs online.

     You cannot expect a child to attend a Zoom or Google Meet meeting if he just has a cellular (i.e. not “smart”) phone. Similarly, he also cannot do research and access online platforms such as the Learning Management System (LMS) using the same device. Guardians should ensure that the right smart devices are available to their children, if they want them to cope up with the new school dynamics.

Decent Specifications

     Likewise, the monitoring process does not end with just having the devices. You should also check if the features of these smart devices are able to meet the needs of your child. For instance, you cannot expect a very low-level processor to handle simultaneous operations of various software and applications. This will be beyond the capacity of such device, causing lags, hanging problems, and even unexpected shutdowns.

     Relative to this, the DepEd (Department of Education) issued a memorandum last year, detailing the minimum specs for the smart devices needed for online learning. Some of which are as follows, while the full details can be found at the Teacher PH website:

Laptop for Teachers or Desktop for Students

Processor: 1.6Ghz Based Speed, with Turbo Speed

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Storage: 512 GB HDD SATA

Audio: 6Ω/1W Speaker x 2 Built-in Speakers, 3.5mm standard headphone jack

Camera: Built-in (separate for desktop)

Connectivity: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g /n/ac, Bluetooth

Power Adapter: Type-C or Standard AC/DC Adapter

HDD Partition: Drive C (system) and Drive D (data)


Processor: Octa-core 2.0 GHz

Memory: 2 GB

Display Size: 6 inches

Type of Display: IPS LCD Display

Display Resolution: 720 x 1520 Pixels

Storage: 32 GB

Camera: Front and Rear

Network: GSM / HSPA / LTE, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth


Interface: Micro USB or Type C, 3.5mm Audio Jack

Operating System: Android 8.1.

Provider of Unlimited and Fast Internet

    Fast internet was once considered luxury. But now, it has turned into a need, with almost everything being done online. The same DepEd Memorandum mentioned above sets the minimum internet for online learning. 10 GB bandwidth is the requirement for teachers, while 6 GB bandwidth is for students.

     But we and our children do so many more things online, aside from just classes. These can include work, buying and selling, fund management, recreational activities, and so much more. That’s why it has become so easy for us to consume bandwidth–with only our internet speeds becoming the factor determining how fast we are able to do so.

   Good news! Now, we have fiber internet connections offering unlimited uploading and downloading. This type of connection will surely meet our regular online-learning and work-from-home requirements such as browsing, videoconferencing, file uploads and downloads, among others. Faster speed is another advantage of fiber internet (compared to the usual broadband that we traditionally have). It allows for faster data transfer. Consequently, our online experience will be more seamless than before with this fast fiber internet.

Streamtech offers affordable home internet plans perfect for your residential needs, fast fiber internet for your office and business requirements

     Streamtech is one of the newest providers of fast internet in the Philippines. It offers affordable fiber internet plans that will meet your home’s needs, including online classes. Its Streamtech Home offers the following:


     • fiber internet only, starting from as low as PhP 1,499 for up to 25 Mbps;

     • fiber internet plus cable TV, starting from as low as PhP 1,499 for up to 20 Mbps with digital cable bundle; and

   • cable TV only, starting from as low as PhP 350 for up to 38 channels (may vary depending on availability on your location).



     Subscribe to Streamtech now to experience better connectivity. You may also visit its websiteOfficial FB Page, or LinkedIn Page for more details.



Other Things Learners Might Do Online because They Have Fast Internet


     Nonetheless, success in this new learning scheme does not end with ensuring that our children have the appropriate devices and access to fast internet connection. Most of the time, the many other things done online distract them.



Learners switch tabs to social media.

With Streamtech's fast fiber internet, you can do social media

     Social media is the first and foremost distraction of everyone, not only children. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others are just some of the applications easily accessible on all smart devices. Therefore, children can easily switch tabs to check their social media, even if online classes are ongoing. This takes their focus away from the discussions, which may very well lead to less learning, or even none at all. Moreover, there are a lot of bad influences on social media, which your child can adapt if he is always exposed to it.


     Hence, checking two things is what parents can do. First, check the contents your children are consuming, commenting on, or sharing. This will give you an idea of the things they see and consume. Second, check the time of their posts or comments. From there, you can track whether they are on social media during online class hours.


Their fast internet can accommodate both gaming and online class at the same time.


     A lot of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are now accessible even on smartphones. These games often create in the player a feeling of heightened adrenaline, which is why they can become addicting. Once addiction happens, they might have the tendency to engage in these online games even during online classes. Skipping classes just to play these games is the worst case, as the current  online-learning setup cannot compel students to be physically present. More importantly, many adult players who participate in these MMORPGs—and are thus interacting with your children—use foul language. Their exposure to such bad language might lead to them using it as well. Consequently, parents should explain to their children that classes and learning are the priorities over these games, and ensure that this is the case.



World Wide Web, paired with fast internet, enables them to browse endlessly.


     The plethora of things that available for browsing online is another distraction, which is possible, given you have fast internet connection. These can include shopping for goods and services, news (both real and fake), and even showbiz rumors and hearsays. A whole lot of them can still be harmful to your child, even if some of them can be factual and informative.  Thus, parents should regularly check the browsing history of their children. This is to monitor what they are consuming online, which can be reflective of their interests. These will also give you insights on how to guide your children, if ever they have been browsing unsavory things.



Chatting is their means of connection nowadays.

Endless chat with Streamtech Fiber's fast internet

     Evidently, children talk a lot with each other, be it school-related or just sharing stories with each other. Right now, chat is their mode of communication online. That’s why it is also important to check the chat history of your children, just like the browsing history. You will then see who they talk to, what they talk about, and how they talk with others. Parents can also monitor time, to see if they are chit-chatting during class hours.




Quality Components of Online Experience


     The quality of online experience of learners is equally important and contributes to the success of his online learning. Hence, it is important to check them as well.



The online community is prone to the use of bad language.


     As previously mentioned, bad language is very prominent online, most especially in gaming. Therefore, it significant to ensure that they use appropriate language, not just your child but also his teachers, classmates, playmates, and everyone he interacts with. Checking the type of language used online will enable parents to analyze how they can maximize the potential of the children’s learning, and at the same time mold them into being good individuals.




Sharing media has never been this easy.


     Another thing, media, in the form of photos, videos, and music, play a significant role in child’s learning, just like language. Thus, parents should check if the media being consumed by their children are appropriate for their age. The visual and auditory data people consume are more often the ones our minds retain. Hence, parents should also ensure that their children do not engage into sites that show vulgar or morbid content, for example. These could later affect their preferences and decision-making.



With fast internet, they have more time online.



Streamtech Fiber's fast internet more time spent online

     Indeed, having fast internet will most probably result in more time spent online. However, it is important to measure how long in total, and per application, has your child been online. How long does your child’s online class run? Is his time spent online commensurate to his class hours? What are the specific apps or software that your child spends time on the most? There are a lot of applications and software parents can download and install to check their children’s time spent online. Also, some smartphones have built-in features that will automatically tell you how long you have been using different apps. Even some apps themselves, like Facebook and Instagram, have features that will tell you the same metric. Checking the online time of your children will let you know which specific apps he is accessing. Then, you will have an idea of what activities he is doing.


     Likewise, and as significant, you will know if your child has been exposed to computer-screen radiation for so long. Of course, physical and mental health are still top priorities in this new learning regime. So, monitoring children’s online time will enable you timely remind them to have a break.



Parents’ Guide is Key to a Child’s Successful Online Learning


     Consequently, this whole new online system of learning will work best if parents do their part.  Just like seeing your child grow, observing and monitoring the important things surrounding his online learning is a role of the parents. Having the right smart devices and fast internet connection are utmost needs. But, analyzing various activities done online, as well as the quality of the learners’ online experience, are non-negotiables.


     Now more than ever, the saying “parents are the first teachers” is, indeed, becoming both literally and figuratively true.

Lifestyle News

Fiber Internet as a Necessity, Beautiful Home as Luxury: Have them Both!

     Reality check, fast fiber internet adds up to the definition of a life so wonderful and well-lived. Notwithstanding, such meaning may vary from one person to another. Given our differences in culture and upbringing, the yardstick of our considerations may thus greatly vary as well. For example, one may consider having a successful career the peak of his great life. Likewise, another might feel accomplished by finally getting a premium quality condo unit. Similarly, another one may do so by flying abroad, settling down as a seasonal dweller in a fine city that he has long dreamt of. A good life can equate to either a zing of simplicity or a verve of luxury.

A Life of Sophistication

     Nonetheless, irrespective of backgrounds we may belong to, we will all agree that we prefer high-end living. As much as possible, priority is given to a lifestyle where convenience and serenity are not only found, but treasured. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a life of luxury – a life all of us deserve.

     “Designing a life that allows you to do what you want with high leverage, with many options, all while feeling unrushed.” That is what the author Tim Ferris said – the true meaning of luxury. Now, with all the abrupt changes we are compelled to embrace, that holds true. We are in dire need of that same feeling and quality of life. Even—and especially—amidst the drastic transformations and aggressive competition that define everyday living, we need it. Indeed, it is essential to have some moments of rest, pause, and indulgence in tranquility, in order to survive.

     This kind of luxurious living can be attained by starting from the choice of our homes. Naturally, we spend most of our precious times at this sanctuary. Hence, it is where most things related to our daily lives indeed transpire. Having a sophisticated abode in an ambience conducive for luxuriating is premium! Couple it with having everything you need right around you—and ‘round the clock— experience gold!

Living at a Primrose Path with Brittany

     Imagine starting your day with the distinct aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, going with a bite of light breakfast. At the same time, you’re perched in your veranda, basking in the cool breeze. And, you’re enjoying a view of greenery that is more than what your eyes can take in. What a delightful way to begin each day!

    And it need not remain a dream any longer. Presently, it is possible with Brittany Corporation, Vista Land’s brand of luxury homes and communities. Brittany offers properties that are inspired by some of the world’s most breathtaking places! As a result, these are adorned with magnificent interiors, and surrounded by marvelous greeneries and scenes. The company prides itself of its well-renowned project—the majestic, world-class vacation haven in the south, Crosswinds – Tagaytay.

 The Beauty of Crosswinds



     Certainly, Crosswinds is a Swiss-inspired luxury resort, offering variety of homes where you can pamper yourself at as a visitor. Likewise, you can also have gains, taking great pride in as a wise investor. Located at an enclave of smoothly rolling terrain, the exclusive residential community is surrounded by 35,000 pine trees. Surely, this will give you a serene and comfortable feeling. More so, it has a perfect view of Laguna de Bay and the Metro Manila skyline.


     Such pine estate offers you the options. You can avail a condominium unit in a midrise tower, or a more conventional, horizontal house-and-lot style. Its Alpine Villas is an exquisite six-to-eight-storey condo that offers exclusive, secure, and convenient living. Nevertheless, if you want to get out of the city’s rush with a more traditional home, Crosswinds has your back! it also offers charming Swiss-themed homes—The Terraces of Lausanne. Lastly, if you are looking for resort suites to revel in, Crosswind’s The Grand Quartier is for you! It is a fine choice that will give you a euphonious vibe.


Luxurious Getaway Havens Inside the Metro


     Aside from Crosswinds, Brittany Corporation is also famous for its other luxurious developments. It also has Vista Santa Rosa, Vista Alabang, and The Lakefront Sucat.


     Its Vista Santa Rosa developments are characterized by charming houses primarily in the style of the old American south. Sprawling greeneries bound the area, enabling you to breathe in the crisp, fresh air. At the same time, Brittany offers a diverse community with its properties located at Vista Alabang. The 600-hectare Italian-themed metropolis is a hub of life, business, and fun, all-in-one! In the same way, a taste of a halcyon San Francisco living lies in the thick of the busy Metro Manila. It’s just at The Lakefront Sucat. A La Posada home is a perfect fit if you are someone who still needs quick access to the heart of major business and commerce centers yet wanting to share a poised life with your family!


     Your once-merely picture-perfect lifestyle—unruffled, cozy, and with everything within your reach— is just in front of you! Your dream can now be fulfilled with Brittany’s luxurious homes and splendid communities!


The Fiber Internet Perfect for Your Posh Living


     But to fully delight yourself in the value of luxurious living, you need one of the basics. It is also once considered a luxury, turned into a need at present. Evidently, it is of utmost importance to equip yourself with such necessity – a powerful and reliable internet connection.


     Streamtech, one of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines, offers premium-quality, fiber internet. It suits your home needs, providing various plans and bundles that cater to the various online needs of its customers.


     Streamtech Home has packages that will allow you to enjoy information, education and entertainment to the max. And this is just within the walls of your luxurious abode! It can be either:


  • fiber to the home, starting from as low as PhP 1,499 for up to 25 Mbps fiber internet connection;
  • cable TV plus fiber internet, starting from as low as PhP 1,499 for up to 20 Mbps fiber internet with digital cable bundle; or
  • digital cable TV plan only, starting from as low as PhP 350 inclusive of 38 channels (pricing may vary depending on the availability of channels in your location).


Fast Fiber Internet for Your Start-Up or Flourishing Business


   Aside from the above, Streamtech also offers high-speed fiber internet plans for small and medium enterprises. It also caters to the needs of the country’s large businesses and corporations. The company provides trustworthy services that enable clients to thrive even more in their own industries. With its multiple fiber redundancies, it offers these big firms dedicated internet access that will meet their specific business requirements.


     Subscribe to Streamtech now to enjoy better connectivity. Visit its websiteOfficial FB Page, or LinkedIn Page to know how you can get connected.


     With the swift and steady shift to digitization, our modern existence is redefined. Coupled by rapid changes across sectors and industries, two things are made clear. First, a fast and reliable internet connection has really turned into a necessity. Second, we are also currently in need of the lush lifestyle that we have always longed for.


     The fantastic news is, you can have both, as Streamtech’s fiber internet services power some of Brittany’s properties. Indeed, that is an ideal and well-appointed way of living.

Events and Observances News

The EDSA Revolution and the Importance of Fiber Internet

Written by: Therese Fesalbon

     Every February, our hearts rekindle a love of a different kind… a love for country and freedom, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the EDSA revolution. For more than three decades now, we continue to commemorate this bloodless uprising as a catalyst to some of the major developments in our country. It heralded change, a new era of peace, and became a beacon that shed light on the Filipino’s singular strength.

     From the national to the global stage, this momentous event had indeed altered the image of our nation and the trajectory of our history. It affected lives on different scales, shaped our culture, and now, continues to be a world model of peaceful change. But it’s been decades and many have changed since then. In a new era of ICT and digital connectivity, where do we see its relevance? As we celebrate another year of its anniversary, let us reminisce the undying significance of the EDSA revolution–35 years later.


Peaceful Demonstrations Are a Filipino Tradition

     Since time immemorial, protests of all forms have been a part of Philippine history. Our country traces a long tradition of uprisings, insurrections, street demonstrations, strikes, and revolutions. As per the official gazette, the earliest recorded protests in the country traces back to 1903, where a workers’ union staged a call for an eight-hour working day. It was because of this that we now commemorate May 1 as a Labor Day, in keeping with much of the world.

     From then on, protests would continue to shape our history and prove more essential as the EDSA revolution comes into the picture.

The Filipino’s Single Strength Beats All Odds

     For four historic days, spanning around February 22 to 25, 1986, the EDSA revolution served to be the stage for some of the most astounding images in Philippine history. Millions of people from all walks of life, from different cities around the country, marched together in the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila, the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue. Human barricades, linked arms, and placards with slogans filled its streets. It served as a cultural reset, an evolution to the image of Philippine protests. It proved to the world once again that the Filipino people are capable of moving mountains if we put our collective effort into it. If we are united, we prove to be powerful.

Change Can Be Achieved Peacefully

     The most lasting result of the EDSA revolution is that it served as the template of many non-violent uprisings around the world. This part of the Philippine history was a global phenomenon; everyone was a witness to the unfolding of the revolution that did not at once resort to bloodshed and violence. Despite the fervent emotions that drove them to the streets of EDSA, the Filipino masses were not driven by reckless outrage. Instead, they showed camaraderie, unity, and faith.

     Civilians offered earnest friendship to unyielding shoulders, there were biscuits for everyone to eat, there were songs of Filipino spirit such as “Bayan Ko”, there were rosaries and prayers against artillery; and there were slogans, and flowers. Upon its success, other countries were quick to emulate what was shown as a peaceful demonstration. It proved that not everything had to resort to violence and our grievances can be heard in the most civil of ways.

The EDSA Revolution Before the Internet

     If we look closely, the EDSA revolution could possibly not have succeeded if not for the modes of communication that fueled it. In that era, gathering people and disseminating information was not an easy job. Social media and fast internet did not exist as a form of interconnectivity. There was little to no forms of instant communication in the absence of smartphones and instant messaging.

     What was the only form of ICT (information and communication technology) then was the Radio Veritas where Cardinal Sin sent messages to gather people in EDSA. Tabloids also proved essential as a source of news. But as limited as it is, there is no denying that the true people power then lied on communication, and ICT’s growing importance to societal change would prove to be more essential in the years to come.

The first “E-evolution”

     In January 2001, the second EDSA Revolution took place in a similar but distinct manner. What made it different from the first was the use of cellphones as a key to its success. Julius Court, who in 2001 was a Programme Officer at the United Nations University and co-director of the World Governance Survey project, claims this to be the world’s first e-revolution whereby societal change is achieved through new forms of Information and Communication Technologies.

A Powerful Fiber Internet Is The New People’s Power 

     Thirty years since the EDSA revolution, the current digital era took place around the beginning of the 21st century and continues to gave birth to the rise of networked societies. Communication is now just at the tip of our fingers; connectivity is within seconds. There are now social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and instant messaging applications such as Messenger and Viber. But the role of ICT is now more than entertainment, or communicating to our distant loved ones, it extends up to connecting with the world.

     Where does the essence of the EDSA revolution lie amid all these advances? As evidenced by this historical event, the Filipino’s singular strength and patriotism combined can bring change to the nation. But as our modes of communication shifted, a new player has entered the picture—a reliable internet connection.

     While our unity is never to be underestimated, we are more powerful if our newfound weapon—digitized communication—is utilized in its fulness, and for the good of society. As such, an internet provider that allows the Filipino people to #exceedlimits should be the new strength of the nation. Fortunately, access to unlimited and affordable fiber internet is all possible through Streamtech in its various iterations:

     Streamtech Home 

     – offers fiber internet and cable tv, fiber internet plans, and cable tv plans that are      perfect for your home entertainment and connectivity.

     Streamtech SME

     – offers high-speed internet connectivity for your business needs.

     Streamtech Enterprise (FiberBiz)

     – the highest level of internet service empowering business hubs, offices, and enterprises.

     Recently, it also launched a promo called “No Cash Out & Free 1 Month Subscription” for its new subscribers, running from February 20 to March 31, 2021. New subscribers and those who will apply for reconnection for the usual 24-month contract just need to present 1 valid ID. No security deposit will be required, and they will be entitled to a free 1-month subscription and free installation! Terms and conditions apply.

With Streamtech, enjoy unlimited fiber internet with no cash out!

     Through Streamtech, you can now commemorate the events of the EDSA Revolution, update yourself with relevant international and local news, and communicate unlimitedly to the world. Subscribe to Streamtech now and enjoy an upgraded internet experience and better connectivity! Visit our official Facebook page for more details.