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Connect Your Premium Home into a Smart System with High-Speed Fiber Internet

     Streamtech Fiber Internet, and the like reliable connection, is a must to connect your premium home into a smart system. Even during a vacation or a quick getaway, if you have tried staying even for just a few days, at a premium, luxury home that is also automated, you will definitely agree that comfort at its finest is the insignia of such magnificent domiciles. For the upper-middle class and the few elites of society, indulging themselves in such exquisite appointments is just a way of life.

Astonishing Premium Homes that will Give You a Tourist’s Bliss

     One epitome of majestic living here in the Philippines is having a property from either of Crown Asia’s developments. It is a premium brand of Vista Land, the country’s biggest and most trusted home developer. It establishes communities of ravishing quality, catering to the delight of the well-to-do.

Crown Asia - Streamtech fiber internet

     Crown Asia has a most diversified portfolio in terms of both project categories and aesthetic inspiration. It provides both vertical and horizontal developments which can accommodate specific requirements of its clients. Each of its project has very astonishing craftsmanship. It has harped on inspirations from some of the world’s elegant and favorite destinations. Some of these are Italy, Southern America, The Caribbean, etc., as well as Old Victorian England.

     For its condominium projects, some renowned ones are Laureano Di Trevi at Makati, and Presidio Heights at The Lakefront. The former is comprised of high-rise towers which, in sum, is home to 1,000 residential units. Aside from the basic condo amenities, it offers wide spaces, just perfect for co-working or some other functions. At the same time, the latter is a Victorian-inspired resort-feel getaway at the heart of the busy metro. Its lush landscape surrounding the pavilion-type structures complements one’s sense of decamp from the bustling atmosphere of the city center.

     The horizontal projects are the prized belles of the brand. These various house-and-lot units take their look from European and Mediterranean inspirations. This indeed takes each homeowner to a whole different level of visual delight. Such dazzling projects strategically located just south of the metro, provide the upper bourgeoise their very accessible enclaves. Its Cavite projects include Amalfi and Caribe at the Island Park, Amici, Augustine Grove, Carmel, Citta Italia, La Mediterranea, Ponticelli, Vita Toscana, Vittoria, and Vivace. Likewise, its Laguna developments are Fortezza, La Marea, and Valenza. It also has one in Sucat – Marina Heights. All these communities offer breathtaking views and a tranquil ambience—definitely a choice beyond compare.CItia-italia-streamtech-fiber-internet

Benefits of Turning Your Luxury Home Smart

     As we find ourselves in the midst of great digital transformations, it is one thing to live in a traditional luxury home. Another is living in a smart one. Beyond simply adapting to trends, one can gain various benefits by integrating his home into a smart system:

1. Ability to control functions remotely.

     This is one of the most significant benefits of turning your home into a smart one. Being able to manage some of your basic home functionalities can save you time, effort, and energy. These include turning your lights on and off, adjusting room temperature, controlling kitchen appliances, and checking security, among many others.  For instance, you are already on your way to work. Suddenly, you feel unsure if you have locked all your doors. Instead of going back to your house physically, you can just check the status of your doors through your phone. But it is only possible if you have integrated them into the smart system. In such instance, you have actually saved a lot of your time and effort, as it is way more convenient.

2. Security.

     Automated homes can be fitted with surveillance components which one can also be controlled and monitored via smart phone. There are features that set off alerts on your phone if there are home-security irregularities detected. This can either be on cameras or locks, and others. More so, this element is real time. Even if you are still far away from home, you can check for yourself the actual situation going on within your house’s vicinity.

3. Unisource control.

     Another advantage of home automation is the ability to control all your smart-home functionalities on a single smart device, say, your smart phone. It provides you the most convenience. This technological breakthrough enables users to experience efficient management of some of their home operations, accustomed to their needs and preferences.

4. Savings on Energy.

     Aside from being able to control your devices and appliances easily, you can also cut costs. Most of these smart technologies have built-in programs that can read trends and suggest the most energy-efficient configurations. There are also some programs that can be programmed to automatically turn off devices when not in use. Such is better than the usual method that depends on human effort. The good thing is we can avoid human error, when you do forget to switch them off manually. Hence, there is less wastage of energy.

5. Getting valuable wisdom.

     With usage of home appliances having been automated, this results in the creation and storage of data trends and patterns. For instance, your smart TV has kept track of what movies or show you have watched. Your refrigerator and oven have taken note of what you have stored and cooked for a certain period of time. Consequently, you will have access to these recorded patterns of your behaviors and habits. You will be able you to use these as you go on autopilot on your everyday routines, or adjust when necessary.

     There are a lot more advantages to having your premium home automated. These conveniences greatly supplement a posh lifestyle, so why not avail of it if you can, anyway?

Fast Connection like Streamtech Fiber Internet is One of the Keys to Smart Integration

     But before you can fully enjoy a luxurious smart home, having fast and reliable fiber internet in your home is a basic requirement. Otherwise, the whole system will not work.

     Streamtech Fiber Internet is one of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines. It offers high-speed, unlimited fiber internet plans that are suitable for your online needs at home. From as low as P1,499 per month, you can enjoy speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

     Subscribe to Streamtech now to enjoy an upgraded fiber internet experience! Visit its website, Official FB Page or LinkedIn Page for more details.


Events and Observances News

The EDSA Revolution and the Importance of Fiber Internet

Written by: Therese Fesalbon

     Every February, our hearts rekindle a love of a different kind… a love for country and freedom, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the EDSA revolution. For more than three decades now, we continue to commemorate this bloodless uprising as a catalyst to some of the major developments in our country. It heralded change, a new era of peace, and became a beacon that shed light on the Filipino’s singular strength.

     From the national to the global stage, this momentous event had indeed altered the image of our nation and the trajectory of our history. It affected lives on different scales, shaped our culture, and now, continues to be a world model of peaceful change. But it’s been decades and many have changed since then. In a new era of ICT and digital connectivity, where do we see its relevance? As we celebrate another year of its anniversary, let us reminisce the undying significance of the EDSA revolution–35 years later.


Peaceful Demonstrations Are a Filipino Tradition

     Since time immemorial, protests of all forms have been a part of Philippine history. Our country traces a long tradition of uprisings, insurrections, street demonstrations, strikes, and revolutions. As per the official gazette, the earliest recorded protests in the country traces back to 1903, where a workers’ union staged a call for an eight-hour working day. It was because of this that we now commemorate May 1 as a Labor Day, in keeping with much of the world.

     From then on, protests would continue to shape our history and prove more essential as the EDSA revolution comes into the picture.

The Filipino’s Single Strength Beats All Odds

     For four historic days, spanning around February 22 to 25, 1986, the EDSA revolution served to be the stage for some of the most astounding images in Philippine history. Millions of people from all walks of life, from different cities around the country, marched together in the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila, the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue. Human barricades, linked arms, and placards with slogans filled its streets. It served as a cultural reset, an evolution to the image of Philippine protests. It proved to the world once again that the Filipino people are capable of moving mountains if we put our collective effort into it. If we are united, we prove to be powerful.

Change Can Be Achieved Peacefully

     The most lasting result of the EDSA revolution is that it served as the template of many non-violent uprisings around the world. This part of the Philippine history was a global phenomenon; everyone was a witness to the unfolding of the revolution that did not at once resort to bloodshed and violence. Despite the fervent emotions that drove them to the streets of EDSA, the Filipino masses were not driven by reckless outrage. Instead, they showed camaraderie, unity, and faith.

     Civilians offered earnest friendship to unyielding shoulders, there were biscuits for everyone to eat, there were songs of Filipino spirit such as “Bayan Ko”, there were rosaries and prayers against artillery; and there were slogans, and flowers. Upon its success, other countries were quick to emulate what was shown as a peaceful demonstration. It proved that not everything had to resort to violence and our grievances can be heard in the most civil of ways.

The EDSA Revolution Before the Internet

     If we look closely, the EDSA revolution could possibly not have succeeded if not for the modes of communication that fueled it. In that era, gathering people and disseminating information was not an easy job. Social media and fast internet did not exist as a form of interconnectivity. There was little to no forms of instant communication in the absence of smartphones and instant messaging.

     What was the only form of ICT (information and communication technology) then was the Radio Veritas where Cardinal Sin sent messages to gather people in EDSA. Tabloids also proved essential as a source of news. But as limited as it is, there is no denying that the true people power then lied on communication, and ICT’s growing importance to societal change would prove to be more essential in the years to come.

The first “E-evolution”

     In January 2001, the second EDSA Revolution took place in a similar but distinct manner. What made it different from the first was the use of cellphones as a key to its success. Julius Court, who in 2001 was a Programme Officer at the United Nations University and co-director of the World Governance Survey project, claims this to be the world’s first e-revolution whereby societal change is achieved through new forms of Information and Communication Technologies.

A Powerful Fiber Internet Is The New People’s Power 

     Thirty years since the EDSA revolution, the current digital era took place around the beginning of the 21st century and continues to gave birth to the rise of networked societies. Communication is now just at the tip of our fingers; connectivity is within seconds. There are now social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and instant messaging applications such as Messenger and Viber. But the role of ICT is now more than entertainment, or communicating to our distant loved ones, it extends up to connecting with the world.

     Where does the essence of the EDSA revolution lie amid all these advances? As evidenced by this historical event, the Filipino’s singular strength and patriotism combined can bring change to the nation. But as our modes of communication shifted, a new player has entered the picture—a reliable internet connection.

     While our unity is never to be underestimated, we are more powerful if our newfound weapon—digitized communication—is utilized in its fulness, and for the good of society. As such, an internet provider that allows the Filipino people to #exceedlimits should be the new strength of the nation. Fortunately, access to unlimited and affordable fiber internet is all possible through Streamtech in its various iterations:

     Streamtech Home 

     – offers fiber internet and cable tv, fiber internet plans, and cable tv plans that are      perfect for your home entertainment and connectivity.

     Streamtech SME

     – offers high-speed internet connectivity for your business needs.

     Streamtech Enterprise (FiberBiz)

     – the highest level of internet service empowering business hubs, offices, and enterprises.

     Recently, it also launched a promo called “No Cash Out & Free 1 Month Subscription” for its new subscribers, running from February 20 to March 31, 2021. New subscribers and those who will apply for reconnection for the usual 24-month contract just need to present 1 valid ID. No security deposit will be required, and they will be entitled to a free 1-month subscription and free installation! Terms and conditions apply.

With Streamtech, enjoy unlimited fiber internet with no cash out!

     Through Streamtech, you can now commemorate the events of the EDSA Revolution, update yourself with relevant international and local news, and communicate unlimitedly to the world. Subscribe to Streamtech now and enjoy an upgraded internet experience and better connectivity! Visit our official Facebook page for more details.

News Working from Home

The Best Ways to Work from Your Condo this 2021

     The “work-from-home” trend, which became widespread last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting nationwide lockdowns, persists through 2021. As industries accelerated their digital transformations, portions of their investments include remote solutions such as this. That is why, whether one is in a rural or urban area, it has become imperative to seek solutions that maximize our internet connection, or get connected if one still is not.

Work from Condo this 2021

    While some are fortunate enough to live with their families, making the new, remote work situation a lot easier to establish and deal with, a portion of the workforce lives independently in the Metro—largely in condominium units, all by their lonesome. As significant as the decision to live alone, knowing the strategies on how to successfully work from your condo will let you survive and even thrive this 2021.

Fast Internet and Other Things You Need to Effectively WFH

     Here are some helpful tips you can do to maximize your full potential of working from the corners of your humble flat:

     1. Get Premium Fiber Internet.

   In a country like ours where millions of people share the rather limited bandwidth available from the various internet service providers, it is of utmost importance to get the fastest mode available—that is, through fiber-optic cables. That is the reason why fiber internet plans are faster compared with the usual DSL ones. It will enable you to work seamlessly, delivering on your job’s requirements in a timelier manner.

    CV News cites some specific advantages of having a fiber internet connection while working from home:

     • Weather occurrences are less likely to interrupt signals;

     • It is faster, which makes working more efficient;

     • You have more security from pilferage;

     • It has bandwidth symmetry, that is, upload and download uniformity; and,

     • It is more sustainable even for future technological advancements.

    Streamtech, one of the Philippines newest internet service providers, offers fast and reliable fiber internet, with a minimum of 25 Mbps. It also offers cable TV services, through Planet Cable, catering the home and office needs of Filipinos across the countrySubscribe now to enjoy better connectivity!

     2. Always Have Good Lighting.

     As you are bound to work for a couple of hours in front of your laptop or other smart gadgets, good lighting should always come first. This will lessen eye strain due to radiation from the screen of the gadget in front of you—which often leads to headaches, thus diminishing your productivity. If possible, make use of natural light that the daytime brings.

     3. Dedicate a Working Area.

    Working from home comes with some level of comfort—but, at the same time, also some distractions. It is important to keep your focus even as you work remotely. This could be done by having a particular “working area,” which as much as possible, has a table and chair where you can comfortably do your job.

     4. Maintain a Schedule Defined by Work-Life Balance.

    Since you somehow have the autonomy on your working hours, it is important to maintain a schedule that best fits the demands of your work. In order not to deviate as much as possible from your usual office routine, it is best to do the work on your usual business hours.  Before and after that, you can do your own stuff, and have time with your friends and family, just like before!

     5. Avoid the Unnecessary: Noises and Clutter.

    This new normal working arrangement is greatly characterized by lots of online meetings and conference calls. You would not want to get reprimanded for loud noises. Hence, if you have roommates, it is best to let them know in advance if you have upcoming schedule so that they can at least tone down their own activities during that time.

     All the more, your background will be visible during meetings that require having your computer’s video camera turned on. Do not get caught off guard. Always tidy up. Similarly, having a clean and good ambience lessens stress  and increases productivity.

A Condominium that Suits Your Needs

Get yourself an affordable yet quality condo, with Vista Residences
     Aside from the abovementioned strategies to an effective work-from-condo setup, the quality of condo-living itself matters. Is it convenient, comfortable, and secure? Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the Philippines’ largest homebuilder, Vista Land and Lifescapes, answers it with an emphatic yes!
    Its developments are strategically located in cities within the Metro (ManilaQuezon City, and Pasig), which makes them convenient for tenants, as everything is within reach. Each Vista Residences condominium property has complete amenities—perfect for one’s recreational activities that preserve the latter part of one’s work-life balance. They also have 24/7 security, assuring tenants that their place is safe to live in.
Get a Swiss-feeling with Vista Residences properties

                                                Pine Crest Interior Design

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

                                                Symphony Tower Lounge

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

               Symphony Tower Gym

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

            Symphony Tower Pool Area

    Vista Residences have various that are worth checking out and ready-for-occupancy (RFO) this year, including the Swiss-inspired Pine Crest; Symphony Towers, a multi-functional place for residential and commercial units; and Wil Tower – the dwelling with a celebrity-feel at the heart of bustling Quezon City. Vista Residences is also already pre-selling some soon-to-be-launched residential skyscrapers which will sure to be investment-friendly.
Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

               Wil Tower Function Hall

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

                  Wil Tower Pool Area

     Some of these properties are or will be powered by Streamtech Fiber Internet, making it a complete package for an independent working individual like yourself. RFOs properties include GL Taft, 878 Espana, Vista Heights, Wil Tower, and Vista Katipunan, with Symphony 2 also coming soon.

     All Vista Residences properties also feature a branch of the famously instagrammable Coffee Project, with its elaborate decorations and very pleasant ambience, which also makes it perfect for working remotely. Coffee Project branches are also powered by Streamtech, so you can rest assured that there is fast and reliable connection, anytime you need to work over a hot cup or a cold glass of freshly-brewed coffee.

   To further cater to your every need as a homebound worker, Vista Residences developments also come with an AllDay Convenience Store, keeping your immediate needs and cravings covered, 24/7. Now, you no longer need to worry about forgotten items from your supermarket shopping list—as topping up on your groceries is just an elevator ride away.
     With homebound workers still cope with our first year under the new normal, adapting really is our only realistic option. That is why it is always important to have the right mix of an efficient working arrangement and a quality living setup, to continuously thrive and succeed, pandemic or no pandemic.