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Go Beyond Hardwork: Get a High Quality Condo and Unlimited Fiber Internet

     Having both unlimited fiber internet and a premium condominium in one is such a reward for oneself. This might be one of our varied set of goals and notions of success. Similarly, one’s achievement can be through getting a high-paying job or being promoted to a managerial position. Likewise, it can be starting up your own small business. Further, it can be starting off on your investment in a more affordable condo located at the Metro. And even buying a small home and starting your own family at the ideal age you have set counts. Depending on our preferences, it can range from the simplest to the most grandiose one can imagine.

     Nonetheless, irrespective of our jobs or line of work, we surely have been working hard towards the attainment such aspirations. Admit it or not, it is, most of the time, more than 8 hours of each precious day. Sometimes, we are exerting more time and effort than what we are paid for. So, it is nothing to feel bad or guilty about when we reward ourselves with something premium. From time to time, it is worthy to give ourselves something of quality and value.

Benefits of Premium Products like Unlimited Fiber Internet and High-Quality Condo

     Nowadays, we have started to realize that when it comes to buying products, it is not all about price. This is true most especially when we do not have to stick to a very tight budget. Really, there are a lot of considerations aside from the common concept of “cheaper costs” that may define our buying attitudes when it comes to other categories or items.

1. Value of the Product

     People’s values vary. But most of the time, premium products offer value we cannot find in its competitors. And that is the same reason why price becomes secondary—if not even irrelevant—and we still purchase them. For instance, it can be either our holistic experience of the product or its relevance to us. It can also be the status it made us feel, and a whole lot more! Said value is getting the best out of our spend!

2. Reputable Provider

     Of course, superior products and services are manufactured and provided by reputable firms. Because we know that they would not want their reputation tarnished, we somehow feel safe. Also, since many like us have tested and proven their products and services, we are somehow assured that what we are paying for will serve its purpose or perform, the least, as expected.

Product Quality and Our Experience

     One last factor, and perhaps the most defining factor in every consumer choice, is product quality and its benefits. Does it perform its function? Is it reliable? Are the features useful? Is it easy to purchase? Is it accessible? Are the other processes convenient, like payment and after sales services? Premium products are not just of satisfactory quality; they are of high quality. And the experience it lets the consumer encounter is, most often than not, excellent. That is what usually leads us into buying it.

     Have you been working hard for the longest time? Premium products with a good reputation and offering great value, high quality, and excellent customer experience is the perfect reward for you!

The New Face of Premium Condo in the Philippines

Get a premium condo with COHO and premium fiber internet with Streamtech
Get a premium condo with COHO and premium fiber internet with Streamtech

     One of the most fulfilling gifts you can give yourself is taking a major step in preparation for your future. That is, through investments. And as we all know, real estate investment is the real thing. Condos for sale, be it preselling or ready-for-occupancy, have become the long-term trend. But to turn this as a personal, and well-deserved, gift to yourself, choose the high quality one!

     COHO is the new condo development arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes. As we all know, the latter is the Philippines’ largest and trusted home developer. COHO offers premium mid-rise developments with state-of-the-art amenities. Thereby, it provides you a taste of a genuinely beautiful lifestyle. COHO projects are found in Manila, Las Pinas, Taguig, Bacoor, and Tagaytay.

     To provide the most exquisite experience to its owners, the unit configurations are different. Its projects are made more spacious instead of the usual narrow condo layouts. It also bolsters an authentic upscale living vibe. This is done by going an extra mile from the usual set of amenities provided by other condominium developers. Its premium revolutionary amenities include:

  • An co-working space in a coffee-shop that is famously instagrammable;
  • A lovely community supermarket that doubles as your super pantry
  • A charming bakeshop where you can have your breakfast;
  • A one-stop improvement shop, with all the tools you need; and
  • A world class home theatre.

COHO Innovation: You’ll Just Need the Appliances and Unlimited Fiber Internet

     What makes investing in COHO even more worthwhile is that it is readily convertible into a smart condo. This will enable you to control appliances and electronic devices with just your mobile phone and a stable internet connection. It is also pre-equipped with fiber optics which are needed for a more reliable and unlimited fiber internet.

  The abovementioned, coupled with its vibrant scenery, breathable pavements, magnificent interior designs, matchless convenience, and unrivalled serenity, makes COHO at the top brass – indeed, an irrefutable reward. Contact COHO now for more details.


Finally! Match It with Premium Unlimited Fiber Internet

    Nothing helps us prepare for an uncertain tomorrow than purposefully—and creatively and cleverly—living in the “now.” Equipping ourselves with all the necessary tools needed to make headway in an ever-changing future is a must. Indeed, this present strange reality has forced the sudden shift of various industries—and even daily routines—toward digitization. Hnece, having a high-speed internet connection is now a “need” more than a “want.”

     Which is why, now, more than ever, your premium condo unit needs a premium quality connection. That is possible with Streamtech, the country’s newest wave in unlimited fiber internet. Streamtech offers products, bundles, and services that will suit your home’s various needs—including fittings as a smart home. It is present across the country, at hustling cities and municipalities: Ilocos, Central Luzon, NCR, CALABARZON, Bicol, and Western Visayas.

Experience Unlimited Fiber Internet with Streamtech

     With its strong technical capabilityStreamtech assures customers of an upgraded internet experience. This was evidenced by its partnership with Tier 1 global internet upstream providers in the Asia-Pacific and United States routes.

     Streamtech offers home plans which can be unlimited fiber internet only, cable-TV-only (through Planet Cable), or a bundle of the two. It also offers packages for small and medium enterprises, as well as bigger corporations, providing trustworthy services powered by its fiber-optic backbone link.

     Subscribe to Streamtech now to enjoy premium internet services that are appropriate to our times. Visit its website or Official FB Page and LinkedIn Page for more information.





     With all the ceaseless change buffeting the world today, we need to strike a balance between our hard work and the rewards we afford to ourselves. Wise choices in terms of investments, and of course, of internet service providers, will lead to a better enjoyment of our richly-deserved success.

News Working from Home

The Best Ways to Work from Your Condo this 2021

     The “work-from-home” trend, which became widespread last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting nationwide lockdowns, persists through 2021. As industries accelerated their digital transformations, portions of their investments include remote solutions such as this. That is why, whether one is in a rural or urban area, it has become imperative to seek solutions that maximize our internet connection, or get connected if one still is not.

Work from Condo this 2021

    While some are fortunate enough to live with their families, making the new, remote work situation a lot easier to establish and deal with, a portion of the workforce lives independently in the Metro—largely in condominium units, all by their lonesome. As significant as the decision to live alone, knowing the strategies on how to successfully work from your condo will let you survive and even thrive this 2021.

Fast Internet and Other Things You Need to Effectively WFH

     Here are some helpful tips you can do to maximize your full potential of working from the corners of your humble flat:

     1. Get Premium Fiber Internet.

   In a country like ours where millions of people share the rather limited bandwidth available from the various internet service providers, it is of utmost importance to get the fastest mode available—that is, through fiber-optic cables. That is the reason why fiber internet plans are faster compared with the usual DSL ones. It will enable you to work seamlessly, delivering on your job’s requirements in a timelier manner.

    CV News cites some specific advantages of having a fiber internet connection while working from home:

     • Weather occurrences are less likely to interrupt signals;

     • It is faster, which makes working more efficient;

     • You have more security from pilferage;

     • It has bandwidth symmetry, that is, upload and download uniformity; and,

     • It is more sustainable even for future technological advancements.

    Streamtech, one of the Philippines newest internet service providers, offers fast and reliable fiber internet, with a minimum of 25 Mbps. It also offers cable TV services, through Planet Cable, catering the home and office needs of Filipinos across the countrySubscribe now to enjoy better connectivity!

     2. Always Have Good Lighting.

     As you are bound to work for a couple of hours in front of your laptop or other smart gadgets, good lighting should always come first. This will lessen eye strain due to radiation from the screen of the gadget in front of you—which often leads to headaches, thus diminishing your productivity. If possible, make use of natural light that the daytime brings.

     3. Dedicate a Working Area.

    Working from home comes with some level of comfort—but, at the same time, also some distractions. It is important to keep your focus even as you work remotely. This could be done by having a particular “working area,” which as much as possible, has a table and chair where you can comfortably do your job.

     4. Maintain a Schedule Defined by Work-Life Balance.

    Since you somehow have the autonomy on your working hours, it is important to maintain a schedule that best fits the demands of your work. In order not to deviate as much as possible from your usual office routine, it is best to do the work on your usual business hours.  Before and after that, you can do your own stuff, and have time with your friends and family, just like before!

     5. Avoid the Unnecessary: Noises and Clutter.

    This new normal working arrangement is greatly characterized by lots of online meetings and conference calls. You would not want to get reprimanded for loud noises. Hence, if you have roommates, it is best to let them know in advance if you have upcoming schedule so that they can at least tone down their own activities during that time.

     All the more, your background will be visible during meetings that require having your computer’s video camera turned on. Do not get caught off guard. Always tidy up. Similarly, having a clean and good ambience lessens stress  and increases productivity.

A Condominium that Suits Your Needs

Get yourself an affordable yet quality condo, with Vista Residences
     Aside from the abovementioned strategies to an effective work-from-condo setup, the quality of condo-living itself matters. Is it convenient, comfortable, and secure? Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the Philippines’ largest homebuilder, Vista Land and Lifescapes, answers it with an emphatic yes!
    Its developments are strategically located in cities within the Metro (ManilaQuezon City, and Pasig), which makes them convenient for tenants, as everything is within reach. Each Vista Residences condominium property has complete amenities—perfect for one’s recreational activities that preserve the latter part of one’s work-life balance. They also have 24/7 security, assuring tenants that their place is safe to live in.
Get a Swiss-feeling with Vista Residences properties

                                                Pine Crest Interior Design

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

                                                Symphony Tower Lounge

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

               Symphony Tower Gym

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

            Symphony Tower Pool Area

    Vista Residences have various that are worth checking out and ready-for-occupancy (RFO) this year, including the Swiss-inspired Pine Crest; Symphony Towers, a multi-functional place for residential and commercial units; and Wil Tower – the dwelling with a celebrity-feel at the heart of bustling Quezon City. Vista Residences is also already pre-selling some soon-to-be-launched residential skyscrapers which will sure to be investment-friendly.
Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

               Wil Tower Function Hall

Enjoy quality condo living with Vista Residences Properties Amenities

                  Wil Tower Pool Area

     Some of these properties are or will be powered by Streamtech Fiber Internet, making it a complete package for an independent working individual like yourself. RFOs properties include GL Taft, 878 Espana, Vista Heights, Wil Tower, and Vista Katipunan, with Symphony 2 also coming soon.

     All Vista Residences properties also feature a branch of the famously instagrammable Coffee Project, with its elaborate decorations and very pleasant ambience, which also makes it perfect for working remotely. Coffee Project branches are also powered by Streamtech, so you can rest assured that there is fast and reliable connection, anytime you need to work over a hot cup or a cold glass of freshly-brewed coffee.

   To further cater to your every need as a homebound worker, Vista Residences developments also come with an AllDay Convenience Store, keeping your immediate needs and cravings covered, 24/7. Now, you no longer need to worry about forgotten items from your supermarket shopping list—as topping up on your groceries is just an elevator ride away.
     With homebound workers still cope with our first year under the new normal, adapting really is our only realistic option. That is why it is always important to have the right mix of an efficient working arrangement and a quality living setup, to continuously thrive and succeed, pandemic or no pandemic.