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Connect Your Premium Home into a Smart System with High-Speed Fiber Internet

     Streamtech Fiber Internet, and the like reliable connection, is a must to connect your premium home into a smart system. Even during a vacation or a quick getaway, if you have tried staying even for just a few days, at a premium, luxury home that is also automated, you will definitely agree that comfort at its finest is the insignia of such magnificent domiciles. For the upper-middle class and the few elites of society, indulging themselves in such exquisite appointments is just a way of life.

Astonishing Premium Homes that will Give You a Tourist’s Bliss

     One epitome of majestic living here in the Philippines is having a property from either of Crown Asia’s developments. It is a premium brand of Vista Land, the country’s biggest and most trusted home developer. It establishes communities of ravishing quality, catering to the delight of the well-to-do.

Crown Asia - Streamtech fiber internet

     Crown Asia has a most diversified portfolio in terms of both project categories and aesthetic inspiration. It provides both vertical and horizontal developments which can accommodate specific requirements of its clients. Each of its project has very astonishing craftsmanship. It has harped on inspirations from some of the world’s elegant and favorite destinations. Some of these are Italy, Southern America, The Caribbean, etc., as well as Old Victorian England.

     For its condominium projects, some renowned ones are Laureano Di Trevi at Makati, and Presidio Heights at The Lakefront. The former is comprised of high-rise towers which, in sum, is home to 1,000 residential units. Aside from the basic condo amenities, it offers wide spaces, just perfect for co-working or some other functions. At the same time, the latter is a Victorian-inspired resort-feel getaway at the heart of the busy metro. Its lush landscape surrounding the pavilion-type structures complements one’s sense of decamp from the bustling atmosphere of the city center.

     The horizontal projects are the prized belles of the brand. These various house-and-lot units take their look from European and Mediterranean inspirations. This indeed takes each homeowner to a whole different level of visual delight. Such dazzling projects strategically located just south of the metro, provide the upper bourgeoise their very accessible enclaves. Its Cavite projects include Amalfi and Caribe at the Island Park, Amici, Augustine Grove, Carmel, Citta Italia, La Mediterranea, Ponticelli, Vita Toscana, Vittoria, and Vivace. Likewise, its Laguna developments are Fortezza, La Marea, and Valenza. It also has one in Sucat – Marina Heights. All these communities offer breathtaking views and a tranquil ambience—definitely a choice beyond compare.CItia-italia-streamtech-fiber-internet

Benefits of Turning Your Luxury Home Smart

     As we find ourselves in the midst of great digital transformations, it is one thing to live in a traditional luxury home. Another is living in a smart one. Beyond simply adapting to trends, one can gain various benefits by integrating his home into a smart system:

1. Ability to control functions remotely.

     This is one of the most significant benefits of turning your home into a smart one. Being able to manage some of your basic home functionalities can save you time, effort, and energy. These include turning your lights on and off, adjusting room temperature, controlling kitchen appliances, and checking security, among many others.  For instance, you are already on your way to work. Suddenly, you feel unsure if you have locked all your doors. Instead of going back to your house physically, you can just check the status of your doors through your phone. But it is only possible if you have integrated them into the smart system. In such instance, you have actually saved a lot of your time and effort, as it is way more convenient.

2. Security.

     Automated homes can be fitted with surveillance components which one can also be controlled and monitored via smart phone. There are features that set off alerts on your phone if there are home-security irregularities detected. This can either be on cameras or locks, and others. More so, this element is real time. Even if you are still far away from home, you can check for yourself the actual situation going on within your house’s vicinity.

3. Unisource control.

     Another advantage of home automation is the ability to control all your smart-home functionalities on a single smart device, say, your smart phone. It provides you the most convenience. This technological breakthrough enables users to experience efficient management of some of their home operations, accustomed to their needs and preferences.

4. Savings on Energy.

     Aside from being able to control your devices and appliances easily, you can also cut costs. Most of these smart technologies have built-in programs that can read trends and suggest the most energy-efficient configurations. There are also some programs that can be programmed to automatically turn off devices when not in use. Such is better than the usual method that depends on human effort. The good thing is we can avoid human error, when you do forget to switch them off manually. Hence, there is less wastage of energy.

5. Getting valuable wisdom.

     With usage of home appliances having been automated, this results in the creation and storage of data trends and patterns. For instance, your smart TV has kept track of what movies or show you have watched. Your refrigerator and oven have taken note of what you have stored and cooked for a certain period of time. Consequently, you will have access to these recorded patterns of your behaviors and habits. You will be able you to use these as you go on autopilot on your everyday routines, or adjust when necessary.

     There are a lot more advantages to having your premium home automated. These conveniences greatly supplement a posh lifestyle, so why not avail of it if you can, anyway?

Fast Connection like Streamtech Fiber Internet is One of the Keys to Smart Integration

     But before you can fully enjoy a luxurious smart home, having fast and reliable fiber internet in your home is a basic requirement. Otherwise, the whole system will not work.

     Streamtech Fiber Internet is one of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines. It offers high-speed, unlimited fiber internet plans that are suitable for your online needs at home. From as low as P1,499 per month, you can enjoy speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

     Subscribe to Streamtech now to enjoy an upgraded fiber internet experience! Visit its website, Official FB Page or LinkedIn Page for more details.


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How to Maximize Your Wifi at Home

     Imagine this: you have recently set up your home with a wifi router with 150 megabytes per second (Mbps) internet connection. Everything is working so far, you are enjoying the speed of a newly installed internet with your family of five. Working from home for you and online classes for your children has never been this easy! 

     But for some reason, the connection is not consistent in every part of the house. When you are in the bedroom at night, the connection gets interrupted. At the same time, you browse online, and you cannot check your Facebook and Instagram. When you try to watch Youtube or stream Netflix on your phone, it buffers when you go up the second floor. It also takes a while for your tablet to load when you search for a recipe in the kitchen. Surfing the internet and Zoom meetings is a breeze when you are in the home office, living room, or dining room, but the internet speed is not the same in other areas. You called your internet service provider to check, but there seems to be no problem. So what is wrong? This is probably because your wifi is not set up efficiently. 

Maximize your home wifi experience with planet extendifi

                             Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash


    The “dead spots” or areas with weakened signals at home are caused by physical obstructions that the wifi signals cannot go through. These can be your wall, doors, or the floor of your home. They become a hindrance between you and your wifi router, mostly when made from brick, concrete, or metal. Another reason why there are dead spots in your home is distance. Your house might be too big or has an unusual layout for a traditional wifi router. That is probably why you have a strong connection in your home office, living room, and dining room, but have an intermittent connection at the kitchen and the second floor. Some appliances or devices like a baby monitor, microwave, or cordless phones can also interfere with the wifi signals, hence the dead spots around them. 


     So, how do we solve this problem? How do we maximize our internet subscription? Set up your wifi according to the layout of your home and use a wifi mesh. With this technology’s help, you can maximize the full potential of a 150 Mbps internet connection. A wifi mesh is a set of devices similar to a wifi router that you can place in areas of your home that needs better signal or in the so-called “dead spots.” It is like having multiple wifi routers at home, but they share a single network. It is designed to improve the internet connection to every corner of the house by extending the wifi’s reach and sharing that network across multiple mesh devices. 


     Think of it this way, your wifi router is like a speaker; the closer you are to it, the louder the sound. The sound faints or weakens in the farthest part of the room from the wifi. The same thing happens when you find a wall between you and the speaker. The best solution you can do is install speakers in each room to clearly hear the music and have the same listening experience as everyone else in the house. By having a wifi mesh, you enjoy the same wifi speed and connectivity no matter which room you are in.

Maximize your home wifi experience with planet extendifi

                                       Photo by Petter Lagson on Unsplash


    Aside from expanding your wifi’s reach, another benefit of having a wifi mesh is its ability to manage and streamline your network. Range extenders are often used with traditional wifi routers to repeat the signal so the wifi can be accessed from long distances. However, it would require creating a separate network with a different name, hence the need to manually switch to another network when you move from one room to another. A range extender grabs the existing wifi signal from your wireless router and re-broadcasts it. This would potentially cause a lag in your connection due to its multiple networks. On the other hand, a wifi mesh is hassle-free since it does not require a constant reconnection when you move around the house. 


    Though it might sound intimidating for the non-techy person, setting up a wifi mesh is easy. Most mesh systems have a mobile app for a guided installation. Still, if you don’t have the time and want a hassle-free installation, Streamtech has the answer. Streamtech, one of the newest fiber internet service providers in the country, offers a wifi mesh called Extendifi. It is a device that can be installed along with their fiber internet and cable tv services



Get Streamtech's Planet Extendifi Wifi Extender

     Extendifi is a wifi mesh designed to improve the internet connection to every corner of the house by extending the wifi signal’s reach. One of its features is an assisted set-up, with the Deco App helps you quickly find the ideal spot to place each wifi mesh unit. It is equipped with security features by safeguarding your home network with a firewall and wireless encryption. The internet can be a scary place for children. With the help of Extendifi, it has a robust parental control that allows you to manage content and identify which device can access the internet. This limits accessibility to protect your children from unsafe platforms and explicit content. What makes Extendifi stand out from all the wifi mesh available in the market is its built-in anti-virus. This feature protects all connected devices in your home from viruses and malware.

Live a smarter life at your camella home with Streamtech's planet externdifi

     A strong internet connection and a safe space for your family have become a necessity and a huge role in our day-to-day life. Technology as we now know it has made a significant impact on our lives by helping us efficiently improve our homes and our lifestyle. Make your Camella SmartHome even smarter with a wifi mesh. Integrate all your smart home devices and unlock healthier possibilities with a fully automated home here at Camella. For more information, visit, or go to Camella’s official Facebook page to learn more.