Iloilo City

Officially called the City of Iloilo, it is a highly urbanized city in the Western Visayas portion of the Philippines. It is also the capital of the province of Iloilo. And just like Metro Manila, it is the center of the region.

Photo by the City of Iloilo

Names Iloilo City are known for

According to history, the city is the second colonial area of the Spaniards in the whole Philippine archipelago. Some accounts say that the city is also deemed as the following:

  • The Heart of the Philippines
  • The Most Loyal and Noble City
  • Queen City of the South
  • City of Love
  • Royal City of the South
  • Museum City of the Philippines
  • Bike Capital of the Philippines.

Iloilo City’s Industries

Photo by Jo Bet on Flickr

Various industries thrive in the city, as it is a hub of culture, economy, education, religion, and even tourism and culinary. Among its famous food are pancit molo, la paz batchoy, kadyos, and kansi. In terms of recreation and open spaces, it has splendid, Instagram-worthy views. An example is the Iloilo River Esplande.

And as one of the favorite vacation getaways of tourists, the city is famous for the Dinagyang Festival, and the following attractions:

  • Islas de Gigantes
  • Cabugao Gamay Island
  • Tinagong Dagat
  • Garin Farm
  • Molo Church
  • Jaro Cathedral
  • Miagao Church
  • Molo Mansion
  • Sicogon Island
  • Camina Balay Nga Bato
  • Casa Mariquit.

Photo by Guide to the Philippines

Streamtech Service Areas in Iloilo City

  • Crest
  • Deca Homes Ph 1
  • Glades
  • Glen A
  • Glen B
  • Glen C
  • Glen D
  • Glen E1
  • Glen E2
  • Glen E3
  • Glen F1
  • Glen F2
  • Lessandra A
  • Lessandra B
  • Lumina
  • Lumina Ph 3 Iloilo
  • Orchard C
  • Savannah Trails A
  • Savannah Trails B
  • Savannah Trails C
  • Savannah Trails D

The Province and City of Iloilo Becoming Smart Localities

Photo by Aew on rawpixel

As the province’s huge ongoings are happening at its heart, Iloilo City, the latter’s features transcend to the whole of the province. And one of these important things is the initiative to become a “smart city.”

The road to becoming a smart city

One of the greatest things that Filipinos can boast to the world is our openness to progress and change. That is why it is amazing to know that cities like Iloilo has a list of noble initiatives in coping-up with global standards of living.


One of the glaring initiatives by the city is the deployment of electric vehicles. Since a smart city is one with lesser carbon emissions, it is of paramount importance to drastically reduce the production of carbon dioxide. And such a move is an answer to that concern.

No to plastic

It also already banned the usage of plastics in the city. More so, policies are strictly implemented in terms of keeping the Iloilo River clean at all times. This then results in the conservation of the environment and our natural resources.

Tree-planting activities

Addedly, the province of Iloilo has various tree-planting programs that aim to replenish the trees that had been used for commercial purposes. Of course, this also filters the breathable air in the locality.

Internet connection for everyone

Lastly, and most importantly, the area is on track with digitalization. We all know that the pandemic tests our localities’ digital capabilities. And the good thing with the city is that it is already providing internet access to various public places. Certainly, this enables users, wherever the location is, to do their necessary activities. This could be shopping, banking, studying, working, communicating, etc. And this is something of high significance most especially that almost everything is going digital now.

The Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet service is in the City

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